Race (2016 movie)

This showed me the true story of Jesse Owens. As he was played by Stephan James. An African American runner who is the fastest man alive. And the the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Three years before WWII was declared. Along with him are Jeremy Irons and Jason Sudeikis. As a coach and a Olympic committee.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Jesse Owens is a true runner as he won eight world records in running and jumping. After apologizing to his love and marrying her, he volunteered to be with African American runners, to go into the 1936 Summer Olympics. In Berlin, Germany.

Around the 1930’s, Nazi Germany was aware of Jewish people and African Americans. They were taking on Jewish people mostly as were building the stadium for the Olympics. U.S. Olympic committee’s were arguing over that, as the Summer Olympics cannot be cancelled. The games were still on, in Berlin.

After winning five gold medals, making a new friend, and had a splendid homecoming, Jesse Owens was the most terrific athlete he did in Summer Olympic history. Three years later, with Adolf Hitler in power, he and his army attacked Poland. Until finally, WWII had just begun.

Although it was tough for African Americans long ago in the 1930’s, but things worked out okay. When everyone were loving things since Jesse Owens won the 1936 Summer Olympics. So I’d give this 8/10 stars. Dramatic, but splendid.

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  1. Nick Patterson

     /  November 2, 2016

    excellent review thanks Owen


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