A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Ever since Wes Craven’s 1984 horror classic, I watched this on Halloween night. The entire thing. Dreams and nightmares happen to people, as long as you have to wake up fast. But sometimes, dreams can show you parts of your past, that you may remember or not, as well as some that can lead to the future.

Which is why you need to have good dreams, that really mean to you. Not the ones you hate the worst. However, it was all on everything when I watched this.

Long ago, a serial killer named Freddy Kruger, played by Jackie Earle Haley, was being hunted down by people’s parents. For he was doing naughty things that could haunt the kids at the kindergarten. For he was burned alive, in a boiler room he locked himself in.

However, he vowed revenge to get them, and get those kids as teenagers…in their dreams. Years went by, as he killed five victims, one which is a lady as she was there on the death of Kruger’s fate. As he killed her as the last thing Freddy Kruger would do, now that he’s dead.

Make sure you would have sweet dreams tonight. Even if you live on Elm Street or not. So for a good Halloween scare, 8/10 stars.


Monster House

This Halloween animated movie from Colombia Pictures was so terrifying to kids, it was getting good. Which was why it was nominated for Best Animated Feature. But lost when the first “Happy Feet” movie won in the Academy Awards.

A cranky neighbor, suffered a heart attack as they say he was presumed dead. But he was so bad, he didn’t like how little kids would ruin his lawn with their stuff. Which is why he takes them away and breaks them apart. But there was something strange in his house he was living in.

Which was why two 12 year old boys, and a 12 year old girl were to investigate. When no one is around but them, the house comes to life. With the windows as eyes, a long carpet as a tongue, window blinds as eyelids, floorboards as the teeth, the door opening for the mouth, a hole inside the house as a food-pipe, a chandelier set of balls as the uvula, and the fire in the fireplace as the heart.

It never likes naughty kids, or bad people as it controls the entire property. For it controls upstairs, downstairs in the basement, the inside of the house such as the piping, as it also controls those big trees outside.

After a way to destroy it, the cranky neighbor returned as he was glad it was all over. For a spectacular Halloween movie, 8/10 stars.

On the Town (1949)

Three years before “Singin In The Rain” was born, this was the first movie Stanley Donen did, along with Gene Kelly. This in fact, won an Oscar for Best Music Score at the 22nd Academy Awards.

Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Jules Munshin play as three sailors as they spent 24 hours to check out ‘the city that never sleeps’. Along the way, they met gals, and sang great songs. Some of them are kinds similar, to the ones in that 1950 cartoon of ‘What’s Up Doc?’ with Bugs Bunny.

I prefer this movie, is for Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly fans only. As they love their singing and dancing. And besides, old timers today love those guys.

What was funny in this, is how they were acting like cavemen in a museum. And second at Coney Island, to avoid the cops, they were dressed up as lady Arabian dancers. Beat that Mrs. Doubtfire!! And beat that, you Three Stooges!!

In all my life, I’ve never seen them dress up as women, until now. I wonder if they do another music video of ‘Dude, Looks Like A Lady’ with them in it.

So I give this 7.7 out of 10 stars.

The Amityville Horror (1979)

Margot Kidder, Murray Hamilton, James Tolkan and James Brolin, are the only stars I know, in this 1979 horror film based on the book by Jay Anson.

After a family was murdered a year ago, in Amityville, Long Island, USA, a new family moved in. After almost two months in that house, that has a scary face on the side, strange things began to happen. After almost 50 flies bothering them, three nightmares, an illness spirit as it warns people to stay away, to a bloody horror that they found out the truth, they left the house.And never reclaimed it, or their belongings. They lived in a new state in the U.S.

That real estate agent lady in the beginning, never told that new family for what happened. To the first family that lived there and died. And it shows a reason, why we would never live in a bad dream house that can haunt you. And take away your things.

So for a classic film, to watch over Halloween, I give this 7.8 out of 10 stars. Really good.


The Boy and the Beast

From the anime director that did “Wolf Children” and “Summer Wars”, this is his third masterpiece.

Living in a world of beast people can be cool. As long as you’re not a misfit who’s weird. You are just different. And different is what can make you special. That is how this 9 year old boy learned when he was there, and was becoming a warrior.

In the streets of Tokyo, Japan, after his mom and dad left, he had been living there since the day he ran away. One evening, when he met a bear like beast guy, and his monkey counterpart, he was transported into their world. For where beast people live, as they become warriors. One of them as the head master, is a rabbit. For he is just like Pai Mei from “Kill Bill”, only wiser and kind as he can be quick

He was an apprentice to that guy, as he had to learn the ways of it. A few years later, he had gotten stronger and older. And by age 17, he returned to the real world, and fell in love with a girl who taught her how to read. She became a great tutor to her.

Not only that, he found his dad that left him. And after a furious battle, to leave away the hateful things, with the help of his master, everything came to a conclusion that made me smile on this.

In the end, when he began living with his dad, it gave me a smile so much, I give this 10/10 stars, and a ‘A++’!!!! Thank you so much for that masterpiece that I love on.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016)

It was triple trouble when monsters, criminals, and aliens were working together. However, that was when they returned since 2014. As a sequel to the first, the teenage mutant ninja turtles are back!! 

Ever since they saved New York City, Shredder vowed revenge to get back at them. He escaped thanks to his team, and a mad scientist who released him. And not only that, they brought along two criminals who joined, and met an alien warlord named Krang. 

That scientist in this, was totally obtuse, as he was under three things to his operation. Opening the portal by finding three parts, serving Shreddder, and turned the two criminals into monsters. One into a fat warthog, and the other into a rhino. 

Now during the operation he was on, came violet alien ooze. By turning those criminals into monsters, that stuff can also turn the turtles into humans. But the turtles themselves, chose the path they trust on the most. 

And finally, remember April O’Neal played by Megan Fox? She came back as then came Casey Jones played by Stephen Amell. Vigilante hockey man as he wears that awesome hockey mask. He in fact, played as the Green Arrow. Cool!! 

By saving the world, on a chase from New York to Brazil, avoiding a tank those criminals owned, and using hockey skills thanks to Casey Jones, they went through everything. 

What about the bad guys that they defeated? Four things happened after that. 

1. Krang vowed that he will return next time, as he took Shredder with him. Frozen in a cryogenic tube, in part of his spacecraft. 

2. Those monster criminals were finally taken away, when Casey Jones kicked their butts at last. But are still fat and ugly as a warthog and rhino. 

3. Those 3 devices to opening that portal, destroyed for good. 

And last but not least….

4.  Shredder’s team captured that obtuse scientist, as they will await for Shredder when he returns. In a third installment. 

All four heroes were rewarded, as Master Splinter as a very old rat, was very proud of them. He is into grey hair, but is still a wise master. 

Along with Stephen Amell and Megan Fox are Will Arnett since the first movie, Brian Tee as Shredder, and Laura Linney I believe, who was a police chief in this. And for showing 4x the trouble, I give this 8.3 out of 10 stars. 

Preposterous Pets (TV show)

Pets. Such as cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, frogs, and etc, those are okay. But have you ever had a polar bear for example, as a pet?

From that TV channel Animal Planet, there was a live action TV show, that shows preposterous pets. From the owners across the globe, they show their actual preposterous pets.

At first, there was an old couple in Canada as their preposterous pet is a polar bear. By cuddling with it, swimming with it, and washing it, they love it as long as it doesn’t escape from their fence.

Second, comes a lady who owns cheetahs. A whole family of cheetahs. The fastest cats alive in Africa as they can tear you to bits. She knows they are becoming an endangered species, as she must keep an eye on them. So that they’ll live on more. And never become extinct.

Thirdly, comes a old cowboy as he owns a buffalo…in his house!! Buffaloes can still be hungry as they can be fierce maybe. But can be really friendly to any person or animal. However for this old timer, he had tricks up his sleeve. On how he feeds it, keeps him safe, and make sure this buffalo doesn’t get into trouble.

Fourth, comes an actual wolf man. Living in his own home, as a war veteran, he had been rescuing wolves from nasty accidents. As a whisperer, he had been taking great care of them. If you want to be with wolves, you gotta be a professional like him. Even when he can cuddle with wolves, and dance with them.

Finally in fifth, shows man from Arizona presumably as keeps a family of lions. Both female and males. By building a home for them, and redecorating his house, he loves them. He even lets them cuddle with him in his actual house.

 img_0390 img_0387 img_0388
To other families across the planet, they still have their preposterous pets. And I suggest, better than “The Secret Life of Pets” that new animated movie, you would ask yourself on ‘What preposterous pet would you have?’. For me, I’d have what the wolf man is having. Wolves.

And imagine a little girl who’s a few years old, asking to meet this actual wolf man in person.

‘Dear Shaun Ellis, can I please meet you? I saw you on ‘Preposterous Pets’ that TV show. I wanna learn about wolves, and be with them like you. Perhaps cuddle with them. Be also like David Suzuki. And after watching a few anime TV shows and anime movies including ‘Wolf Children’ and ‘Princess Mononoke’, I believe wolves deserve to live on throughout these centuries. Never become an endangered species. Would it be alright to meet you at your place in the spring? Thanks!’.

This is totally interesting, as this wouldn’t be your own circus here. It takes lots and lots of responsibility to take care of a preposterous pet. And as long as that animal and more are safe, they are to never become an endangered species.

For a great live action TV show on Animal Planet, 7.88 out of 10 stars.

And if your pet was this big, you’d be in a total jam factory.

Li Syaoran: “Nice kitty!!”

Meilin: “Cat! Don’t make me hurt you! That’s Li Syaoran you got there!”

John Carpenter’s Vampires

James Woods was very cool in this horror movie, before he appeared as a cartoon character of himself in “Family Guy”. He in fact, owned a business. His own exterminator business better than ‘Ghostbusters’. Hunting and killing vampires.

In this John Carpenter monster horror film, James Woods played as a vampire killer. In which he and his team love to do one thing, and one thing only with him. Killing vampires.

On his previous massacre, with his original team, a vampire master was very upset to see the mess they did. When they killed his vampire friends. So he killed his team as an act of revenge. By having new members, they were the only ones to stop the vampire master before he could unleash havok and chaos.

The way that vampire master was, he was like Gary Oldman’s character of Dracula from “Bram Stroker’s Dracula”. 

And second, these vampires here are the same, but different. Sunlight and wooden stakes kill them. But they don’t turn into bats, crosses don’t work, they don’t sleep in coffins, as garlic doesn’t work. But if you are bitten, you have a few hours to live as a human before you become one of them. You can also feel it in your blood that they are coming, or how you are turning into one of them. 

Finally, the way he massacred them all, he was just like Van Helsing himself. Before Hugh Jackman years later. With a lot of blood and killing to do, I give this 7.5 out of 10 stars. 

Vampire Knight (anime TV series)

From it’s Valentine’s Day special, to watching this entire anime series, based on the manga books, this shows how vampires can really be. Better than the ones in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, those “Dracula” movie versions, “Hotel Transylvania” 1 & 2, the “Twilight” saga, and etc, they are totally new.

At an academy far away, there are day class students, and night class students. The day class students are the ones wearing their school clothes black, with white stripes. The night class students are the ones wearing their school clothes white, with black stripes. As the day class students are normal, the night class students are vampires.

 img_0493 img_0487 img_0490
They can sense blood when someone is bleeding, as they are in for thirst on that. They do however enjoy a bit of sunlight, but they just like coming out at night mostly. And these vampires differently, don’t do what all vampires do. They don’t turn into bats, become brutal, hate garlic or holy water, rotten food, wooden stakes, holy crosses, or any of that. And they do have reflections in mirrors.

They are very attractive at the academy, as it makes the schoolgirls love them. When they are outside, at a special ball in the evening, they still do live them.

When they become vampires, they can have red eyelids and short fangs. Some of them have powers, especially self healing, while one uses handguns and a pistol. With anti vampire ammo. As they are aware of bad vampires outside the academy, they also watch out for vampire hunters. One of them looked way cooler than Snake Plisskin.

And to this here, a young schoolgirl was caring for them very much. When she had no memory of her childhood, all she remembered was that fateful night. To when a vampire almost got her, when a boy saved her. And he is a vampire too, when she found out later on. Living with her adoptive father at the academy, she grew up to be a fine young girl. But when more vampires came to the academy, she had to stop them. And she did, along with the night class students.

Later on, she was falling in love. And got into finding the truth about her childhood and parents. Until after that, a furious conflict was on to free the night class student vampires. Cause when they did, they finally left.

After two seasons, with 13 episodes each, this is the best dramatic anime TV series I’ve ever watched. Way better than the dramatic TV shows we see today. And even better than the “Twilight” saga. Still however, the voters should’ve agreed to vote on Best Dramatic Anime TV Show. Which is this here.

But as a big anime fan and film critic, I give this 10/10 stars. An ‘A+’. And perfect to watch this over Halloween. Since you might get into vampires.

White Stripes- Little Ghost

From the stop frame animated movie “ParaNorman”, this is their ending song I’ve enjoyed the most since I’ve tried the movie twice. At Christmas, and for the second time on TV.

And at the time when the first season of “Digimon Fusion” ended, months before the second season happened in English dubbed, I really love this song. I grew fond of this ever since. The band is called ‘White Stripes’ as they’ve been doing other good songs, people have been talking about ever since.

When I listen to this, I think about the ghosts I love in anime, and dead celebrities. Doing lots of fun when they are ghosts. Scaring celebrities today, some TV cartoon characters from Hit Entertainment and other animated studios, as they would show a little girls mom who unexpectedly passed away long ago. Her daughter still alive on Earth, would embrace her like Patrick Swayze from “Ghost”. And as it comes to the end of this song, two boys would get surprised by a dead celebrity and run off. That is how I picture in my head when I listen to this.

And for a splendid song to listen to around Halloween, 10/10 stars on this.