Silverwing- a TV whole story

Based on the book by Kenneth Oppel about bats, this shows 13 episodes, in one whole story, in only one TV series, based on the book by the same name. About a bat named Shade Silverwing, who helps to save his colony, his friends, and family. He goes a long way, as long he stays away from the owls. And in the end, when this was over, all of his friends and families were free. Even when they go out at day or night. They had their new home, in a open waterfall, as he, his friends and families, and her girlfriend lived there happily forever. This had happened a long time ago, when “The Cat in the Hat” movie was in theaters. There were other TV shows, during that time like “Medabots”, “Spider Riders”, “Cardcaptors”, “Cardcaptors: The Movie”, “Star Wars: Clone Wars” 2003, “Megaman: NT Warrior”, and “Kappa Mikey”. There were good shows back then, even we can give them a second chance to today.

Walking with Prehistoric Beasts

Ever since the dinosaurs were killed, the wipeout of the meteor, this is a TV series, that has happened on Animal Planet, has only 6 episodes, and talks about what creatures there has ever been, in the ice age times. There have been killer whales, killer ants, odd weird looking creatures, saber tooth tigers, woolly mammoths, killer wolves, and meat eating birds. This showed about what were the creatures of our time, and when they are gone, extinct, they are placed in the museums we see today. That, is what happened in the last episode, of this whole series. From the Ice age to today, we live in a world, where no species, like those last forever.

Prehistoric Park

From a TV series that was once on Animal Planet, by BBC TV, this shows adventure even when your going back in time. They say the amazing animals that time, has time has left behind. From the dinosaur times, to the ice age. But what they could bring them back? What if extinction, didn’t have to be forever? This is a TV show with only 6 episodes, this talks about a man named Nigel Marvin, who could change the world by bringing extinctive animals from the past, to our present, and give them a second chance. He goes on his wild adventures, to get these creatures, ever since the dinosaurs died when the meteorite smashed into the earth, and wiped out every creature of the face of the Earth! What I like about his adventure, is to watch out for the meteor, and seeing saber tooth tigers. Sure it was big enough, I’ve seen this that it was like “Jurassic Park”. What could possibly different if there was a “Jurassic Park 4”?





Pacific Rim- 8/10!

When I saw “Pacific Rim”, it was the most outstanding movie no one has ever seen. About fighting robots against sea creatures that come from the pacific ocean. Ron Perlman was even in that one! He even had gold shoes, gold teeth, and how he got eaten by accident! He maybe good in this movie, but he was pretty awesome as Johner in “Alien Resurrection”. You’ve should’ve seen him the way he shoots, the way he hates aliens, and how he killed a small spider web, after killing an alien while climbing up a ladder! So I’d say about this movie, 8/10 stars like they way I like to, like all the other movies I reviewed on. In this movie, there isn’t any other actors or actresses I know of, just Ron Perlman in this one.

History of the World Part 1

Have you ever seen Mel Brooks, Dom Deluise, John Hurt, Cloris Leachman, Madaline Khan, Sid Caesar, and more actors and actresses, in one of Mel Brooks greatest movies?

Narrated by Orson Welles, this talks about comedic history from the Stone Age, to the Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition, the French Revolution, and onwards. Sure there was great music and a big ending, but people were sure there was going to be a “Part II”, but there isn’t going to be one. They did say about in a teaser for Part II, “Hitler on Ice”, “A Viking Funeral”, and “Jews in Space”.

No one knows if there will be a Part II, but who knows?

Top Gun- Highway to the Danger Zone

This is the real music video of “Highway to the Danger Zone”, to the movie “Top Gun”. This used to be on YouTube, as there was a Ed Edd N Eddy video on “Danger Zone” too. It is what is to be, but its perfect.

Waynes World, and Waynes World 2

Starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, it’s both movies, of their tv show, “Waynes World”. It’s cool how they do their extreme close up, how they do great special effects, how they act really good, when they play as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. They even had good actors in both movies, like Rob Lowe, Robert Patrick, Christopher Walken, Charlton Heston, Drew Barrymore, and Jay Leno.

Both are pretty good as well, especially when they hang out with Cassandra. Who knows if there will be a tv show or a “Waynes World 3”. Who knows? Until next time…

“It’s Waynes World! Waynes World! Party time! Excellent!” (guitar solo)

Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

Starring George Carlin, Alex Winter, and Keanu Reeves, it’s about 2 teenagers, and a time traveler, who travel through time, in order to win a high school history test. Or else if they fail, they could get busted. They are like Wayne and Garth, except they have to win this test, if it’s okay to use a time machine, as a phone booth.

They met historical characters like Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Beethoven, and more! Who knows, if they are what they’re doing, in the space time continuum. I guess, when they returned, they won the test, took the characters back to their own time, and fixed everything.

Army of Darkness

Have you ever seen any tv shows or movies where people time travel to the middle ages and return? Starring Bruce Campbell, it’s “Army of Darkness”! As a 20th century, he’s trapped in the middle ages. The only way he can get back home, is finding a mystical book. But when he was suppose to say the words, “Klaatu, marada, nikto”, he accidentally releases an army of dead people! So it’s up to him, his 20th century stuff he brought along, and his shotgun, to destroy this army once and for all. He even called his double barreled shotgun, his ‘boomstick’. So Bruce is great in this movie, as long as he faces the dead.

Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows- by Lesley Gore

This was sung by Lesley Gore in “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. She was pretty good as a singer, as her song was fabulous! Great to listen to this over Easter.