Priscilla Ahn- Fine on the Outside (When Marnie Was There)

I hope you don’t mind a second, but this was totally for Studio Ghibli’s “When Marnie Was There”. The way Priscilla Ahn sang this song, telling about life, it reminds me of how I was when I was growing up. I learned to be okay with just myself and my imagination thinking of adventures having. In elementary school. As after that, I started to write stories when I was in Grade 4. By Grade 5, I learned to make a few friends. As I did before I graduated.

Since middle school and high school, I met good friends ever since. College too. I wouldn’t forget that. After learning and researching all on Studio Ghibli, I really want to help them out. But it’s not fair for how anime movies get left out. Such as this, “The Wind Rises”, “Wolf Children”, “Kaguya”, and other anime movies. North America goes wrong about anime movies and TV shows.

As it came to me on this very final masterpiece, I did everything I can. It was too bad this song never made it to the top five for Best Song, but we were glad this made it to the nominations for Best Animated Feature. However, one of the stupidest goddam animated companies stole that award. No thanks to them. We should thank Studio Ghibli on this as it should’ve been this than them. On that Oscar award.

As we should thank Studio Ghibli for everything, they totally need more Oscar awards more than anything they would ever love. Even for Hiromasa Yonebayashi and Hayao Miyazaki.

As this shall be remembered, Studio Ghibli shall not perish from this Earth. Studio Ghibli on their anime to be remembered forever.

Priscilla Ahn- Fine on the Outside 

After an entire year of hope, telling fans all about everything on Studio Ghibli’s “When Marnie Was There”, for that MUST WIN in the Academy Awards, on YouTube and Google+, both that masterpiece and song didn’t won those Oscars. For Best Animated Feature and Best Song.

That masterpiece was nominated, but the song didn’t make it to the top 5 for Best Song. Priscilla Ahn, when she worked for Studio Ghibli on this very final masterpiece, she had the best song there is. “Fine on the Outside”. Tells you how your life is, and how much it means to you. And everyone loves that song more than anything there is.

Since that, I had to start to start over again unfortunately. Fans hated for what happened as they posted more comments. I did everything I can to save Studio Ghibli’s final masterpiece. But no one accepts Studio Ghibli anymore. Since “Spirited Away” won an Oscar and how Hayao won an honorary Oscar. But all anime fans do and care for Studio Ghibli the most.

The world today, isn’t what it is for what they love on now. Some people prefer the glory days better, than the future we are expecting today. With Hollywood going out of control, caring more on popularity, those guys stink!!

But this here, is totally beautiful thanks to Priscilla Ahn and all of Studio Ghibli that did this. 


From Academy Award winning director and actor Richard Attenborough, before he died later, he did this award winning work, on the actual person of Ghandi. An Indian politician to wise old man, who lead his people to freedom from the British Empire. For they controlled India and South Africa. From his time in South Africa to his assassination death on January 30th, 1948, he became from a politician to a wise old man. This was dedicated to all the people who did this, and wanted to thank to the people of all on India on this award winning work.

Ben Kingsley was Ghandi and was indeed, magnificent. For he acted pretty well in this Oscar nominated movie. Along with him, was Martin Sheen. Before or after he went onto “Apocalypse Now”. Also as a cameo, Daniel Day Lewis. Before he became famous in “The Last of the Mohicans”.

In that movie, it was terrible for colored people back then, for how they were being treated badly from white people. The British mostly. But treated worse for Africans. That was why Ghandi indeed, wise to very wise when he was saving his people. And indeed, he did. Ben Kingsley as Ghandi was totally great. And no wonder this movie won nominations in the Academy Awards.

Many people loved it, as some were inspired by it. One of them, Lee Daniels, inspired by this I presume, must’ve got the idea for “The Butler”. The same for “Glory”, “Selma”, and many African and Indian movies back then. For how colored people are, how badly they’ve went through, as both men need to be equal. Both Indian, African and regular man need to be what they are. Equal.

While Ghandi was losing his hair and getting his wise look, WWI happened as many British imperialist stooges were involved in power, taking over control, as they don’t want trouble. That was why Ghandi was on a journey to make India to become a independent country.

As India was independent now, and Pakistan was born, Ghandi went through a long way on his life. For as far as I’m concerned, 7/10 stars.

The War Wagon

John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, had never before been together in this all time western. “The War Wagon”. About a team of gunslingers, as they were steal a lot of cash and gold, in an armored plated wagon with 16 horses. That was why they called it the war wagon. Did a song of that in the beginning. The opening scene.

For some reason, a director was so inspired on a vehicle like this, he did the robbery scene in the 2007 movie, “3:10 to Yuma”. The first few minutes of that, after the opening scene. From the rancher attack to the robbery scene.

The only problem was, to rob that war wagon, was to avoid enemy fire from gatling gun. They built it brand new. It was before gatling guns became machine guns later, when they were modified when WWI had begun.

What is powerful than besides machine guns, was nitroglycerin. Extremely combustible, highly explosive. So by setting up a couple of booby traps, while the war wagon killed many Indians, they were able to take care of it. I don’t want to be a spoiler alert, but you’ll see for yourself. 

7/10 stars on this John Wayne and Kirk Douglas western classic. 

Sailor Moon DIC commercial

Related to the Hamtaro commercial, there was this also. Long ago before this all changed on TV today, “Sailor Moon” was a smash hit for anime fans. This was from the glory days when this was popular at the time. In all of North America from Japan. Thanks to them, thank god. It was around the time when the first episode of ‘Star Wars’ was out. Distributed by 20th Century Fox. Before things changed to today. And how Lego popular on that.

YTV had this once before everything changed. I watched that anime TV show every morning when it does. What was worse was elementary school. After watching that, I had to get ready.

When I looked at this, I was glad to hear about it. They say it’s way even better than ‘Power Rangers’ and ‘TMNT’. You can blast off with these anime girls. Like going into space with them. To the moon or our planets in our solar system.

I still like good commercials from the glory days like the 1984 Macintosh Computer. And the Max Headroom Coke commercial. But this and the Hamtaro one, show how anime is. How we love our glory days, as anime TV shows like this one, totally need to return to TV today.

We totally need our good TV shows to return. Than the ones here today.

Black Mass

10/10 stars on this crime lord movie, as it’s got an all star cast in this. Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon, Benedict Cumberbatch, and a cast of others as they were together in this. This told the true story of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. Living in south of Boston, after released from prison, thugs like him and his pals can go loose to murder what they hate on.

Crooked cops try to let him be, as they dealt with other crimes. As Whitey murdered on what he hated on, for the same as his friends, he dealt with his life and family. After his kid died young, his mother too, and his wife dumped him, he became a crime lord. That is how he became, when you look at his face. He is like watching you, dull, mysterious, old as he can get pissed.

He got pissed once, when he took a carbine rifle and shot two guys when they were leaving the police station. After changes really, the crooked cops got fired as they and his friends got into big trouble. They were all sent to jail. Whitey disappeared since 1985. That was when he became FBI’s most wanted there is in USA. In 2011, as an old man, he was found again and caught by the FBI. He was sent to prison for a life time sentence, as he dealt with how he fought as an Irish-American gangster long ago since 1975.

His life came to an end at the age of 89 in the early morning of October 30th, 2018. Beaten to death in a wheelchair by the inmates of Hazelton Penitentiary, they had socks, padlocks and shiv’s to murder that old man. And therefore, he never made a sound.

The Maltese Falcon


From one of the all-time mystery crime classics, Humphrey Bogart was on a search for the rest treasures there can be. From Excalibur and the Holy Grail, to the Ark of Covenant and the Ten Commandments, there is the Maltese Falcon.

In 1539, the Knight Templars of Malta, paid tribute to Charles V of Spain, by sending him a Golden Falcon encrusted from beak to claw with rarest jewels—but pirates seized the galley carrying this priceless token and the fate of the Maltese Falcon remains a mystery to this day —.

Made in Malta, off the coast of Sicily, Italy, far down south of Palermo, the Maltese Falcon is suppose to be the most valuable treasure there is. A statue of a fierce bird. Since those pirates stole it away from Charles V, it had been a lost treasure ever since. Even if it can be anywhere, when you go around the four corners of the globe to find it. And you wouldn’t worry about a thing.
That was when it was found again, in October 1941 since 1539. After four centuries and two long years. From a gunfire murder on a Webley revolver in the streets of San Francisco, to an apartment in one whole night, greedy investors were onto this statue. It can cost a lot of money after searching for this in many years. Maybe generations.

After unraveling a spider web mystery, in a delivery from Hong Kong to San Francisco, the Maltese Falcon arrived. Wrapped in Hong Kong newspapers, in clothing and stuffing, it was the one.

As the greedy investors were arrested later, they changed a bit, leaving the Maltese Falcon behind. Humphrey Bogart as Detective Sam Spade kept it in his life. This was nominated for three Academy Awards, but was really good in the 1940’s.

Like the idol from ‘Indiana Jones’, this is statuette is way better than that. It’s what they call, ‘the stuff that dreams are made of’. 8/10 stars on this hit movie.

Matt Frewer as Max Headroom


Since I saw the movie “Pixels”, in that movie, I couldn’t believe my neighbor, Matt Frewer was Max Headroom!! In his time as an actor long ago, this was one of these things he became famous on. Max Headroom as an artificial intelligent computer man wearing black glasses, as he can stutter while talking as a computer. With a stapled voice, he can talk good. Really good.

He was “The World’s first computer-generated TV host” long ago as they create him in 1982 or 1984. By that as Max, he was in commercials, his own TV show, a short long movie, as he’s been in a lot until the 1990’s. He was even in a Coke commercial that was good for example. It was around the time when the 1984 Apple Macintosh computer was released. ‘So that 1984 won’t be like “1984” ‘.

Since then, he was finished. In “Pixels” when the battle was on, that was when he returned as a cameo appearance in that. He let Adam Sandler and Kevin James get onto that alien spacecraft and deal with Donkey Kong. One game they suck at. It was Max Headroom’s last appearance as he did a grand job in his cameo.

I was very surprised to see him be Max Headroom, as the first computer generated TV host. That is a very good example on the true meaning, to artificial intelligence.

Funniest beer commercial at the time of ‘Beerfest’

At the time when ‘Beerfest’ was popular, after released in theaters and out on DVD, this was a time when beer was popular. Since the movie ‘Strange Brew’ and beer was popular at that time, this commercial showed how these Canadians sang a song to a very famous beer in Canada.

When a man brought in an organ, these friends sang this song here as they went to a beer store. They asked for beer as it’s a perfect time to watch the game.

I’m sure it was at the time when that movie cane out. How beer can be, as funny scenes can happen in movies like those.

Coming Soon: Only Yesterday (a Studio Ghibli movie)

Never been released in North America since mentioned in the 1990’s, Studio Ghibli did this masterpiece as they are doing this in North America. Right now. With the help of GKIDS than any animated company in North America, this releases internationally on February 26th, 2016. Two days before the 88th Academy Awards. It may not make it to this years Academy Awards, but next year’s that is a must.

This tells about a woman, while visiting her mother and family in the countryside, she takes on flashbacks when she was in 5th grade. Her younger self as she remembers her glory days. During this masterpiece, she thinks her 5th grade younger self is helping her find a new way to fly.

From director Isao Takahata, and with the help of Hayao Miyazaki, before their retirements, this can show how you remember your glory days, for what were your best times. Not the worst times, but the good times for what you love on.

And I might say, this might win 10/10 stars.