“9”- a movie

In a far off country, in a small town, a chancellor had given a machine that builds war machines of peace. When his armies and machines used them in war, they know war is peace, and freedom is freedom!! But when the machines turned against them, a big war between them as there was chaos. They’ve both attacked each other with fire and metal. But when the gas killed everything, and the machines were gone, lost forever, the war ended and the world became silent.

Only a old scientist gave his nine creations the spark of life. 9 living mechanical rag dolls. Each doll had a number on their back that shows their name. But when a mechanical beast was going on like nuts, they know they have to survive. But when the machine that builds war machines that awoke, they know about those creations. So that was why after a world ended, their mission began.

While sightseeing and stuff, they did listen to Judy Garland’s song, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz”. I think this movie only took place in a country, during 1934. But what I found out that played those dolls, were this. Elijah Wood as “9”, John C. Reilly as “5”, Crispin Glover as “6”, Martin Landau as “2”, Christopher Plummer as “1”, Jennifer Connolly as “7”, and Fred Tatasciore as “8”. “3” and 4″ do not speak. But they are twins. So this is one movie I will never forget at all.

In the end, “2”, “8”, “5”, “6”, and “1” as ghosts that they are free, after being sucked from the machine that is now destroyed, they go to heaven as it starts to rain flecks of growing bacteria, bringing back life to this world. “9”, “7”, “3” and “4” watch as this was all over.

“7”: “What happens next?”

“9”: “I’m not sure.. exactly. But this world is ours now. It’s what we make of it”.

U2- Sunday, Bloody Sunday

This band, is the greatest band they ever are when they do rock n roll. This is one of their greatest songs. Me and my dad love this band ever since I was in Grade 12 in school. I even hear this song on the way to school and back in Autumn 2012. There was a movie about this, based on the title. About Irish soldiers marching to war.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 and 2

You know you wish to believe it was raining food? Whatever happened to the saying, “Raining cats and dogs”? Or that song from Ice Age, “Food glorious food”?

Well you will not believe in this movie, and a upcoming sequel!! As a inventor, he accidentally launched a rocket that was hovering in the sky. And this machine started raining food!! Everyone loved that way instead of eating sardines. But when the machine got worse, the food gotten bigger. And that was why in this sequel coming soon, they found that the food are animals. and everything made of food, has turned into an island. What if this was like the “Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne?

The Omega Man (1971)

Based on the book, “I am Legend”, before the 2007 movie with Will Smith, there was this with Charlton Heston. For he portrayed U.S. Army virologist Col. Robert Neville.

In 1975, China and Russia in the very beginning during their war against each other caused worldwide germ warfare. By beginning to kill most of the world population, some became albino mutants.

In 1977, Neville with a black woman, a cowboy dude, and some kids are the only survivors left in Los Angeles. At daytime, they hunt and search for food. At night, they hide because of the albino mutants. They are like vampires as their weakness is light.

One of them (Anthony Zerbe) is their leader, as they wouldn’t stop until every immune human are dead and infected.

Only Robert Neville’s immune blood was the cure to all problems, and stopping the virus.

There was indeed a big conflict, but for a success, 7/10 stars is what I give for this. My speech therapist Sheila Bell, wife to Dr. John Bell may find this scary too much, but we do not, repeat not want to face something like so.


Starring Jessie Eisenberg, and Woody Harrelson, this was their first movie together, before they met again in “Now You See Me”. In a future when a virus struck, everyone were zombies, while the rest are turned to meat. And why there was one alive? Because of his list of rules. He just needs to be safety. Then he met another guy, who loves killing zombies, as this was his business, but the thing he wanted the most was a Twinkie.

Also, when they were in Hollywood, California, every actor was dead except one who starred as himself in this movie. Bill Murray!! No one had ever seen him since “Meatballs”, “Space Jam”, “Osmosis Jones”, and so much more!!!

This in a war against zombies, could remind me of the two movies. Charlton Heston in “The Omega Man”, and Will Smith in “I Am Legend”.

V for Vendetta

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

Based on a comic book, that takes place in London, England on a bad future, a masked viligante takes on heroic stunts and schemes as he never takes off his mask. Natalie Portman as Evey met this character. He goes on a wild goose chase, as he wants to bring peace to London.

And every night, on one day of the year, whenever its November 5th, he says his most famous words, as he plays a 18th century song overture. He only hides in a secret lair where no one finds him.

So “May the 4th be with you“, is one thing, but there is always “Remember, remember, the 5th of November…“. And there, up on a house roof in London, he plays that song.

I Am Legend (2007)

Since “The Omega Man” in 1971, 36 years passed by until came the third adaption of Richard Matheson’s famous novel, made into a film. This time, with Will Smith as U.S. Army virologist Lt. Col. Robert Neville. Instead of living in Los Angeles, they had this set on the isle of Manhattan. Once called ‘the city that never sleeps’.

Set in late 2009, Dr. Alice Krippin (portrayed by British actress Emma Thompson), was very guilty and responsible for a genetically re-engineered measles virus, originally created to be a cure for cancer, became lethal. She was killed by the infected during the outbreak. By killing 90% of the worlds population, as it turns 9.8% into vampiric cannibalistic mutants. Much different as they run really, really fast. Like for what you see in “World War Z”.

When the outbreak occurred, there was the chaotic evacuation of Manhattan, New York, USA in December of 2009. As the U.S. President had ordered a quarantine alert. Every human had fled, with the help of the military personnel, to those that are immune to the virus. The ones who are infected had to stay behind and be terminated before the infection could get worse.

U.S. Army virologist Lt. Col. Robert Neville had to stay behind, to deal with the military personnel. His wife and daughter had nearly fled. But we’re killed in a helicopter accident when another helicopter had too much passengers, as it went spinning out of control, before crashing into the one where his wife and daughter were on.

Thus, 3 years passed by. During those three long years, most of the military had took on the mutants, but the battles became outrageous, as more mutants kept on coming. By facing the ones that are carnivorous, and are very vulnerable to sunlight, they also infected rodents and canines. Both the infected and are immune (mostly the military) have slowly perished in their big bad battles against each other. But only Robert Neville himself was left alive.

All alone in Manhattan, NY, he was the last man on Earth, but not alone. At daytime he does his research, exercise, hunt for food, harvest, enjoy himself on his own entertainment, as well as getting a few things before doing some radio calls. At night, he and his doggy companion barricade the whole house, because of the last colony vampiric mutants that come out at night.

For example, if you were to catch a large ass piggy from a barnyard, and have it chained a post in the ruins of NY before sundown, it’ll be there, it won’t escape, but it’ll be a tasty treat for those vampiric cannibalistic mutants. So at night, when you barricade yourself with maximum security, you can hear the mutants screaming as they can make a bloody mess after feasting themselves.

Neville was able to capture a female mutant from the alpha male, but did caused himself a mess that made him lose his mind. Cause after he did a trap for one of them, they did the same trap against him as they infected his doggy companion. They nearly killed him, but Neville found out that a few more humans are left alive.

Only his immune blood,🩸 was the cure to the whole virus infection, and the restoration to humanity. So during his massive house invasion by the mutants, on September 9th, 2012, at 8:52 pm, he gave his life to defend that cure. By scarfing himself with a grenade in his hand, ran against them, and BOOM! The last colony of those vampiric mutants were torched and burned alive.

“We are his legacy. This is his legend. Light up the darkness”.

The two humans who met Neville gave the last colony of immune humans gave the humans his immune blood, as it really became a restoration for humanity.

A ‘B+’ is what I give. There were two dislikes in this that I wasn’t so sure of. One is Robert Neville talking to those plastic dummies, the other was dealing with his loneliness without his doggy companion as he went outrageous.

However Charlton Heston would be proud of Will Smith for what he did after all.

Shark Tale

Like what you wanted to be, like a millionaire, is that what you wanted? But what if a lie, made you that and causes you fame and peril?

Starring Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Jack Back, Renee Zellweger, Angelina Jolie, and Martin Scorsese, this is how I like this movie! 🙂

After a fish named Oscar saw a shark got killed by an anchor, he tells the whole reef to say he killed it. That makes him a shark killer and every fish loves him. He even got a penthouse! But when he befriends a shark named Lenny, he knows he made a lie! So they have to be secret safe. But when the father of the sharks, who’s Lenny’s dad, was very upset with him, he’s gonna have to to the truth. I like this movie so much, Jack Black is hilarious, so is Will Smith, and the rest!!! Even jellyfish sang a song by Bob Marley, and how some fish spray painted sharks, and made one look like a clown in the end!!! 🙂


Have you seen people who drink lots if beer, even in Germany?

Well hold on to your stomachs and panties, it’s gonna be a wild ride, you would definitely wanna go to the bathroom!!!

After two brothers, lost their ashes of their grandpa, they take payback to those guys when they sign up for a drinking beer contest. As they had 3 more friends who came to join, they get ready and make plans for that contest. One of them even made the longest burp ever since Adam Sandler did that in “Eight Crazy Nights”!!

So they did won in the end, as the Germans as the bad guys got thrown with vegetables. They even trained will drinking beer, and made the messenger drink beer through his ears, mouth and nose!!! XD