Top 10 on pandas in entertainment

Since there was “Kung Fu Panda” and “Kung Fu Panda 2”, now comes “Kung Fu Panda 3”. Along with Jack Black as Po, there is Bryan Cranston as his real father, and Rebel Wilson as a female panda who promised to marry him. But there were others.

And I took a short trip down memory lane as I found the top picks on pandas that had ever hit movies and TV shows.

1. Toby and all pandas of Pandasia in the anime TV show of “Pandalian”. This happened on YTV as I saw this with my own eyes. And on YouTube too. There are 26 episodes of that in one season to that entire adventure. And I hate YTV for how they cancelled that show. I wish it would return along with others I love.

2. Panda, a hamster from “Hamtaro”. As an anime hamster, he is like a panda with black and white fur as he’s clever in woodworking. And a good friend to the hamsters including Hamtaro. His owner is Mimi. And I saw this show on YTV once as I loved that panda. I really want this to return.

3. A baby panda in ‘Panda-moniumm in “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat” as it needed help looking for its mother. Sagwa, Dongwa, and Sheegwa found her as they did a grand job. This is one of the TV shows that must return to TV again.

4. Three Pokémon pandas known as Panchams that I saw in the “Pokémon: XY Series”. There were two as twins that played tricks on Ash and his friends in the Kalos region as one more came and ruined a Pokémon showcase. After stealing Ash’s hat and Clemonts glasses, it wanted to look cool. So Serena gave it sunglasses and captured that panda. As her second Pokémon catched.

5. Master Panda in “Skunk Fu”. He was a friend to a dragon in martial arts until everything all changed. The dragon went rogue as the panda master assembled many types of animals to do kung fu. That was when he had a skunk as a trusted one. It was on YTV, but I’m sure he did a grand job.

6. A panda in “Panda Day Care”. A live action puppet TV show in 2001 when it was on YTV. I saw this when I was little. With my own eyes. About he and some kids go on adventures, outdoors and indoors when they imagine. I liked him when he was a rock star, and dressed up as Godzilla.

7. Two anime pandas. in “The Panda’s Great Adventure”. One male and one female. A 1973 anime movie by Toei Animation about how the male one must be where he belongs as he rescues the female panda. Like if they are boyfriend and girlfriend. And they are. You can tell by the way she’s kissing.

8. A real panda in the Warner Bros family adventure movie, “The Amazing Panda Adventure”. How a boy in China visits his father, researching on pandas as he befriends one. Later, the panda was reunited with its parents. This was my first movie I ever saw Stephen Lang in it. Before I saw him later in “Avatar” and the remake of “Conan the Barbarian”. He’s a good actor absolutely. Even as a colonel when James Cameron hired him.

9. Lego Panda guy. From “The Lego Movie”, there was a Lego figure wearing a panda outfit as he was having a panda toy with it. It was one of the Lego master builders as this, and other Lego master builders were able to save all Lego. Pretty neat actually.

10. Handy Pandy. From the 1991 animated direct to video movie, by Universal Home Videos, “The Little Engine That Could” in 1991. He was one of the stuffed toys that was alive. He was trying to help as their train engine broke down. He was glad when he met the little blue engine, that could. Tillie and his bird friend, Chip. He enjoyed singing along the way when he saved an elephant from falling off a bridge when it collapsed. He pulled him aboard, as the last railcar fell. He even tried to get him and himself inside the railcar. But he was okay after that when he made it.

So these are the best ones that they ever show on pandas as some of these movies and TV shows must make a return to make fans be happy again. Those must return than the media entertainment there is today. And I am proud of all pandas there is, as I’m sure Toby Panda is proud of all pandas. Even to Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa. All are good in this on pandas.

Pandas are the best in anime and in some animation. Even live ones from movies.




Panda_Man   handy panda


David Carradine’s truth about superheroes

Before David Carradine died in 2009, he did tell a good truth about superheroes for the way they are and how they do. Especially the costume. This was told in “Kill Bill” as he made a great speech.

Movies on superheroes like Marvel and DC Comics, they show how they are and what were their origins. Even to the costume. In mythology, there is the superhero and the alter ego.

When you look at Batman and Spider Man, there is Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker. For Peter Parker for example, he’s Peter. He wakes up to be him, as he is him. When he puts on a costume, he’s still the same. But that is his alter ego when he’s Spider Man. The same goes for Batman.

For Superman, he’s the same, but different. He wakes up as Superman, as he is him. With the symbol on him, he was born with that as he was sent to Earth where the Kents raised him. That was when he became his alter ego to look human. A news reporter. Clark Kent. Wearing the outfit, glasses, make him look weak and a bit normal as he was disguising himself.

The same goes for the rest, like Superman or like Spider Man. Born with powers or got their powers after a tragic accident. Like how the Flash got his powers by a chemical spill, Daredevil who got hazardous materials on his eyes as a boy, as he trained hard like Batman, the Fantastic Four that got cosmic radiation through space, how Peter Parker became Spider Man after getting bitten by a radioactive spider, or any of those heroes and villains.

Wonder Woman was born with powers when she was raised in her home as she was like Superman. And as the same, she becomes human when she disguises herself as her alter ego would be safe.

For heroes like Green Lantern, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, they have chosen to become heroes. Like when Hal Jordan was chosen to become a Green Lantern when a dying alien gave him the ring, and how Peter Quill was abducted by aliens as a boy. That was when years later, meeting with four members, they became who they are and what their purpose was.

For villains, learning about secrets, weaknesses, some get into accidents as some are born to be villains. Like how Lex Luthor wanted to learn secrets of Superman as he became sinister, as well as Jack Napier when he got into an accident and became the Joker.

Although heroes like these, Watchmen or any of those superheroes from kids cartoons, they all can must come to an end. Like how Superman died after defeating Doomsday, and Bruce Wayne who finally gave up being Batman when he got his revenge and got the villains in Gotham City for example.

For their comics and mixed up stories, TV shows and movies, they can be anywhere. Not a profit.

David Carradine (1936-2009)

He was Quentin Tarintinto’s favourite actor and maybe a legend. He was a star in Hollywood before his death, due to asphyxia. Tough breathing. But I’m sure he did a grand job. 

I really realized, he was not only in the third movie of “An American Tail”, both movie versions of “Death Race”, a dead man in “Epic Movie”, and a wolf in “Balto II: Wolf Quest”, he worked for Tarintino when he was known as Bill. The friend and traitor who nearly killed the bride. And the leader of the Deadly Viper Asassination Squad. That was why both volumes in two movies showed the entire epic revenge story of how ‘revenge is a dish, best served cold’. “Kill Bill”. Uma Thurman as the bride became a samurai, and a vigilante as he tried to get to him. By killing his four members one by one. 

Finally, him. Before his death, he did tell a good truth about superheroes the way they are, and how they dress up. Before the movie ended to both two segments, he had the ‘Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique’ from the bride. As he made peace, to what the bride agreed to, the bride got her revenge as he fell dead to the ground. 

And since then, he became really good. I wanted to see what he can do later on. Unfortunately, he passed away as I’m sorry for him. But I’m sure he did a great job in those movies. Especially when he was Bill. 

Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

Like Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Mako and Hayao Miyazaki, this was Hollywoods greatest actor of all time, long ago before Jackie and Jet. His name was Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee, was a martial arts master as he learned a lot about that stuff. From living in Chinatown, San Francisco to Hollywood, he appeared in many movies that had ever hit China and North America. 

From “Golden Gate Girl” and “Fist of Fury” to “Enter the Dragon”, he must’ve had a great life until his death in 1973. He passed away in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. Brain damage. Almost like hemorrhage. 

Bruce Lee for where he is now, Lakeview Cemetary, Seattle, Washington. Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and Chuck Norris were there at his funeral. But I think he did a great life in motion pictures that had ever showed North America on martial arts. Even his popular one, “Enter the Dragon”. 

Hamburger Hill

Don Cheadle was the only actor I knew in this Vietnam War movie before he became ‘War Machine’ in the “Iron Man” movies. He was good, but this is a 7/10 star Vietnam War movie I really tried as it was good. Like the classic Vietnam War movies, this was really good. 

During the Vietnam War, dualities of man to Americans were faced to the challenged one when they were plunged into survival. The mission was to take on a big hill and forclaim it. By taking out many of the Viet Cong. It took days when it did in this actual true event. Don Cheadle was one of the surviving soldiers after they’ve won. Others were betrayed accidentally by helicopter gunners. They had a hell of a battle, and how it can be the worst. 

And the last words were, written on a piece of paper and stick to the pole by a knife were, “Welcome to Hamburger Hill”. I can almost think that those were young Sean Connery’s words. 

Expelled from Paradise

In a digitally enhanced anime movie, Toei Animation had made this movie like the same animation they did to the Neil Patrick Harris tv show of Spider Man. An digital agent sent from a space station was sent to Earth to exterminate bugs with extreme prejudice. In this movie, there are still some anime parts we see today. Working together with a cowboy who’s an elite sniper, she learns everything on Earth until all this was over. 

This is a 7/10 star anime movie of course. Better than Neil Patrick Harris who was Spider Man.

Jupiter Ascending

Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne, and Sean Bean star in this great movie.

Since “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “2010: The Year We Make Contact”, that took place near Jupiter, there hasn’t been a movie that took place near Jupiter ever since, until today.

A young girl, named after a planet in the solar system, hated her life in a Russian cleaning family in America until she was being target for assasination. She was a queen for planets including the one we know of. The fifth planet.

On Earth, when he went to a guys house, his entire house and farm was infested with live honeycombs on the outside. The entire house and farm was a beehive. And she can control all the honeybees there is. Still today, don’t get them angry. They will sting you many times. Then you die.

As they blasted off and buzzed away into space, they were able to stop the evil lord and save the fifth planet. So if you have a girl named Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, or Neptune, they are named after those planets. Not the other ones like Uranus, Pluto, Earth or the moon. I mean, does Stephen Hawkibg believe me for what I’m saying is true?

In fact, this is a 10/10 star movie. A+. Almost similar to the ones I give an A+++.

I’m Only Gonna Break Your Heart- Tiao Cruz

This is my kinda song when I daydream. As I’m in Hollywood as a famous director since Stanley Kubrick as I would make an entrance. On coming out and making the girls love me. Anime ones. 

Better than Justin Bieber or ‘Beaver’ like what Ice Cube would say in the movie of ’21 Jump Street’, I saw this in a TV commercial once as I find it interesting. Tiao Cruz, is the best one who made this song. And I give this one 10/10 stars. 

‘Come Out Bijou and Henry!’

I’ve looked at a difference. On how one can think he/she can stay in a place for a while until they can come out or not. Until they will. 

I looked at two different episodes. One from each. ‘Come Out, Bijou!’ was the fourth episode title of the anime TV hamster show, “Hamtaro” as ‘Come Out, Henry’ and ‘Henry to the Rescue’ was the third and fourth episodes on “Thomas the Tank Engine”. Both couldn’t come out until they did. 

‘Come Out, Bijou!’, episode 4 from the anime TV show of “Hamtaro” showed how Bijou joined the hamsters as they wanted to make Boss proud. At first she was nervous, but she made it. She was never afraid at all. And when she got dirty a bit, it was okay for Hamtaro. It’s just that sometimes, dirt can spoil your colours. Like how Bijou did, when her fur was dirty. And her ribbons were okay. It’s just like spoiling your green paint with red stripes. She had a wash later and made it back. And thanked the hamsters for joining. 

That was when it lead me to this. The author, Rev. Wilbert Awdry, rail fan, when he started writing ‘The Railway Series’, in his very first book, he wrote something like this as they did two episodes of it in the “Thomas the Tank Engine” TV show. First season in 1989 as it was episodes 3 and 4 when they did this. They even showed these on episode 2 of the first season of “Shining Time Station”. Rev. Wilbert Awdry wrote this story…

“Once, an engine attached to a train, was afraid of a few drops of rain. It went into a tunnel, and squeaked through its funnel, and wouldn’t come out again”.

‘Come Out, Henry!’ and ‘Henry to the Rescue’ showed the entire story into two parts of ‘Henry and the Tunnel’. How Henry the Green Engine, was in a tunnel because of the rain that can spoil his green paint with red stripes. If they were washed away by rain as he’d lost it all. However, it was rainless, permanent paint. Not washable paint. 

Trying to get him out, but refused, they took Henry’s train away, and left him there. By building a brick wall in front of him to cut through a new tunnel. That way he wouldn’t come out. Bijou did came out, but Henry didn’t. It was sad for him left there. 

Sudden dirt from the tunnel did spoiled his paint for sure. For Bijou, it was just dirt while sliding to the clubhouse. But it was sad for Henry when this did. Henry’s chance came when he was free when Gordon, the Big Engine broke down and Edward, the Blue Engine couldn’t do it. Workers finally tore down the brick wall as Henry came out free again. He felt much better as he was back home. He helped Edward to bring Gordon home as he was good as new. With himself repainted with green paint and red stripes, he will always look after his coat if he needs to get washed or get s brand new coat, when the day’s work is done. 

And throughout the series, books and TV show, that was known as ‘Henry’s Tunnel’. They even did that in some merchandise. Although they did that too in some “Hamtaro” merchandise, but I guess that ‘Come Out, Bijou!’ one was in a book with that stuff. 

So both of these relate each other, on how they feel like coming out of not. On how can do it, and how one can be bricked up until you’re glad to come out. How Bijou did, and how Henry did too when they both came out. Both are 10/10 stars for them, even when I looked at the difference. 

For their merchandise, like “Hamtaro” and that on ‘Henry’s Tunnel’, I suppose EBay, EBay Canada, Amazon, and Amazon Canada got those. These are collectables now. Be sure to find. 

In conclusion, these two characters did great when they came out. Bijou and Henry. As Henry will look after his coat, and Bijou will be with Hamtaro as always. Even when Laura and Marie meet.



Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

He was the man with the golden gun, Count Dracula, the sinister Count Dooku in “Star Wars” until his death in the third installment, and the crazy villain father in the 1982 animated movie of “The Last Unicorn”. He was with Peter Cushing in many movies, mystery, monster and horror movies as Peter was known for Gov. Tarkin in “Star Wars”. The fourth one. 

Both he and Cushing were in Star Wars. Until, he passed away at age 93. He had a long life in his movie acting career, until he died of a heart failure. Sent to the hospital days ago, with lung problems and that, he died because of those Even when they celebrated his 93rd birthday. Besides, he was old like Vincent Price as he passed away. But I am sure he is with him, and Peter Cushing in heaven. 

And since he now rests in peace, people can be wondering, ‘what Hollywood legend will kick the bucket be the next of all?’.