Perfect Blue (1997 anime horror movie)

I’m not much of a fan of anime filmmaker Satoshi Kon, but this takes the kick to watch over Halloween. All I know is that after he did this critically acclaimed psychological horror thriller, he did “Tokyo Godfathers” and “Paprika”. Unfortunately, all work and no play not only made him dull, but was lead to having himself diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was 46 years old when he died on August 24th, 2010.

I wanted to get a DVD copy of this online on Kijiji. Unfortunately when I had my hands tied, as well as how pricey there were, I had no choice but to watch this online instead on the internet.

When a girly pop star decided to become a full time actress, in movies and tv shows, she was being stalked by someone as she loses her grip on reality. That person stalking her, didn’t want her to become an actress. He preferred her as that girly pop star. And the way he did it was like how Charles Manson planned out the murder of Sharon Tate until on the eve of August 8th-9th of 1969.

While she began to have a bit of hallucinations and nightmares, she was getting a bit of fame and attention as an actress while the stalker was getting very upset. So far, only four people in the television business with her got murdered by him. And you should’ve seen his face and crooked teeth! After a wild goose chase and a setup, she became the real woman indeed. What about the stalker? He met his fate when someone like Annie Wilkes from “Misery” was behind the hallucinations.

8/10 stars is what I give.

Bram Stroker’s Dracula (1992)

Just before Kenneth Branagh did “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” in 1994, Francis Ford Coppola did this in 1992. Based on the book by Bram Stroker. In fact, this won three Oscar awards. Best Makeup & Hairstyling, Best Sound Effects Editing and Best Costume Design. And I would highly recommend to watch this over Halloween. 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Film critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times awarded this 3/4 stars, writing, “I enjoyed the movie simply for the way it looked and felt. Production designers Dante Ferretti and Thomas Sanders have outdone themselves. The cinematographer, Michael Ballhaus gets into the spirit so completely he always seems to light with shadow”. Ebert did however, voice criticisms over the film’s “narrative confusions and dead ends“.

Keanu Reeves portrayed Jonathan Harker, while Winona Ryder was his fiancé Mina. Then came Cary Elwes as Arthur Holmwood, Anthony Hopkins as Professor Abraham Van Helsing, and Gary Oldman….as Count Vlad Dracula. And I would recommend watching this over Halloween. Same thing to “Dracula: Untold”.

In “Dracula: Untold”, it only showed us that in the 15th century, Prince Vlad Dracula of Transylvania, became a vampire, when he made a deal with an elder vampire. Because war was coming by the Ottoman Empire, and there wasn’t much left. He had only a few days to to take them on, and then have a chance to be a mortal human again. But he missed the chance. After his wife was murdered, he drank her blood, becoming a full blooded vampire. He even had wounded people, who became vampires after drinking his blood, as they ended the war against the Ottoman Empire. In this one, this just follows the novel. Unlike for what happened in the 1931 movie with Bella Lugosi, and that 2014 movie with Luke Evans.

In the year 1492, Vlad Dracula, a Romanian knight in Transylvania was known as ‘Vlad the Impaler’. For he would have his killed victims to be impaled and placed on long sticks. Raised up high in the sky, knowing on how ferocious he is. When his wife was already dead before homecoming, he blamed god for sending his love to hell. And after drinking blood from a cross, that was when he immediately, became a vengeful but bloodthirsty vampire.

4 centuries and 5 years later, in mid 1897, Renfield who encountered Dracula first as a businessman, became a madman and a worshipper of him after he returned. And was sent to an insane asylum where he ate spiders and flies in his cell.

Jonathan Harker was the second, to go to Transylvania to have Dracula be moved to London, UK. And didn’t became a madman and a worshipper of him. While he remained at his castle for a month, he was spying on his fiancé Mina, cause she reminded him of the loving woman she lost. Then cursed Mina’s friend Lucy to become a vampire, just before Mina broke up with him. Arthur Holmwood’s fiancé.

That was when Prof. Abraham Van Helsing came in and explained everything that vampires are real. And by the time Lucy was a real bloodsucker, Arthur gave her a steel stake to her heart, as Abraham Van Helsing decapitated her. This made Dracula super pissed off. He even killed Renfield at the mental institution.

They went after Vlad, when he went home to his castle in Transylvania. I can’t tell you what happened, cause well, that would be telling now wouldn’t it?

So for a success, 8.8. out of 10 stars is what I give. The highlights in this are Anthony Hopkins as Prof. Abraham Van Helsing, and Cary Elwes as Arthur Holmwood. Michael Gough and Peter Cushing from “Horror of Dracula” would be very proud of them today.

For parodies, Matt Groening who did “The Simpsons” did do a parody segment in one of its early Halloween specials. But was all wrong in the end after Dracula was killed. On that tv show, ‘In Living Colour’ however, with Jim Carrey and Jamie Foxx, you should’ve seen Jamie Foxx dressed up as a lady dealing with Gary Oldman’s character. Before Vlad got a little sunlight on him.

Top 8 Ghosts in Movies

This blog post is dedicated to Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis, Annie Potts, director Ivan Reitman, and his son Jason Reitman.

Calling all ghostbuster fans! Just before we look at a new generation of ghostbusters in “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”, here is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. In this list, we’re looking at the top 8 ghosts in movies. No matter if they are live action or animated, they will give you the spooks. And it’s IYF R.L. Stine. (Author of the “Goosebumps” books).

8. Rade Šerbedžija as Captain William Blake (The Fog). Kicking off the start on the list, we look at a vengeful one that you will believe to ‘sea evil’. In the 2005 remake, after betrayed by the townspeople of Antonio Island because of leprosy, he and his crew came back 134 years later in killer thick fog to seek revenge. And claim six lives of the townspeople. He and his crew did in just two nights, as they will only show their appearance in the killer fog that they are in.

7. Joe Turkel as Lloyd the Bartender (The Shining). This creepy but well dressed bartender is no near figment of Jack Torrance’s imagination. One of the apparitions that haunt the Overlook Hotel, deep in the Colorado mountains, Lloyd lacks the usual characteristics of the undead. Such as rotting flesh. Instead, his glistening eyes, unsettling smile and helpful suggestions play a central role in the hotels scheme to guide Jack towards insanity.

6. Jackie Earl Haley as Freddy Kruger (A Nightmare on Elm Street). This child killer was burned alive for his crimes, only to return as a haunting presence in the dreams of the town’s children. A maniac ghost with sharp claws on his glove, wearing a striped shirt, his hat over his burned skin, Krueger can become anything to scare his victims to death while they’re unconscious. Freddy is an unforgettable gruesome one as he can mean serious business.

5. Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice). Need someone to hire a bio-exorcist who’s uncontrollably and untrustworthy? And really dislikes sand worms? Just call out his name out three times. Beetlejuice here is the outrageous and wild haired ghoul, with a fondness for stripes, that haunts a miniature graveyard model. This is one ghost, that is also hilariously slimy and extreme. Mostly due to the pride he finds by scaring the pants off of the living.

4. Malachi Pearson as Casper the Friendly Ghost (Casper). Here is the friendliest one, that you’ll ever meet. By living in Whipstaff Manor in Friendship, Maine, all he wanted was a friend ever since he died at a young age. However, everyone gets spooked by him including his three poltergeist uncles, until a businesswoman hired a therapist and his daughter to get rid of them. Loyal and trustworthy also, he makes the only friend that Kathleen Harvey has ever met in her entire life.

3. Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat (Ghost). Unfinished business keeps Sam on Earth before getting into the afterlife, after his murder. But he is different as ghosts go, because in order to communicate with the real world, he works with a psychic (portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg) to be his voice. And drives her nuts in the process. Eventually, he learns how to physically interact with this realm, and he’s awarded the chance to save his wife, and say a proper farewell.

2. Tessa Frascogna as Miyo Akino (Okko’s Inn). The older sister of Matsuki Akino who died at the age of 7, because of kidnapping and murder, she is a kinder ghost. But as a jokester like Makoto Tachiuri, she really likes to do jokes on mean schoolgirls like her sister who’s a total Lolita bossy boots. After meeting Okko, a junior innkeeper, she immediately became a friend to her as she helped her out with her problems. She in fact went shopping with her with that fortune teller.

1. John Forsythe, David Johansen, Carol Kane & Robert Hammond as Lew Hayward, & Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future (Scrooged). Taking the number 1# spot on the list, we’re looking a modern version of these characters, from the famous Charles Dickens story. By making sure that IBC TV channel boss Frank Cross will change his ways to good, rather than ending up like how Lew Hayward did, when he died of a heart attack on the golf course, and became a worm feast, they bring take him on a time travelling trip of his entire life. On the entire day of Christmas Eve before showtime. One of them is hilarious as a taxi driver, Hayward can be serious, the other doesn’t say anything, while the godmother can be clumsy & violent.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite ghosts in movies? And if you ever happen to see any ones like these, remember to call the professionals to capture the bad ones instead of the good ones like Casper, Miyo Akino, and Sam Wheat.

Janine: You do? You have? The entire jackpot? No kidding.
Daffy Duck: All I’m saying, is that we need the professionals. We’re in desperate help. So bring them here.
Penelope Pussycat: And tell them to hurry. They’re here….
Janine: WE GOT ONE!!!!
(She sounds the alarm)
(Ecto-1 blares loudly as they come to the rescue)

The professionals. They catch the ghosts that won’t say dead. Especially the trio…

Stretch (far right): Not the nose!
Stinkie (middle): I’m being hosed!
Fatso (last one): No, no, no, no! (screams)
Fatso: This sucks!!

Not for them, it doesn’t!!

Beetlejuice (1988)

From the director who did “Mars Attacks!”, the first two Batman movies, and “Sleepy Hollow”, this horror comedy movie had beaten “Scrooged” & “Coming To America” by winning the Academy Award for Best Makeup.

After a newlywed couple were killed in a car accident, their spirits were trapped in their very own home as a rich new family moved in. Making renovations, giving it new style and more. Then they come across a bio-exorcist who is indeed hilarious. He can only be summoned, by calling out his name three times. The daughter of the rich family can see him too. With that bio-exorcist coming out of a model set to revealing themselves at the end, the newlywed couple was resurrected again as they and the rich family agreed to live together.

I can’t tell you what happened in the end, cause that would be telling now, wouldn’t it? All I know is that the bio-exorcist dislikes gigantic sand worms, and he doesn’t like waiting too much in the afterlife waiting room.

Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Winona Ryder, Jeffery Jones, Catherine O’Hara, Sylvia Sydney, and Robert Goulet are the only stars I know of in this. The best way to watch this is during the Halloween season.

Film critics Ebert and Siskel weren’t so sure about this, but this can be really enjoyable. In fact, “Shake, Shake, Shake Señora” by Harry Belafonte, that last song in the end of this; Jimmy Fallon really loved that song so much, he did a hilarious dance in a tv show called ‘Lip sync battle’.

I haven’t reviewed any good movies from Tim Burton in a while since I reviewed “Mars Attacks!” & ‘Sleepy Hollow’. So for a success on this one, thanks to him and Warner Bros, 9/10 stars is what I give.

140th anniversary of the Gunfight at O.K. Corral

Heads up cowboy fans!! If you’re looking for something besides Halloween terror, mostly on western gunfights, today marks the 140th anniversary of the gunfight at O.K. Corral. Thanks to the movie of the same name that depicted that event with Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster, DeForest Kelley, John Hudson, Lee Van Cleef, and Dennis Hopper, it explained everything.

At 3 pm on Wednesday, October 26th, 1881, it lasted for 30 seconds in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, U.S, as Doc Holliday, and the Earp brothers Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil were the good guys. The bad guys were Billy Claiborne, the McLaury brothers Tom & Frank, and the Clanton brothers Ike & Billy.

In the aftermath of this, Virgil and Morgan were wounded, Doc Holliday was grazed by bullet, as Billy Clanton, and both McLaury brothers were shot and killed. 3 casualties. They were buried later, and wrote “Murdered in the streets of Tombstone” on their gravestones.

Doc Holliday lived until he was 36 years old on November 8th, 1887. Which means he was 31 when he got into that gunfight. He died of alcoholism in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Virgil Earp lived longer until he was 62 years old on October 19th, 1905. He got injured in a mining accident, as he died on his deathbed in a hospital in Goldfield, Nevada. Wyatt Earp however, lived way longer. He was 80 years old on January 13th, 1929 in Los Angeles, before the Crash of ‘29 occurred later on. To the Earp brothers, on their last one Morgan Earp, he was 30 years old in Tombstone, Arizona Territory after the gunfight on March 18th, 1882. Wyatt Earp went after the cowboys that murdered Morgan, and got finally his revenge.

Since then, as how they passed away one by one, the gunfight duel that lasted 30 seconds in Tombstone, Arizona, the whole story had been passed on throughout the years; as only two good movies were made later on. The one I mentioned with Kirk Douglas, and “Wyatt Earp” with Kevin Costner. The other ones didn’t turn out very well as film critics such as Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel gave them thumbs down.

Thus, 140 years passed by. Tombstone, Arizona has changed a lot ever since. They still have their Boot Hill Graveyard where the three victims are buried, Schiefflin’s Mine, the O.K. Corral frontage on Allen Street, and more.

By celebrating its anniversary, I was able to watch that 1957 movie again with Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster once more. Back in Tombstone, Arizona however, they said about doing a re-enactment on what happened. But I don’t want to hear about it and see it anyway. Besides, History Channel did mentioned about this historical event in one of their tv show specials. Don’t know which one, but they were on this historical shootout. Not to mention that “Ghostbusters” cartoon episode where they caught the ghosts of Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers.

So if you’re in for a rooting tooting time, here’s to a happy 140th anniversary to this amazing historical event in Wild West history.

A Quiet Place: Part II (2021)

Silence Is Not Enough.

Note: I wanted to see this in theatres, but when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it had been delayed for a year until it came out in late May of 2021. Since the directional debut of John Krasinski, he now does a sequel to his horror movie.

Previously, on “A Quiet Place”, within 70 days, after meteorites struck the Earth, in it are deadly extraterrestrials. Blind with sharp teeth, razor claws, long arms, and are fully armoured. Very tough from bullets and explosives. Hard to kill, as you would want to aim for the muscle tissue. For where the brain is. Most of all, they have supersonic hearing. And will only attack and kill people whenever someone or something is making a noise. A farmer with his wife and children, who have been silent like mice, survived for almost 500 days, with no sound. Just sign language instead of talking. So far, throughout the story, the farmer, his 4 year old son, and an old man were the only casualties to be killed by the supersonic hearing behemoths. His wife gave birth to a newborn infant in a tub, and didn’t die of childbirth. However, the story continues…..

From the moment that their home was destroyed, the farmers wife, and three children venture out beyond the sand path. They found out a weakness to the supersonic hearing extraterrestrials, as they need to resupply. By wandering out in the outside world, pass abandoned towns and warehouses, near train tracks and a rail yard, they found out that more people are alive, including two scavengers. They also found out that the super sonic hearing behemoths cannot swim, as that’s another weakness that they have. But they are fireproof however. And just before the world nearly came to an end, the National Guard brought every human on what was left of Rhode Island so that the super sonic hearing behemoths cannot chase them. So they have really established a survivors colony.

So after separation, the deaf girl and his father’s friend went to it, until one of the super sonic hearing behemoths came along and wrecked havoc until they gave it a weakness at the radio station. Only the farmer’s wife, her baby and son were left behind.

Flashbacks reveal all the way to day one, of how the supersonic hearing behemoths came and wiped out every single human and animal population on Earth one by one. And I was right. Like the opening scene of “Edge of Tomorrow”, and maybe the H.G Wells story of “The War of the Worlds”, the super sonic hearing behemoths came to Earth in meteorites. After crash landing, they came out and have spread across the planet. And like a flood, they washed away all that try to kill them. 

The director in an interview, John Krasinski explained that the super sonic hearing behemoths came from a planet without humans or light. When their planet was destroyed, all of them survived by taking refuge as they travelled on meteorites from the moment their planet exploded.  

Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe reprise their roles from the first movie, as John Krasinski who was the father, does reprises his role too in this, ONLY in the flashback scenes. Joining Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe are Cillian Murphy, Djimon Hounsou, and Scoot McNairy. (Two of them are from the DC Extended Universe while Cillian Murphy was Dr. Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow in two of ‘The Dark Knight’ movies directed by Christopher Nolan). 

So for a success, 7.5/10 stars is what I give. The only errors were how two of the children were getting older, as how Noah Jupe as the son was getting f***ed up badly. Being irresponsible. So they have to do Part III very soon. Before they become 26 or 30 years olds. Just as how Tom Hanks did in “Big”. NO DELAYS. But wait! Here’s this that came in! A spin-off coming soon! ETA- March 31st, 2023.

Casper (1995)

From the director who did “Land of the Lost” with Will Ferrell, and “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” with Jim Carrey, this is his directional debut in 1995. And I remember watching this in Elmdale Public School on 49 Iona Street in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Mostly in the gymnasium in one of my grades. During an indoor recess after lunch hour. It took me a while to get back into this, as how they’ve encountered the Ghostbusters once. I would highly recommend to watch this over Halloween.

Film critics Ebert and Siskel were very pleased about this. Which was why Roger Ebert gave this 3 out of 4 stars, calling it a “technical achievement. It’s impressive, and entertaining. And there is even a little winsome philosophy”.

The story of Casper the Friendly Ghost began, when he was just a human boy, living in with his father as an inventor in Whipstaff Manor in Friendship, Maine, USA. And while playing in the snow with his sled one day, he caught cold and died of pneumonia. That was when he became a ghost. His father was built a machine that could bring anyone from the dead, back to life. Way, way kooky and different than how Frankenstein created his monster. Unfortunately, when he was declared insane, he was sent to a mental institution and died of old age there. Since then, Casper as a ghost, had been keeping care of the manor as his three poltergeist uncles watch over him. Anyone who dare to enter the mansion, they would get spooked.

The big trouble began was that a rich lady, after her father died, was inherited to the mansion as she thinks that treasure is buried beneath the mansion. She and her friend after being spooked once, tried Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci to perform an exorcism, but it was no use. And man! You should’ve seen for what they did to his head! They tried the Ghostbusters to capture them, but they broke their proton packs. Lastly was a demolition crew. Again, no use when they went running away from the mansion by the poltergeist uncles.

Fortunately, the rich lady hired a paranormal therapist as he and his daughter moved from Santa Fe to Whipstaff Manor. Later on, a friendship on the human girl with Casper made her and her therapist father stay. And also defeating the rich lady who was the villain.

So for a success, 9/10 stars is what I give. And you should’ve seen the cast besides Don Novello as Father Guido Sarducci, as well as Dan Aykroyd as one of the Ghostbusters. Bill Pullman, Eric Idle, Christina Ricci, Brad Garrett and Joe Alaskey. Some cameos were shown in this. Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Rodney Dangerfield, John Kassir as the Crypt Keeper, and Jess Harnell from “Pom Poko”.

Speaking of ghosts who are friendly and are indeed hilarious, tune in on October 29th, 2021 for a ‘Top 8’ review of movie ghosts!

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

When you look at the night sky, what’s magnificent than meteorites and asteroids, are comets. As they can last in the sky for only a week, until it’s all gone. They’re very rare as you wouldn’t see it in a millennium. Same thing to shooting stars, as people would make wishes like this young lady. But what if a comet by chance had some sort of unknown power? As it had spread its power all over Earth? Which is why in this 1986 comedy horror movie, this occurs to be based on his book “Trucks”, and directed by the author who did “The Green Mile”, “The Shining”, “Misery”, “Stand By Me”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Firestarter”, “Christine”, “Cujo”, “Cat’s Eye”, “Carrie”, “The Dead Zone”, and “Silver Bullet” himself.

Stephen King. This was him when he made the movie.

And this was him in his mid 70’s, when he was interviewed with Whoopi Goldberg in mid 2021 on TV. Which I don’t think he’s a bad man. He just needs to tell us on what goes on in his stories. As long as they aren’t too much psychological or whatever. After he did this movie, he never did any filmmaking at all. But this is not bad really.

Music by AC/DC, Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, and Stephen King who made a cameo appearance in the opening scene are the only stars I know of in this. On June 19th, 1987, at 9:37 am EST, the Earth was in the tail of a comet as they would remain like that for 8 days, 5 hours, 29 minutes, & 23 seconds. During in which, all machines and appliances turn against many people on Earth. ATM’s at banks calling people ‘a-holes’ as they would say ‘F*** YOU’, drawbridges opening by themselves with no boat coming their way as people would still be on it, arcade machines going glitchy, vending machines shooting canned soda’s at people in their crotches, trucks, bulldozers, & planes chasing people and more.

The major ones turning against the people of Earth, are trucks. And I don’t mean those railroad freight cars that the people in the UK call them like for what happened to this poor fella.

Strangers by facing this, we’re trapped a truck stopover near the highway. They had to plan a way to communicate with them, why they are doing this, and how they can escape without being detected. It turns out that the comet, was a part of an alien invasion. It may relate to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” as well as “Dawn of the Dead”. But I enjoyed it very much.

So for a success, an ‘A-‘ is what I give. And I would recommend to watch this in October when it’s Halloween. If I were to destroy something, before it can go haywire, I’d burn that red trolley car that belong to Mister Fred Rogers in his tv show. Chris Farley style like how he did in that hilarious desk car scene in “Tommy Boy”. The ‘Holy Schnike’ edition.

Now the question is not, “How does he do it?”. When Stephen King writes his novels, and then be made into motion pictures. But, “What will his reaction be if somebody were to do a parody spoof movie, based on his work?”. Like Mel Brooks who did “Spaceballs”, and “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”. After all, Matt Groening did do some of those Simpsons Halloween episodes, based on his work.

For as far as I’m concerned, you’ll NEVER EVER want to read any of those “Goosebumps” books written by R.L. Stine again, or watch those two spiteful movies based on his work. Not even those two idiotic live action tv shows. Cause they were the worst. Especially on kids tv channels Fox Kids & YTV, late at nights before bed. Like Ebert and Siskel who never reviewed this, it’s all thumbs down on “Goosebumps”. But this here, a thumbs up indeed.

Elisabeth Moss on this ‘Invisible Man’ business

When I heard about the 2020 remake of “The Invisible Man”, I was curious at first, until I found out the truth as I vowed myself to never to watch that ever and do a review too. Cause for what happened, didn’t follow the story that we know by H.G. Wells. In that movie, after a woman dumped his boyfriend, what she didn’t know was that her boyfriend was a scientist as he created a suit to make him invisible. Which was why he was stalking her, and did those violent scenes until the truth was revealed. She became a madman after taking another suit and took off. That DID NOT follow the story that we know.

In the story by H.G. Wells, as well as there was the original movie with Claude Rains in 1933, a scientist named Dr. Griffin created a formula to make things transparent. After experimenting on animals to become transparent and back again, he experimented on himself until he realizes that there was no reagent to make him visible again. He wore gloves, a fake nose, some bandages to cover his head, goggles or glasses too, as well as clothes to cover his invisibility. He became a madman and did some terrorization in a small village for weeks until he was shot by the police. As he dies, his body became visible again.

They did the same thing in “Hollow Man” in 2000 only different. Kevin Bacon as a scientist in an underground laboratory, volunteered to be the first human to become invisible. After that painful transparent operation, he tried to become visible again after a week, but was no use. He slowly became a madman as he killed every scientist and experimented animal, one by one before he destroyed the laboratory. Himself too when two survivors made it out alive.

Instead of lousy technology transparent suits, that wouldn’t make you become a madman. Cause suits like that are dangerous.

With the invisibility agent, (such as one of these two), that would make you become totally transparent like for what happened in the story, as it happened to Claude Rains or Kevin Bacon, that would make you become an invisible madman. Especially when the agent does it’s work by going through your veins. Your circulatory system. The stuff will stop working if you were shot dead.

So there is that. But wait a tic. There’s something else on Elizabeth Moss on this invisible business.

This was her, in that 2020 remake.

And this was her, as the voice of Kimmy Ventrix. “Batman: The Animated Series”, episode 17 or 56, aired on February 24th, 1993. ‘See No Evil’ is the title. Her father, Lloyd Ventrix was a ex-con until he was released, and worked at a corporation in Gotham City as an errand boy. During his job, that was when he stole some plastic invisibility stuff and created a suit to make him invisible. He wanted to be closer to his daughter before she and his wife would move away.

He stole jewellery, gems, diamonds, as well as wrist watches. By the time he got to be with his daughter while his wife wasn’t around, he pretended to be his imaginary friend and gave her gifts from the jewellery shops he robbed. Every night before he does his business.

During his invisibility process, the plastic on his suit became toxic to him as he was becoming dangerous. That was when Batman came and investigated the whole thing. Elisabeth Moss as Kimberly was kidnapped by her father until he went on a wild goose chase after him.

For what happened in that 2020 remake movie, was exactly ripping off that “Batman: The Animated Series” tv episode. Never wear a transparent suit that’s toxic. But a formula agent will make you a invisible madman once it goes through your veins. Just as how Claude Rains and Kevin Bacon went through.

Johnny Depp tried to do it, but he never did before the movie was created. He would’ve been great as the original invisible man, Dr. Griffin after all. Even if Benedict Cumberbatch was with him, who is after him as the invisible madman that takes place in West Sussex, England.

So in conclusion, never wear transparent suits. Do not want to hear anymore of that stuff. Only the formula to make you invisible will do. And then make you be a madman. In addition, one last thing about Elisabeth Moss.

Love her animated character Kimberly in that Batman tv episode. Especially that nightgown dress she wears at bedtime.

Vampire Wars (1991 anime)

I’ve kept an open mind on reviewing horror movies that are good to watch for Halloween. Like what my dad always tells me. (Before he started calling me a 12 year old, after a blew a gasket like Clint Eastwood from “The Mule” on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 at lunch hour. For what happened on that day, I will not forgive him).

I wouldn’t recommend “From Dusk Til Dawn”, cause that was all f***ed up, no thanks to Robert Rodriguez, and Dimension Films.

Slasher horror movies like “Candyman” or “Child’s Play” or “Friday the 13th”? Uh-uh. No way José!! The only one that was interesting was “Shocker” thanks to Wes Craven. A real shocker on shock street.

However, this one indeed is a thumbs up. From Manga Entertainment and Toei Animation; this 50 minute anime movie was released on January 25th, 1991. Its great to watch this at nighttime like if you’re watching “Vampire Knight” & “Vampire Knight: Guilty” as one whole adventure. “Karin: Chibi Vampire” too. BEFORE HALLOWEEN.

When vampire terrorists were running loose, lead by a vicious vampire prince, a former KGB agent was hired by the government of France to hunt them down before they can cause anymore mayhem as well as more bloodbaths. Luckily for him, he was able to rescue an actress as throughout the journey, he protected her all along. He started to love her by the end of this.

Armed with a Colt .45 handgun, a Russian PPS sub machine gun, with 100 rounds of ammunition each, and a pineapple grenade, he did all the killing while the vampires did the massacres.

So for a success, 8.4 out of 10 stars is what I give.

Tune in next time on ‘osmovies’ for three more horror movie reviews. The directional debut of anime director Satoshi Kon, author Stephen King based on his work in a live action comedy horror, and a 2021 live action sequel to “A Quiet Place” directed by actor John Krasinski. He did the sequel on that, as well as his debut in 2018.