Cardcaptors- No Nagging Anymore

From the band Froggy Mix, than that Crazy Frog band, there was this I totally remember. Long ago in the past for when Teletoon had the best anime TV shows. They had an album with this song, when they showed this on a commercial.

I remember watching that commercial, as I found this song finally. ‘Cardcaptors’ was WAY popular back then when anime was popular. Everyone loved that in those years, when there was this, ‘Beyblade’, ‘Battle B-Daman’, ‘Digimon’ and the rest were popular. Anime was the best.

This was in the DVD of ‘Cardcaptors: The Movie’ when that was released. It showed how the best times were on that anime TV show. From Season 1. Before Season 2 came with it’s new adventures on the star cards, Spinner Sun, Ruby Moon, and the rest.

This is one of my best songs I’ve ever listened to. 10/10 stars on this song.

Top 10 hits on baseball

In many movies and popular culture on everything there is on baseball, I rate these top picks for what they show on baseball. In movies, cartoons, radio broadcasts and much of those.

1. Abbott and Costello to the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine. In one of their movies, ‘The Naughty Nineties’, their TV show and radio broadcast, the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine has been the funniest part in baseball history. To tell ‘who’s on first, what’s on second and we don’t knows on third’. Jerry Seinfeld loved that as he was in a documentary once. They showed something like that at the Smithsonian. The transcript. And its still can be funny these days.

2. “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” movie. Like the classic baseball song, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly were in a hit movie like this as they were the St. Louis Wolves. The same team they showed in ‘The Naughty Nineties’ as Bud and Lou do the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine. Pretty good team, and really good classic movie.

3. Bugs Bunny on “Baseball Bugs”. A popular Bugs Bunny cartoon that when a team called the Gas House Gorillas faced the St. Louis Wolves, New York Yankees and more, Bugs Bunny was the only one to face them in the championship finals. ‘Screwball Bugs’ they called him as he was mentioned in ‘His Hare Raising Tale’. Even in flashbacks.

4. “Everyone’s Hero”. An animated movie showed how a boy named Yankee Irving, named after the New York Yankees, went on a quest with a talking baseball to save Babe Ruth’s lucky bat from the boss of the Chicago Cubs. And it talks too, the bat does. With the voice talent of Robin Williams and more, this was dedicated to the living memory of Christopher Reeve. The original Superman. He loved baseball since before he was old. As Clark Kent, he would hit the ball by the bat so hard, the baseball would go flying off into space!!!

5. “The Sandlot”. A childhood memory movie, after when a kid moved in and joined a baseball gang, they became friends as they try to get a ball back, signed by Babe Ruth. From the yard of a crazy dog. It had a brilliant ending after that. In this were Denis Leary, Arliss Howard and James Earl Jones as the yard man who was kind to those boys.

6. “The Babe”. John Goodman was Babe Ruth. As it told the whole story of Babe Ruth’s life as he faced baseball to be the greatest player, the Yankees ever had. So good, he could hit the ball almost far as Clark Kent would do, when he’s Superman.

7. “The Benchwarmers”. A hilarious comedy movie on how three guys faced bullies and teams, when they joined a baseball team to beat those guys. With Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder, they did really great, and were really funny!! From that to training on hot potatoes, they are hilarious!!!

8. Jimmy Neutron on ‘Retroville 9’. One of those Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius cartoon episodes as he made his baseball team popular, by making adjustments to baseball equipment. And you should’ve seen the way Hugh was getting hit by those balls.

9. ‘Little Bear’ on a baseball episode. Learning the ways of that, and playing the game, they learn to play that game as they did well. With Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Owl, Hen and Cat did played well. As long as one doesn’t hit and smash a window and get boyhood daze.

10. “Homer at bat”. A Simpsons cartoon that showed how Mr. Burns baseball team faced playing the game. He had half of the team with his workers, and popular baseball that joined him. However, things went awkward after that but went well. One got arrested, another got radiation poisoning, as a player drinking nerve tonic had a overdose and got gigantism, as one player was hypnotized thinking if he’s a chicken, when one was beaten by Barney, as Homer was knocked out cold, as one shaved all of his hair, another busy on saving woman’s stuff from a house fire, and one more finally, got spirited away as he vanished off of the face of the Earth. Like Hayao Miyazaki’s movie, “Spirited Away”.

So if you’re playing the game, running to bases and home, always have the cute cheerleaders cheering for ya, and don’t let a Gas House Gorilla be the umpire.

Anime cheerleaders (singing): “…first, second, third base. And finally…he’s…safe!!!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “You’re out!”

Anime cheerleaders: “Huh? What?”

Bugs Bunny: “Where do you get that malarkey? I’m safe”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “I said you’re out!”

Bugs Bunny: “I’m safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “You’re out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe! Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “I say you’re safe! If you don’t like it, you can go to the showers!”

Bugs Bunny: “Okay then doc, have it you’re way. I’m safe”

Yep. Baseball can have comedy parts. All except ones I hate and dislike mostly.


Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell, and Liev Schreiber star in this WWII movie. In 1941 during WWII, the Jewish holocaust began. German Nazi troops killing Jewish people, day by day, minute by minute. As they are executed instantly, as some are taken to concentration camps. That is when they are executed later, by poison gas.

Three to four Jewish brothers escaped from their farm when their parents were shot by the Nazi’s. Took refuge in the forest and away from them. As they tried to survive, there were more Jewish people that lost homes and everything. By building a forest haven for them and everyone, they found weapons, killed Nazi troops, stole their weapons, and made a resistance.

For years, they tried to build their haven and away from the German armies. They had to face the four seasons, steal food and drinks, set up traps for the Nazi’s, and save Jewish people as much as possible.

There was one trick they did, I totally was surprised and inspired on. When they want to kill Germans from a train, they go to the railroad tracks, take out rocks from underneath the tracks, and plant a landline underneath. That way when a train runs over it, it will ignite the land mine and explode from underneath. That is when the train gets derails, and the killing on the Nazi’s begin.

This is a 9 1/2 out a 10 star movie. Totally great, and way, way much better than “Schindler’s List”.

The Deer Hunter

This movie here won five Academy Awards. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound, Best Film Editing and Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Walken. Robert Di Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage and Meryl Streep star in this Vietnam War, drama classic in the 1970’s.

Three friends as steelworkers and deer hunters in Pennsylvania, face not only guns in games, or hunting games, but the horrors in Vietnam when they were plunged in the Vietnam War. After a big happy wedding celebration and a farewell, they were very happy. But in the war, terrible. After returning home, they say it’s hell out there.

One was lucky he made it out, as his married friend lost his legs after the war, when his third friend joined a gamble club. He went AWOL as he had a mental breakdown when he lost parts of his memory. The one who lost his legs wanted to change when his friend kept sending him money, so he can have a new life. The one who joined the gamble club.

During the war and after, there was a murder suicide game called ‘Russian roulette’. In which it’s frightening and terrible. Vietnamese and Chinese people bet on who could win when one survives. Then see how sad and horrifying guys do when they put a bullet to the head. With a revolver with one bullet, the referee spins it as it has 6 chambers. 5 empty, one that contains the bullet. With one click, you’re alive. With a bang, you’re dead. That’s the game. Potentially, very dangerous. Christopher Walken as the third friend who went AWOL and had a mental breakdown, had no choice but to put a bullet to HIS head. And he did. His head was leaking with blood, like if a pipe burst a hole in it.

Since the funeral, the epilogue and after the war, they did no more deer hunting since then. I like to think if they would’ve used those hunting rifles and guns, while plunging into the Vietnam War. But for what happened in Vietnam, was like totally a shit storm.

Like Bear Grylls in “Man VS Wild”, killing deer in the Arctic, hunters like these three had their rifles as they faced horror in war, for enemies can give worse games to play.

I rate this classic, 9/10 stars. Totally good! Some scary parts can show in the Vietnam War sequence, so I recommend this for adults only. 21 years of age and over.

100th anniversary of WWI (2015)

It’s still the 100th anniversary for what went from 1914-1918 as we celebrate that from 2014 to 2018. Celebrations happened, for what was showed on TV and the Internet. From the first zeppelin raid to the battle of Ypres, and battles somewhere in Belgium and France, it went from all this to the sinking of the Lusitania. From America to Britain, the Lusitania was a passenger ship when it got shot by a torpedo from a German U-boat. It was terrible for the United States as it lead the president getting involved in WW1.

Some Americans helped the French win in wars, even in aviation. When they leave America to France secretly. By May 23rd, 1915, Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary. That was when Giovanni Caproni, a famous count started to build airplanes. Most of them were bombers that bombed cities as some never returned. By that after the war, he build airplanes that can carry passengers. Some he tested that were good, as others, not so good. To those that have failed as filmmakers film this, he would rip the film out of the cameras and throw them in the water. That was all thanks to “The Wind Rises”.

From Bulgaria, to Warsaw, Serbia and South Africa to battles beneath and above Hill 60, 100th anniversaries happened to those and famous battles as we go onwards to the end, we shall never forget this Great War.

Hamtaro Cartoon Network commercial

Since I have mentioned to you fans I my previous post, this is the video they actually did on Cartoon Network. Their actual commercial for “Hamtaro” before that got cancelled. You want to watch it? Just sit back, enjoy the video!!

Hamtaro on Cartoon Network

This is a photo from one of those Cartoon Network commercials. On that hit anime TV show, “Hamtaro”, this is right here, is a surprise.

Before we get to the commercial, this was glory back in the days when everyone loved this hit anime TV show. Before everything changed differently. Although we miss these glory times, but like how Teletoon Retro was, we definitely need an anime TV retro channel.

Behind Enemy Lines

Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman were in this 2001 thriller action movie, about what would I be like to be behind enemy lines. In a final conflict between Russia and the US before their fighting ended, two Navy pilots together crash landed in Bosnia by Soviets. Using long range, heat seeking missiles, their fighter jet broke apart as they crashed landed. With the first pilot injured, got shot by a commander’s sniper elite, the second was alive and was on the run.

Avoiding enemy fire, under dead bodies, and away from Bosnian-Soviet troops, he was able to disguise himself as a Soviet troop. He had to get to a extraction point, so troops can rescue him.

The Navy admirals think he is dead, but he was alive. He was able to reconnect a tracking beacon as they rescued him. A firefight was in the end as they saved him. After it was all over, the pilot stayed in the Navy as the admiral played by Gene Hackman lost the privilege on commanding troops in the Navy. 

For as far as I recommend, 8/10 stars on this. 

Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd

Charles Laughton was at it again on being Captain Kidd. Only being serious and hilarious as he dealt with Abbott and Costello in a colorized movie. As it was hilarious in this, it was about those two running into him as they accidentally swapped a love letter for a treasure map.

A couple of times they did it, as he hated it. It makes him frustrated and furious. Other pirates who do anything wrong to him, get punched in the eye, cut on the hand, as he can knock out a guys teeth in a whole mouth!!!

Lou gets frightened of him as Bud wanted to help out. As they were cast at sea, out on a treasure hunt, they took on mutiny on Kidd as Lou was the new captain. Kidd was hanging upside down, punished as he was almost close to the water.

8/10 stars were in this. But to leave for what I hate, leave out the singing and dancing in that musical.

House of Wax (original)

From Vincent Price in his horror movies that can happen on Halloween, this can happen to be a mystery as it can be total murder. It was once in 3D as it was later in 2D.

Charles Bronson was in this, in his early career, as he was later famous in his movies later on before his died.

An wax artist almost killed in a fire as he lost his masterpieces in that. He had his face burned and melted by the wax, lost half of his hair and hands burned. He made a new wax museum by murdering the man who destroyed his museum and victims to have their bodies in wax, and become new figures.

This was totally 9/10 stars I rate as this went well.