Which computer hacker is better?

Between 2 computer hackers, which one is better? Matthew Broderick in “WarGames”, or Richard Pryor in “Superman III”?

For Matthew Broderick as David Lightman, he can hack into the school computers, and edit his report card. But also, he can call somebody on a pay phone without even paying a quarter! But he did hack into the USAF computers and almost declared WWIII. He was able to control that until the end of the film.

For Richard Pryor as Gus Gorman, he’s definitely hilarious as computer hacker. He can even use a little help from a drunken man, to place both keys at the same time. As a hacker, he can control the weather, banking machines, paycheck machines, the stoplights, satellites, oil wells, and reprogram Superman!

So I think maybe both are great hackers, as long as themselves, the USAF, and the Soviet Union don’t get into clutches of the evil forces of Lex Luthor! The archenemy of Superman!