Cardcaptors- No Nagging Anymore

From the band Froggy Mix, than that Crazy Frog band, there was this I totally remember. Long ago in the past for when Teletoon had the best anime TV shows. They had an album with this song, when they showed this on a commercial.

I remember watching that commercial, as I found this song finally. ‘Cardcaptors’ was WAY popular back then when anime was popular. Everyone loved that in those years, when there was this, ‘Beyblade’, ‘Battle B-Daman’, ‘Digimon’ and the rest were popular. Anime was the best.

This was in the DVD of ‘Cardcaptors: The Movie’ when that was released. It showed how the best times were on that anime TV show. From Season 1. Before Season 2 came with it’s new adventures on the star cards, Spinner Sun, Ruby Moon, and the rest.

This is one of my best songs I’ve ever listened to. 10/10 stars on this song.


Way much better than “The Tale of Despereaux” about nice wanting to become gentlemen, related to cartoon TV show “Country Mouse and City Mouse”, and “Stuart Little”, there was this that talked about mice in medieval times.

Out of all the authors there is in this world, there was Brian Jacques before his death in 2011. For what he created, was more thrilling than any story could be. This was Redwall.

A children’s fantasy novel series in the 1980’s as there have been 22 novels. But for what showed in those stories, was to show animals can be when they are warriors.

In 1999 by Nelvana, to like 2003, they made an animated TV series of it. Brian agreed to that years ago. Like the entire 13 episode story of “Silverwing”, they made three seasons. 39 episodes. Which meant in each season, 13 episodes showed the entire story. And those three seasons were based on three of the Redwall novels. ‘Redwall’, ‘Mattimeo’ and ‘Martin the Warrior’. They made a TV movie on the first season as it went along good.

Matthias was the name of a mouse, wearing monk clothing as he lived in a castle called Redwall Abbey. Like Downtown Abbey. As a young mouse, he lived in a village up north where his family was poor. Everyone were poor when they were attacked by rats. Each villager fled, as he and his sister were the only ones to leave. Their parents were all alone, as they were abandoned.

By traveling to the countryside, they didn’t stop until they got to Redwall. After his sister died, he lived there ever since. He did found love and knew the knight, Martin the Warrior. Secrets were untold about him as the rats came. The same ones that happened to Matthias years ago. Their leader was like a pirate as they were sinister.

And through the fire and the flames, illusions show how he as a boy who would become a knight. After retrieving things that were theirs that belonged to Redwall, helping out a gypsy and his wife, a circus, families and more, there was one more thing that was very difficult. The sword. The sword of Martin the Warrior as it had writing on it. ‘I am that is’. But when you mix it up, it’s ‘I, Matthias’.

A gigantic poisonous snake had it deep in the caves below the ground as he was enormous. In retaliation, he cut off his head. When he returned, after finding his sheild in a tomb, his sword holder in birds nest and his sword away from that, the last thing they found, was Martin’s armour. Body and helmet.

In a final conflict, he defeated them all including their leader with the help of friends and allies. And rats were to never again return.

And since then, new things have changed in which were no good. The second season, based on second book wasn’t so good as it can be uncomfortable. But I’m glad it had a happy ending after that. The third season showed how Martin the Warrior began, from a young mouse when he was attacked by vikings and pirates. In retaliation, he and a band of resistance fighters fought back and was a knight when he was known as Martin the Warrior. He died later since then.

Three of the novels into a TV series from the books by that author. I remember watching that on Teletoon back then when they showed this on TV at night. Rainy days too as they did the movie. I dislike the parts where Matthias goes nuts as how they ring that church bell loud. It was disturbing, but when he used the sword to cut the bell off, it landed on that rat leader as he died when the bell was destroyed. Good riddance for that. It was a while back, long ago when this did.
Like “Silverwing”, no merchandise. Just DVD’s on episodes, as they made the entire TV series to be complete. It was around the time when “Cardcaptors”, “Medabots”, and other TV shows are to be on DVD since they were shown on TV. I just want those glory days to return as I can show those kids all this than the future stuff there is today. Maybe or maybe not, but I’ll see.

In fact, they should make more DVDs on those. And as the author wrote in that book, that if you ever find Redwall Abbey, the roses will bloom early in the season.

Top 10 hits on baseball

In many movies and popular culture on everything there is on baseball, I rate these top picks for what they show on baseball. In movies, cartoons, radio broadcasts and much of those.

1. Abbott and Costello to the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine. In one of their movies, ‘The Naughty Nineties’, their TV show and radio broadcast, the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine has been the funniest part in baseball history. To tell ‘who’s on first, what’s on second and we don’t knows on third’. Jerry Seinfeld loved that as he was in a documentary once. They showed something like that at the Smithsonian. The transcript. And its still can be funny these days.

2. “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” movie. Like the classic baseball song, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly were in a hit movie like this as they were the St. Louis Wolves. The same team they showed in ‘The Naughty Nineties’ as Bud and Lou do the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine. Pretty good team, and really good classic movie.

3. Bugs Bunny on “Baseball Bugs”. A popular Bugs Bunny cartoon that when a team called the Gas House Gorillas faced the St. Louis Wolves, New York Yankees and more, Bugs Bunny was the only one to face them in the championship finals. ‘Screwball Bugs’ they called him as he was mentioned in ‘His Hare Raising Tale’. Even in flashbacks.

4. “Everyone’s Hero”. An animated movie showed how a boy named Yankee Irving, named after the New York Yankees, went on a quest with a talking baseball to save Babe Ruth’s lucky bat from the boss of the Chicago Cubs. And it talks too, the bat does. With the voice talent of Robin Williams and more, this was dedicated to the living memory of Christopher Reeve. The original Superman. He loved baseball since before he was old. As Clark Kent, he would hit the ball by the bat so hard, the baseball would go flying off into space!!!

5. “The Sandlot”. A childhood memory movie, after when a kid moved in and joined a baseball gang, they became friends as they try to get a ball back, signed by Babe Ruth. From the yard of a crazy dog. It had a brilliant ending after that. In this were Denis Leary, Arliss Howard and James Earl Jones as the yard man who was kind to those boys.

6. “The Babe”. John Goodman was Babe Ruth. As it told the whole story of Babe Ruth’s life as he faced baseball to be the greatest player, the Yankees ever had. So good, he could hit the ball almost far as Clark Kent would do, when he’s Superman.

7. “The Benchwarmers”. A hilarious comedy movie on how three guys faced bullies and teams, when they joined a baseball team to beat those guys. With Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder, they did really great, and were really funny!! From that to training on hot potatoes, they are hilarious!!!

8. Jimmy Neutron on ‘Retroville 9’. One of those Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius cartoon episodes as he made his baseball team popular, by making adjustments to baseball equipment. And you should’ve seen the way Hugh was getting hit by those balls.

9. ‘Little Bear’ on a baseball episode. Learning the ways of that, and playing the game, they learn to play that game as they did well. With Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Owl, Hen and Cat did played well. As long as one doesn’t hit and smash a window and get boyhood daze.

10. “Homer at bat”. A Simpsons cartoon that showed how Mr. Burns baseball team faced playing the game. He had half of the team with his workers, and popular baseball that joined him. However, things went awkward after that but went well. One got arrested, another got radiation poisoning, as a player drinking nerve tonic had a overdose and got gigantism, as one player was hypnotized thinking if he’s a chicken, when one was beaten by Barney, as Homer was knocked out cold, as one shaved all of his hair, another busy on saving woman’s stuff from a house fire, and one more finally, got spirited away as he vanished off of the face of the Earth. Like Hayao Miyazaki’s movie, “Spirited Away”.

So if you’re playing the game, running to bases and home, always have the cute cheerleaders cheering for ya, and don’t let a Gas House Gorilla be the umpire.

Anime cheerleaders (singing): “…first, second, third base. And finally…he’s…safe!!!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “You’re out!”

Anime cheerleaders: “Huh? What?”

Bugs Bunny: “Where do you get that malarkey? I’m safe”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “I said you’re out!”

Bugs Bunny: “I’m safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “You’re out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe! Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “I say you’re safe! If you don’t like it, you can go to the showers!”

Bugs Bunny: “Okay then doc, have it you’re way. I’m safe”

Yep. Baseball can have comedy parts. All except ones I hate and dislike mostly.

Smallville and Tom Welling, the mid-adult who became Superman

This was on YTV for the first three seasons, late at night for a few years until now. 

Tom Welling, the actor who played Charlie Baker in “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” was not only famous for those, but the origin TV show story of Superman. 

Since YTV once interviewed the cast of “Cheaper by the Dozen” long ago, they did the TV show of that origin story. I remember a movie being made on that TV series on the pilot episode to see when it began. It used to be on VHS at my local video store in Gatineau until now. And it used to be on YTV, late at night after watching anime shows like “Dragonball” and “Inuyasha”. “Mystery Hunters” along with those, before that. Those were the good times of YTV until now. 

“Every story as a beginning” was that quote on that photo. Tom Welling in a crop field, hanging like Jesus as he had a red ‘S’ painted on him. He was Clark Kent!! a.k.a- Superman!! My friends, this was “Smallville”, the TV show. Best one there is on YTV long ago, for the first three seasons. 

With three of his trusted best friends, including Lex Luthor, they were teenagers in Smallville. After something like that, riding in a car, crashing into the water after falling off of the highway, and a bus crashing into Clark, with Clark stopping it, he contained superpowers. And YTV said that this was the origin story of those good days when Clark Kent had those powers. And they say one day, he will be Superman. 

The first three seasons were popular on YTV, late at night when it had to change and leave the channel. They were making more adventures on that. From 2001 to 2011, 10 years they made that series to be complete. By May 13th, 2011 was the series finale. It was shown on the Space Channel as it did. And that was age on Clark Kent to become Superman. And he did became Superman. 

The way I looked at all that, I think the first three seasons were the best ones before the rest did. The rest weren’t so good, but the finale was okay. I just love how the first three seasons were, as the best ones on YTV in those glory days before YTV became bullshit today. 

Tom Welling was the best actor who played Clark Kent, to become Superman since Christopher Reeve did. 10 long years to do this until now. The best part of that TV show, was the theme song. “Save Me” by Remy Zero. Even back in the glory days on YTV when this did. 

Yep. Tom Welling was the best Superman he was; even on YTV long ago. 


Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell, and Liev Schreiber star in this WWII movie. In 1941 during WWII, the Jewish holocaust began. German Nazi troops killing Jewish people, day by day, minute by minute. As they are executed instantly, as some are taken to concentration camps. That is when they are executed later, by poison gas.

Three to four Jewish brothers escaped from their farm when their parents were shot by the Nazi’s. Took refuge in the forest and away from them. As they tried to survive, there were more Jewish people that lost homes and everything. By building a forest haven for them and everyone, they found weapons, killed Nazi troops, stole their weapons, and made a resistance.

For years, they tried to build their haven and away from the German armies. They had to face the four seasons, steal food and drinks, set up traps for the Nazi’s, and save Jewish people as much as possible.

There was one trick they did, I totally was surprised and inspired on. When they want to kill Germans from a train, they go to the railroad tracks, take out rocks from underneath the tracks, and plant a landline underneath. That way when a train runs over it, it will ignite the land mine and explode from underneath. That is when the train gets derails, and the killing on the Nazi’s begin.

This is a 9 1/2 out a 10 star movie. Totally great, and way, way much better than “Schindler’s List”.

The Deer Hunter

This movie here won five Academy Awards. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound, Best Film Editing and Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Walken. Robert Di Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage and Meryl Streep star in this Vietnam War, drama classic in the 1970’s.

Three friends as steelworkers and deer hunters in Pennsylvania, face not only guns in games, or hunting games, but the horrors in Vietnam when they were plunged in the Vietnam War. After a big happy wedding celebration and a farewell, they were very happy. But in the war, terrible. After returning home, they say it’s hell out there.

One was lucky he made it out, as his married friend lost his legs after the war, when his third friend joined a gamble club. He went AWOL as he had a mental breakdown when he lost parts of his memory. The one who lost his legs wanted to change when his friend kept sending him money, so he can have a new life. The one who joined the gamble club.

During the war and after, there was a murder suicide game called ‘Russian roulette’. In which it’s frightening and terrible. Vietnamese and Chinese people bet on who could win when one survives. Then see how sad and horrifying guys do when they put a bullet to the head. With a revolver with one bullet, the referee spins it as it has 6 chambers. 5 empty, one that contains the bullet. With one click, you’re alive. With a bang, you’re dead. That’s the game. Potentially, very dangerous. Christopher Walken as the third friend who went AWOL and had a mental breakdown, had no choice but to put a bullet to HIS head. And he did. His head was leaking with blood, like if a pipe burst a hole in it.

Since the funeral, the epilogue and after the war, they did no more deer hunting since then. I like to think if they would’ve used those hunting rifles and guns, while plunging into the Vietnam War. But for what happened in Vietnam, was like totally a shit storm.

Like Bear Grylls in “Man VS Wild”, killing deer in the Arctic, hunters like these three had their rifles as they faced horror in war, for enemies can give worse games to play.

I rate this classic, 9/10 stars. Totally good! Some scary parts can show in the Vietnam War sequence, so I recommend this for adults only. 21 years of age and over.

100th anniversary of WW1 (2015)

It’s still the 100th anniversary for what went from 1914-1918 as we celebrate that from 2014 to 2018. Celebrations happened, for what was showed on TV and the Internet. From the first zeppelin raid to the battle of Ypres, and battles somewhere in Belgium and France, it went from all this to the sinking of the Lusitania. From America to Britain, the Lusitania was a passenger ship when it got shot by a torpedo from a German U-boat. It was terrible for the United States as it lead the president getting involved in WW1.

Some Americans helped the French win in wars, even in aviation. When they leave America to France secretly. By May 23rd, 1915, Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary. That was when Giovanni Caproni, a famous count started to build airplanes. Most of them were bombers that bombed cities as some never returned. By that after the war, he build airplanes that can carry passengers. Some he tested that were good, as others, not so good. To those that have failed as filmmakers film this, he would rip the film out of the cameras and throw them in the water. That was all thanks to “The Wind Rises”.

From Bulgaria, to Warsaw, Serbia and South Africa to battles beneath and above Hill 60, 100th anniversaries happened to those and famous battles as we go onwards to the end, we shall never forget this Great War.

Hamtaro Cartoon Network commercial

Since I have mentioned to you fans I my previous post, this is the video they actually did on Cartoon Network. Their actual commercial for “Hamtaro” before that got cancelled. You want to watch it? Just sit back, enjoy the beat and cue the music!!

Hamtaro on Cartoon Network

Way better than “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, “Space Jam” and “Loomey Tunes: Back in Action”, this photo here shows the days when Cartoon Network back then had ‘Hamtaro’, that anime TV show just before it got cancelled.

In a commercial tribute to that, kids at a right age went into a white van into the city along with the hamsters, as they did it to themselves and Cartoon Network. By dancing to the ending theme song of that into downtown as everyone who watched it, loved it.

Yep, Cartoon Network had the best. Even movies and specials. All that on anime and everything else.

But now these days, fans really miss them. As they don’t like the future of TV there is, including me. Cartoons, reality shows, and series. We don’t love them at all, but the people today in our future like it that way. What can we say?

I sound like Danny DeVito from “The Lorax” when I said that. But when you look at that commercial, cue the music!!

Harry Potter or Hairy Ball-sac?

Since the “Harry Potter” series that went on for 10 whole years was no good, and everyone hated it, a little joke I made popped into my head. And it wasn’t from that foster family I hated in that.

When Matt Groening did a wimpy character version of that in two of his episodes of “The Simpsons”, that was when it came up to me. It would think of what would it like, if he had a hairy ballsac. His pubes. And he’d be the largest cocksucker on Earth. The hair of that would be like 33cm. Not the size of a kangaroo born in the pouch of a mother kangaroo, 3cm. But almost the size of a pair of sisscors.

It can be a good joke, but not too much. The movie series did went awkward as people got nightmares watching that stuff. Didn’t liked the creatures, a Missy prissy was a total unitard. Some characters were unitards in this, just before Snape died of snake poison venom from a cobra.

But I can imagine something like this, if Potter was wimpy….

Mrs. Edna: “Okay class. Now that we have other characters from other cartoons, let me hear your names. Lisa?”

Lisa: “Here”

Mrs. Edna: “Bart?”

Bart: “Yo!”

Mrs. Edna: “Milhouse?”

Milhouse: “Here”

Mrs. Edna: “Nelson?”

Nelson: “Yeah”

Mrs. Edna: “Horace?”

Horace: “Prest here!”

Mrs. Edna: “Kid? Kid Paddle?”

Horace (as Kid Paddle): “Prest here!”

Mrs. Edna: “Big Bang?”

Horace (as Big Bang): “Prest here!”

(Kid Paddle and Big Bang laugh at their joke)

Mrs. Edna: “Okay… Julie?”

Julie: “Here”

Mrs. Edna: “Dan?”

Dan: “Here”

Mrs. Edna: “Wes?”

Wes: “Yeah?”

Mrs. Edna: “Bubbles?”

Bubbles: “Here”

Mrs. Edna: “Blossom?”

Blossom: “Present”

Mrs. Edna: “Buttercup?”

Buttercup: “Yep”

Mrs. Edna: “Lloyd and Floyd?”

Lloyd and Floyd: “Huh?”

Mrs. Edna: “Mitch?”

Mitch: “Hey Edna! I’m already here!”

(Buttercup smiles and giggles)

Mrs. Edna: “Well then… Harry Potter, are you chewing gum?”

(Glass shatters)

Harry Potter: “No madam. It’s brimstone” (breathes fire)

Kids: “You wish faggot face!”

(Push him hard)

(Kids start laughing hard at him as Mitch and Buttercup laugh at the most. Blossom and Bubbles are stunned in silence as they do not like it)

Mrs. Edna: “Alright knock it off! We are here to do learning. Not-”

(Cell Phone rings)

Mrs. Edna: “Excuse me” (picks up her phone) “Hello? Ah! Matt Damon!! Excuse me class” (leaves the classroom happily)

(Everyone looks at Harry, except Bubbles and Blossom)

Harry Potter: “What are you looking at me for?”

Mitch: (picks up a Popsicle glued stick figure) “Hey! My names Harry Potter! And I have a hairy ball-sac to suck on it all the time and everyone’s else’s, cause I’m stupid!!”

(Hits him hard on the head with it)

(Everyone laughs again, except for the two)

Harry Potter: “Well it’s puberty, I guess”

(A 3D glasses teenager pulls his pants and underwear down)

Harry Potter: “Oh!”

IMG_1296 IMG_1359
(Everyone in this room starts laughing out loud at him as they point at him and his pubes)


Cartoon teenager 1: “Look how hairy his balls are!”


Cartoon teenager 2: “They are like 33cm long!”


Cartoon teenager 3: “I bet he’s like Bigfoot!”


Cartoon teenager 4: “Do you think he’s got a hairy situation?”


Jocky teenager: “What a retard!! He wants to be cheeky, but he’s lame!! From now on, he’s called Hairy Ball-sac!! The largest cocksucker on Earth!!! Who can suck his testicles and suck yours!!!”

IMG_1285 IMG_1286

Lloyd and Floyd: (pointing at him) “You suck hairy balls!! What a freak!!” (They trade high-fives)


(Blossom and Bubbles take no part, but Buttercup laughs as she enjoys the whole thing)


Dan: “You’re gross!”


Julie: “Yeah! You’re total moron!”


Wes: “Ha ha! What a sick habit man!”

Lloyd: “Shitty eater!”

Floyd: “Puss bucket!”

Mitch: “Total jackass!”

Harry Potter: “Okay…I think I may have to-”

(Gets tripped by a student and falls flat face on the floor, smashing his glasses and hitting his eyes)


Everyone, except two: “Look at you now, freak!!”


Harry Potter: “Do I look like a freak now?”


(Shows his bloody eyes as Blossom and Bubbles gasp, when Mrs. Edna comes in. As she comes in, Harry collapses again, bleeding in pain, sobbing)

Student: “Uh oh”


Mrs. Edna: “You call yourself students?! Giving him bloodshots?! Now apologize to whoever did this!!”


Jocky teenager, smiling and lying: “We were only doing work, when he just tripped”

Buttercup: “Yeah. We were doing work when he just-!”

Mrs. Edna: “Apologize to him class! That means you too young lady!”

Buttercup: “I was minding when-”

Mrs. Edna: “Now!”

Buttercup: “Harry…we are…oh…we didn’t mean to… aw, you should’ve told Matt Groening you’re nothing but shit!!”

(Bruce Greenwood whistles for interruption)

Bruce Greenwood: “Outside, all of you! Now!!”

Mitch: “Thank God for this!”

(Everyone leaves for outside)

Bruce Greenwood: “You’re alright son?”

Harry Potter (wheezing): “No” (collapses on the floor again)

(A little while later, at a hospital….)

Bruce Greenwood: “You were lucky you didn’t go blind. With those blood shots after that accident”

Harry Potter (with his eyes bandaged): “Right. Will I see again?”

Doctor: “Oh you will. You’re just better now. Might wanna take it easy on yourself. While you were resting your eyes, your pubes were long so I waxed them off. That way those kids won’t call you a hairy ball sac or something”

Harry Potter (with his bandaged eyes): “Thanks”

It would be terrible if he tripped, like Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything”. But more like if he fell flat face on the floor, smashing his glasses and hurting his eyes. Almost like Ray Charles, but more if his eyes were bloody. And since Harry Potter was played by Daniel Radcliffe, it was absurd when he was in the movie ‘Horns’ when he grew horns. Almost like goat man in Greek mythology, it would be different if he drank bull DNA by accident at the hospital. That when he returns to school, he’d be a big black bull. And bulls got balls the way you look at them.

(Harry sits under a tree, reading)

Harry Potter: “Yep. Good to be back. But I just don’t feel so good…”

Mitch: “Get up you”

Harry Potter: “Huh? I was just-”

Mitch: “Shut up and sic balls!!”

(Floyd and Lloyd laughing, along with Buttercup laughing while watching this)


Buttercup: “When will he ever learn?”


Lisa: “Don’t make me tell Mrs. K. about this!”


Buttercup: “What? I didn’t do nothing! Why am I the one to blame?”

(Back at the four boys, Harry starts to change)


Harry Potter: “I don’t feel good…”

Mitch: “Yeah. You look like you’re gonna throw up. Maybe you should-” (pushes him) “-suck more of your testicles!”

(The boys laugh as he left some vomit on Mitch’s arms)


Mitch: “Huh?! What the hell is this?!!”

(Harry moaning as he grows horns)

Mitch: “What is this?! Your snot?! You’re gross and you know-”


Lloyd and Floyd: “Uh dude? Dude?”

(Harry transforming)

Boy 1: “Uh hey bro?”

Boy 2: “Okay! What is it?”

Boy 1: “B-Black bull!”

Boy 2: “First hiccups, now Black Betty”

Boy 1: “No!! Not Black Betty!! Black bull!!”


(Harry roars as he becomes a black bull)


(He snorts as he looks at everyone)

Mitch, Lloyd and Floyd: “Oh crap”


(Snorts again, as he begins to charge)

IMG_1329IMG_1377IMG_1378IMG_1330IMG_1331 IMG_1332 IMG_1369

(Crashing noises go everywhere as Harry pushes them hard as they go flying. Matt Groening dies when he gets rampaged)

Buttercup: “Hey! (takes off)

Harry as a bull: “Hmm?”

Buttercup: “Pick on someone your own size freak!!”

(Harry as a black bull pushes her hard as she crashed into some cement)

Buttercup: “Hey!! You gotta help me stop his madness!!”

Blossom: “No way!! You and those bullies deserve for what you were picking on Harry!!”


(Mrs. Edna cries as Harry prepares to charge)


Buttercup: “Well, is she a bully?!”

Blossom, Bubbles: “Mrs. Edna!!”

(Harry as a bull charges pass her, right at the school)

IMG_1370 IMG_1368

Kids: “Whoa…(building explodes) No school!!”

IMG_1341 IMG_1342

Blossom, Bubbles: “He’s gone crazy!” (They take off)


Buttercup: “About time!”


(The two girls fly at them, as Harry hits a cement truck right at Mrs. K, Bubbles and Blossom. The two girls slam their brakes and back pedals as hard as they can, but the cement slams right at them. All three girls and a teacher get stuck. Harry as a black bull laughs as he runs away, snorting)

Blossom: “None of this woulda happened if you’d apologized in the first place!”