The Last: Naruto the Movie

Ever since Shonen Jump had been doing those manga magazines, and 72 volume books of Naruto, comes the very last movie they ever created. Thanks to Viz Media, and TV Tokyo for like 50 years on doing those anime TV shows they created, now comes this here.

For 25 long years, Naruto and his friends had been doing great times together. When they were students in ninja training. From like 8 years of age, to 10 years of age, they were getting into learning. Then from 17 to 19 years of age, they were all grown up good. Learned new skills and were granted special clothes. And by 21 or 25, they are like almost adults.

They’ve definitely changed. And we’re getting into confessions of love. Which was why Hinata loves Naruto very much. And Naruto loves Hinata very much also.

In the beginning for me, I thought it was Sakura who care for Naruto the most. And she would love him. However I guess, she would just want him to be safe. And never lose him. Cause she’s Naruto’s bestest friend. And she is always there for him.

In a TV episode a while back, she did tell her confessions to Naruto that she loves him. And how she kissed him once. That, I never forgot. But she’ll be with him, when they are together as adults.

Throughout the movie, confessions need to be told from lovers who do love that person, no matter what. Even if you are shy, nervous, or frightened, you do need to tell your love, that you actually love him/her.

In this very last movie, they were able to save the Earth from a ghost ninja. Who was bringing asteroids to Earth from the moon. Chunks of the moon, coming down as meteorites as it can mean the end of the world, when worlds like the Earth and the Moon collide. In fact, travelling from a portal cave on Earth, to another, they were actually inside the Earth. And outside of the moon in the big fight. The air was breathable, as there is air on the moon. Way imaginary and amazing than H.G. Well’s story of ‘First Men IN The Moon’.

And after a furious final conflict, it was all over at last. And from flashbacks to when they are kids, to now as adults, everything was beginning to change. In the end credits, Naruto and Hinata were finally married and had two children. The same for Sakura when they found Sauske. She got married to him and had children. But she’ll be by Naruto’s side no matter what in life. She is always there for him. For this review, on this very last movie, I rate this with 9/10 stars.

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