DVD Release date- When Marnie Was There

In one week from now, this very last Studio Ghibli movie comes out on DVD!!! October 6th, 2015

Two years after Hayao Miyazkai retired, as “The Wind Rises” and “The Tale of Princess Kayuga” were the final two masterpieces, one of the directors who works for Studio Ghibli made this very last masterpiece, that it’s the very last of all of Studio Ghibli to see. It was released in North America, as it’s a must win in the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature.

From the director who made “The Secret World of Arrietty”, Hiromasa Yonebayashi, he and Hayao Miyazaki were related as they both read the book individually. From Joan G. Robinson, he made that into a movie in which I saw in theaters. And that movie is a must win in the Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature.

For the last two years, those two final masterpieces should’ve won for Best Animated Feature than just two Disney animated movies. In which that made me hate Disney on everything, and how I found out about the truth thanks to a ‘South Park’ episode. That is why I’m starting to hate Disney since some movies are dumb, as me and my brothers agreed to that. We would never see that stuff again.

And along with that, is that song that is a must win in the Academy Awards for Best Song of the Year. “Fine on the Outside” by Priscilla Ahn. Since Lorde did “Yellow Flicker Beat” that was nominated in the Golden Globe Awards, this one should not be nominated. Not even in the Academy Awards. This is a must win too, for it’s the same as the movie. Both the movie and the song must win in the Academy Awards for Oscars. I’ve been telling about all this, on YouTube everywhere.

The anime movie tells the story about a tomboy girl, who feels like an outsider, as she was suffering from an asthma attack. She was sent to the Japanese countryside, in a seaside town to get fresh air and feel better. As her life is terrible, living with her foster mother, she had bad memories that made her cry. It struck her, when she was having a bad time at a fair. But on a rowboat, she met a blonde girl as they became best friends. And they were gladly happy together.

A secret was told, as they will be remained best friends to them forever. That made them both happy more than anything that ever did. It sure is too bad Studio Ghibli is nearly coming to an end. But I did hear, that Hayao Miyazaki is working on an animated short movie. Only for the Studio Ghibli museum. He is wise, but very kind.

Hayao Miyazaki did love the book, as he agreed to Hiromasa to make an anime movie by Studio Ghibli. And it was a good idea actually. Hollywood stars from the United States were really good as those anime characters. Occasionally, the book took place in the British countryside for when Joan G. Robinson was alive before her death as it happened to those two young girls. That was then. As of now, for that takes place in the Japanese countryside in that movie, that is way much better than the book there is. Because the Japanese countryside is amazing out there, and how peaceful it is when you are there. Even in the anime movie, “Wolf Children” took place later on for what happened later in that movie.

The way I look at it, it’s beautiful more than anything there is. On sunny days, rainy days, snowy days, and in the seasons. All that beautiful up there. In North America, it can remind me of a place for where ‘catching fire’ took place.

That anime movie, is a 10/10 star movie that is a must win for Best Animated Feature in the Academy Awards. And it’s song too for Best Song of the Year. That must win for Oscars of course. Both this movie and its song must win in the Academy Awards for Oscars. And I love Studio Ghibli no matter what. Now that it’s coming on DVD, I’m getting it!!

Hybrid vampire/human babies

From “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” to “Hotel Transylvania 2”, these can show what can happen when one falls in love with a vampire, as they get a hybrid baby. Half human, half vampire. It’s true of course. Like “Inuyasha” for example, a woman falls in love with a demon man as she gets a hybrid son. Mostly demon, but friendly. Not Inuyasha and Kagome, but something else for an example. 

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Andy Samberg as Jonathan are humans as they were normal when their lives changed. Selma Gomez as Mavis and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen are vampires as love began to struck. 

Bella loved Edward as they got married as their baby was a threat to the wolf tribe. Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner wanted to stop this. When she gave birth to a vampire baby, she lost all of her blood as she died of childbirth. She was resurrected by Edward as she was given vampire blood. That was when she became a vampire. One of those bad ideas no one, would ever matter. Never marry a vampire man. 

Jonathan and Mavis in “Hotel Transylvania” 1 & 2, showed how they met, had a zing together as they fell in love. Mavis cared for Jonathan as she married him. Like Bella on the opposite side, only within human blood, was given birth to a baby human boy. Dracula trained him, but never did. Or did he? Can’t be a spoiler alert. 

Love always happens in vampire stories as long no one would become one. Or even give birth to a hybrid baby. Either a vampire or a human. 

The way you look at Mavis and Bella pregnant, their stomachs are so big, as it’s like a baby alien inside their wombs, ready to explode. Like the baby aliens you see from the “Alien” franchise. 

In my imagination, in a inspiration, like “Alien 3”, they are like that, pregant as their baby hybrids are about to burst from their stomachs. They would make a sacrifice, as guys like Andy Samberg, Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner would sacrifice themselves, for protecting them in those final moments. They would die for that, as they die too. 

Same thing like that movie, they would fall backwards in the furnace as their hybrid babies burst open from their stomachs, screeching like baby aliens. They would hold onto theirs until they are cremated.

It maybe terrible, but it’s an inspiration on what I imagine of after seeing “Alien 3”. So if your boyfriend of girlfriend is a vampire, don’t even think about making love and giving birth to a hybrid baby. Either human or vampire. 


In Greek history that had ever been told throughout the centuries, there have been many wars imperial Greece had fought. Some for land, some for power and some for what they love.

Brad Pitt played as Achillies as he lead Greeks go to war against the city of Troy. It was ignited when Helen of Sparta fell in love with Paris, played by Orlando Bloom as she became known as Helen of Troy. She did not loved Greece, as she began to love Paris. Hector, his brother played by Eric Bana really was disappointed for what Paris had done as they have to keep away from Greece.

Many warships came on the beaches of Troy as the Trojan War began. It was one of the big films in history, that they ever did with special effects and digital effects. Achillies was a warrior he couldn’t be killed, until after killing Hector, Paris had his revenge on killing him, by shooting an arrow, right through his heel. By shooting four more arrows, he was dead.

There was Sean Bean as Odysseus who had the idea of the gigantic wooden horse, as Peter O’Toole was the king of Troy, Nigel Terry as a Trojan priest, and Brian Cox as Agamemnon. For a moment, I thought Nigel Terry was the king of Troy, but I was surprised to see him as a priest.

The Trojan horse that they did, was made out of their warships, as well as the one back then. They have made it out of wood by chopping trees down close to a nearby forest. It was well carved, well done, as it took a lot of effort to do something like that. This was interesting when I was in high school as I give it 10/10 stars.


Winner of 8 Academy Awards including Best Picture in 1984, this hit movie tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Saleri, the composer knew this piano expert as he wanted to play good music. For it was the same as Mozart. He is even so good with the piano, he’s like a god. He’s even a funny comedian as he wants fun and love when all the women in Vienna love him. He does fart really loud, and be really smelly.

“Go on! Mock me, laugh!”

They did a sketch on “Family Guy” as it was hilarious as that. Stewie was like him, playing the piano and how he farts really loud. He plays the piano and works on music so good, he loves his work as he wants to change music forever. That was when he did his masterpieces on “The Marraige of Figaro” and “The Magic Flute”.

Mozart can get drunk, and make misunderstood music. Which is why he can go insane and nuts, as they don’t like him. He got ill one night at the opera, and was sent back to his apartment. Saleri and Mozart worked together wonderfully. Unfortunately, like for what happened to the real Mozart, he died of an illness with his eyes open. The same was like that for William Pitt and William Weberforce years later. He was buried and covered with lime.

Saleri as an old man wanted to commit suicide be slicing his throat. Unfortunately, he was injured as he was sent to an insane asylum. A priest came to help him as he told the whole story in front of him. And he couldn’t believe him for what he said. He heard one last laughter of Mozart and that was the entire story.

F. Murray Abraham won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in this movie so, 7/10 stars on this. 

Tibet, Everest and the Abominable Snowman

For many years, they have told stories, movies, cartoons and probably TV shows for what they show in the Himalayas. For that is in Tibet, in Asia. They have told much about climbing Mt. Everest to the top and back down, but no one would survive. It is ‘the most dangerous place on the planet’ for what they say. Climbers climb up, but never make it back down. Depending on the terrain and the stormy weather. Stormy weather can also take down planes who go near the Himalayas. Passenger and cargo planes.

Glaciers of ice, cliffs of doom, and dropping temperatures, it’s totally a risk of living. Thanks to the hit movie “Everest”, that talked about the true events of the 1996 Mt. Everest disaster that had took place on May 10th-11th, 1996. An all star cast. Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, Sam Worthington, Jake Gyllenhaal, and so much more, it’s the climb of your life.

Many climbers since then, have tried going up and coming back down, but they never made it out alive. The most dangerous part also, are the avalanches. Luckily, one man skied down Everest in a documentary movie once. In a “Family Guy” episode, the Griffins made it up, and back down on Everest, but that was just a cartoon.

Out of all the things that happen in Tibet, the one thing people fear that’s an unexplained mystery, is the Yeti. Or in common, the Abominable Snowman. A creature that runs amok close to Everest alone, without being seen by humans. It’s like half man, half ape, and all furry with a white coat. Depending if it’s real or not.

Many movies and cartoons show that, on how an unexplained mystery, it still is today. Animators and director think for what that Yeti looks like, as they create for what they imagine. That was when Mel Blanc did that cartoon, “The Abominable Snow Rabbit”. As Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck escape Tibet from that Abominable Snowman. Others movies show how that the Yeti can be a fearsome creature as it can like tear a traveller to bits.

R.L. Stine, author of the “Goosebumps” books, inspired by this, wrote his book, “The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena”. That was how there was that, as in the movie with Jack Black, it escaped, looked at a chandelier light, and went on a rampage after being curious.

Lance Henriksen, faced that in the TV movie, “Abominable” as the Yeti was on the loose. Only if it does takes place in Tibet. In “The Snow Creature”, it would show how a bad idea it can be when you capture the Yeti. Like R.L. Stine’s book, it ran loose as they only killed it by shooting it. “Man Beast” showed only how many more Yeti’s can be, until there is the one which is the actual one.

“Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon” showed how carnivorous the Yeti can be also, when it killed a crew after their plane crashed in the Himalayas. However, “The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas” showed Peter Cushing and Forrest Tucker, as they tried to find that fearsome unexplained mystery on that monster. That was how adventure can be in that one. Finally, in a three part book series by Gordon Korman, that showed how kids can face all that when they’ve won a contest as they get to the summit of Mt. Everest.

So many of these showed, how Tibet, and Mt. Everest can be, even for what shows on the Abominable Snowman.

Cybersix (TV show)

This happened on Teletoon, a long time ago that I saw with my own eyes. Just like the rest.

Based on the Argentinian comic book series, as it became an anime TV series. A mad scientist who served his life in WWII as a SS scientist in concentration camps, began to be an expert in genetic engineering. He had been implanting cybernetic organs in dead prisoners. Also some, he can bring back to life for Hitler’s army. When the Allies defeated Germany, he fled to South America. And began creating his own creations. Mutated monsters, creatures and animals. He even kept some in tubes with green water, as they are changing.

When two boys died in a cliff accident, he transferred one of the boy’s brain in the body of a black panther, as the other was mutated into a woman. She fled as was in disguised as a male teacher at a local high school in a seaside city.

By day, that Cybersix is a male teacher, and by night, a woman wearing a black floppy hat, wearing black velvet clothes and a black and red long cape. As she stays away from the mad scientist’s creations. With his son, Jose, his mutated men, and bad guys who work him, they tried everything to get her.

With a mutated blob, a giant octopus, blue birds and many birds, a mutated bird, a giant eyeball, a super drill, flying sound wave goblins, brainwashing technology, a female werewolf, a cybornetic circus, a invisible mutant, and a mutant monster island with a bomb, she and her black panther friend did it all, with the help of some friends.

A private eye, a homeless boy and mostly a male teacher.

As the scientist died and his creatures blew out of the green water tubes, in the end of the series, and all was safe again, as Jose was up to his tricks again. They both made it out, as it was the end.

I remember watching this on Teletoon at night as it was the best remarkable time of my life at night. Now these days, people like me miss these days. However, I watched the entire series from a DVD I borrowed from the library. That, made me smile again. And the best parts? The part where she and her black panther pet are fighting crime. I sometimes just ever wonder, if anyone gets to keep a black panther like that.

Dav Pilkey and Captain Underpants

Out of all the pre-animators and illustrators, animators and authors that went through university and college, they were the same as they faced hard work and all that.

Amy Tan, author of “Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat” was inspired by Siamese cats as she wrote her story, as then came a TV series. That was a okay for her as she accepted a TV series. Her illustrations were great, as the TV show was amazing.

R.L. Stine, the way he wrote stories, he wrote them on an old typewriter as he wrote the “Goosebumps” stories. The same as “Rotten School” and the rest of his works. Had to face university to be an author, as he loved the illustrations he did on each cover of his story. As a TV series came, that was worse. But what was better, was that Jack Black portrayed him in the actual “Goosebumps” movie.

Each author and illustration for the way they create are the same. Especially one, who was a little bit different. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Dav Pilkey is the creator of “Captain Underpants”, “The Dumb Bunnies”, “Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot”, “Dragon” and other works he did.

In elementary school, he was diagnosed with (and still suffers from) ADHD and dyslexia. With his bad behaviour and cannot read, he was forced to sit in a chair with his desk at the classroom door in the school hallway as he created “Captain Underpants”.

Dav Pilkey went through university has he became a children’s author and illustrator.

By the late 90’s, he wrote all of his works. Everyone loved “Captain Underpants” as “The Dumb Bunnies” and “Dragon” became TV shows. “Dragon” on Treehouse TV, as “The Dumb Bunnies” was on YTV a long time ago. Before YTV became worse today, with its shows.

It took him many years to make novels series. He took a break for 6 long years when his father was ill. After that, he continued and was back on track. He does still suffer those problems within him.

When everyone thought of his series of “Captain Underpants”, they thought when will it ever end. Until it did. From September 1997 to August 2015, he did all 12 books of the entire saga and made spin offs about them. It was about how two boys, who turned their mean principal into a superhero with hypno powers. After saving the world a few times, they went into a problem as they had to get back to their own time. In the 12th and final novel, it was all over as the principal lost all that, as Captain Underpants was no more.

All good series must come to an end as always. Before that series ended, a music video was shown about how Captain Underpants can be. Even on this post. Everyone loved that, as they think of that funny. I remember watching this, as I imagine Dudley from “T.U.F.F. Puppy” being hypnotized by listening to this song. He’d be a woodpecker, a pirate, and Captain Underpants if he was listening to this, and going crazy. That way, he get fired.

So this can be okay for kids to watch this, as well as they love it.

True Story

There have been current events in newspapers as they need to be true stories. Make up stories you can imagine, or how you make them into movies pretty well as long as you’re not like Steve Jobs. But working for a newspaper company, you have to be sure they are proofread, and accurate.

Jonah Hill played as a journalist got fired from the New York Times, as he had one good chance on doing a good story than just his fake stories. When a man murdered his wife and three kids, he got framed and was taken to prison. James Franco played as that man. The journalist had many interviews with him, as they were related on writing, and all that stuff. Just to be sure no one would lie.

They were in court three times, as the prisoner was sent to death sentence after for what he did in that murder. However, things have changed after that. The journalist wrote his book as he never worked for the New York Times again. The prisoner was still in prison as he was sentenced to his entire life in prison. Every Sunday, they still meet.

For a true story, 10/10 stars. What was really interesting was how the prisoner was wearing orange clothes as an inmate. Just like these Minimates figures that are totally interesting.









Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy- Mad Max

In Mel Gibson’s early life as an actor, he was known for a trilogy he did that started in the 70’s and was later a bit in the 80’s and 90’s. From 1979, to 1981 and 1985, he was Mad Max. A road warrior who always gets mad. Riding in the streets as a police officer with his friends in Australia, he takes on crime as mad as he gets. Even when he uses his ultimate weapon. A double sided shotgun.

In “Mad Max” that started in 1979, it was the future of tomorrow when this took place in Australia. In movies back then, they actually did live stunts. Max before he became ‘Mad Max’ was a brave police officer as he and his friends took on crime. And they did grand in that.

However, things start to change on he became the road warrior, as he became “Mad Max”. All the future stuff lead to an apocalypse in Australia. When a nuclear holocaust struck, missiles struck Australia as all life on that continent, was all gone. The people survived, but went into a hellhole.

That was when he became Mad Max, the road warrior. After his wife and kids died, he was all alone as he took on bikers in the streets. Killing them when they go rogue. And all that happened in “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”. As well as hell was when he was in “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”. He took on a thunder dome tournament as he killed many enemies in that.

Unfortunately, he never played as Mad Max again. Mel Gibson went on to do other movies, he was mostly interested. 20 years later, Tom Hardy took in role as Mad Max, as the legend returned in the fourth installment. “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Cannibals broke loose since it had been 30 years after that. Mad Max was taken by them, as he joined a resistance on a tanker truck. There was a one armed woman and five brides. With enough ammo, and supplies needed, they were to find a green place. When they passed that place, it was mucky, gross and all gone. With enough people joining them, including a skull guy played by Nicolas Hoult, they were to take back their world.

I thought they were to get to a beach, so they can find a ship, swim across the ocean and find a new world, but they don’t know how far the desert is. All was nothing but sand, dunes, the hot sky and the boiling sun. They just don’t know hoe far it is, or if they ever wanted to see the ocean.

When they returned, and lost a few people along the way, they retaliated as they freed all people around. Mad Max went on his own way, and that was the end of the fourth installment. He’s still out there in that apocalyptic continent. When will he ever return to end a franchise like this?

The Gunman

Sean Penn played as a black ops veteran as he was on the run as a fugitive for what he did, 8 years ago. In 2006, Conga was a dangerous country in Africa as their was a lot of gunfighting, violence and slaughtering. He assassinated a boss on a mining company as Congo went rogue.

Agents were gonna kill him, as left. From London to Spain, he needed help from his friends as they had to stop this.

The truth was told in the end, after all this was over when the boss got killed a bullfighting ring. Interpol took care of everything, as Congo went well after that. He was reunited with a friend he know of, and that was it.

This is a 8 1/2 out a 10 star movie. Recommended for adults only. R rated.