Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: The Movie (1998)

Note: I saw this on tv channel YTV five times as I enjoyed this very much.

With John Goodman, Debbie Reynolds, Whoopi Goldberg, Eric Idle, Kathleen Barr, Myriam Sirois, Garry Chalk, Matt Hill, Paul Dobson, Terry Klassen, Alec Willows, Lee Tockar, Colin Murdock and David Kaye, such as popular actors and Canadian actors and actresses who have been in kids tv and japanese anime tv shows that I know, it’s an all star cast I gotta get on my Christmas movie collection!

After Rudolph is being left out because of his red nose, he goes on an adventure to save Christmas if the storm is going to stop. All thanks to a stormy ice wizard who has white wolves and a evil penguin. And with the help of a polar bear and a Arctic fox, they team up as they save the day, even if Rudolph is going to have her girlfriend back. And I think with this movie, I should keep this forever and show to my grandchildren! Along with “How the Toys saved Christmas”, “Veggie Tales: The Toy that Saved Christmas”, “Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys”, “Rudolphs Shiny New Year”, and maybe a few more that’s good for children that relate to me. I will never forget this one forever! This could be even be better! This should be 1# as the stop frame animation one should be 2# maybe!

So for a success, 10/10 stars.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

To one of the ‘National Lampoon’ movies all about vacation, Chevy Chase is Clark Griswold as he gives the Christmas spirit his way to his family, and more Griswold family members who came to his house in Chicago for a the holidays!

It’s weird on the opening which is a cartoon on the Santa guy which he gets into bad luck. Even when he made a lot of damage! The next time I see that cartoon character, I’ll bet he’ll get stuck in the chimney and never come out!

The funny scenes in this movie on how the Griswold’s got a tree without getting a saw, how the tree bursted open in their living room and how he’s all sticky because of the tree sap, how Clark did a lot of lights to put up and found out the whole house was full of lights all around, how he’s up in the attic because if the boards and how it’s not safe, how ice flew right across in the air and destroyed a music machine, how there is that good crazy cousin Eddie played by Randy Quaid, their dog Snots, the way Clark flew fast down in a sled and didn’t stop until he crashed at Wal-Mart, how Cousin Eddie is on mornings when he’s dumping crap from his RV, while drinking beer, smoking a cigar, and goes, “Merry Christmas! Shitter was full!”.

There is more funny scenes on that such as the grandma saying grace on the way she thanks America, the way her cat got electrocuted, how Uncle Lewis burned the whole tree down and how Clark replaced a new one, then Clark went nuts on his Christmas bonus, a squirrel in the new Christmas tree, the way his boss was kidnapped and covered with a big bow on his head, and finally, after dumping the waste and when Uncle Lewis lighted it up, it made the plastic Santa and reindeer fly off!

Holidays can be fun. As long as people get bonuses and don’t make a lot of waste. So for a holiday classic, 10/10 stars.

A Christmas Story

Like all Christmas stories, this talks about a lucky boy and a Christmas gift he was hoping to have. In the 1940’s of Indiana, USA, it was a lot different back then between this part of time and today. There have been kids who love to get what kind of toys they should get for Christmas. There was this boy who was a big cowboy fan to a character named ‘Red Ryder’, who wanted to get a Red Ryder Air Rifle. A BB gun for what they did back then and maybe a bit today.

Between his family, school and asking a crazy Santa, they keep telling him, “You’ll shoot you’re eye out!”.

There were classic and hilarious scenes in this movie, such as his mother placing his little brother in his snowsuit that’s pretty big and thick like a diving suit and cries out, “I can’t put my arms down!”, getting away from a yellow eyed, braced teeth, raccoon hat bully named Scott Farkus who makes these crazy looks on his face, roars, and does the ‘uncle’, the father who is a furnace fighter and challenges a big black smokey furnace, and how he is happy because he won a major award, and how the mother teaches the little brother on eating his food he dislikes by doing on how the piggies eat and sound like. These made me laugh out loud, it’s like teaching your grand kid!

Then there is more funny and classic scenes on when the father looks at the wooden crate, “Fra-Gee-Lay. That must be Italian!”, on it says ‘Fragile’, how the major award is a sexy leg lamp, that the father goes, “Oh you should see it, what it looks like from out here!”, the Bumpus hounds, the way the father called out to them after they stole turkey, the way the father told the kid, “Shut up Ralphie!” while watching a parade, the pink Bunny pyjamas an aunt gave to him which he looked like a pink nightmare, and how there is that bad Santa and elves that children should pull his beard to think that he’s a fake!

To that scene, he was funny when the kid wanted to ask for the toy gun, but his mind was blank. So before he got down the slide, he asked for it as the Santa did his jolly words and pushed him down the slide by using his foot!

This movie is a classic!

It’s a Wonderful Life

In a all time classic, even during Christmas, this movie has all the classic scenes! About a man who’s different, when he finds out the good spirit of himself as he wants to help out his family, his fathers business, the town, college, and maybe go on a trip to see the world.

James Stewart was the greatest actor he had ever been in this movie. His last one was “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West”. I watched that one when I was very little, and I watched at a friends house for the first time.

There are classic scenes such as getting a lasso and pulling the moon, a high school graduation party dance gets everyone to swim in a pool when it opens up, how the guy played by James Stewart goes in the streets calling out ‘Merry Christmas’ to everything when it’s snowing, and how a girl finds a bell on a tree that ‘every time a bell rings, and angel gets its wings’.

It was the most classic Christmas movie ever to be heard of!

Full Metal Jacket

From director Stanley Kubrick, this shows the true way of how the Vietnam War was. Almost like “Casualties of War”, but different. In the beginning, which was amusing was that a drill sergeant was making fun out of a fat recruit until this recruit went devious and killed the sergeant and himself with the same rifle they used in training.

When it got better, there were soldiers fighting for freedom in this war, as they had code names and initials on their helmets. Like “Born to Kill”. In this movie that almost looks like Alec Baldwin has a brother, is Alex Baldwin in which he was good along with other actors who were in this war. Ones who carry grenade launches, assault rifles, and M60 machine guns. The music was amazing as there was “Bird is the Word”, “Woolly Bully”, “Hello Vietnam”, “These Boots Are Made for Walking” and “Paint it Black”. Except for that last song that I really hate on. 

So I’d say 3 stars for this movie. 

A Clockwork Orange

In a distant far future, based on a book, and a movie directed by Stanley Kubrick, where buildings are different and there is a lot of puberty which people like it that way, one gangster goes his way until he gets brainwashed!!

With Malcolm McDowell as Alex, he is a gangster in white clothes, in a bowler hat, and a big eyelash in which when he got caught, he was sent by the police as he was brainwashed by making eyelids open wide, watch a movie, until he was different. I like how the way he is, his friends are, and how the music is like “Singin in the Rain”, Beethoven ‘Ode to Joy’, and ‘Lone Ranger’ theme.

“Oh? And what’s so stinking about it?”

That was one of his best quotes. Malcolm the actor maybe old, but he had to handle a big future!


From Up on Poppy Hill

With an all star cast, in one of Studio Ghibli’s final movies, this happened to be one of Goro Miyazaki’s first movies to be ever made. His father, Hayao Miyazaki helped him made this movie. This takes place in Japan in the 60’s, after WWII and the Korean War when the 1964 Summer Olympics was about to begin. The way I see this girl, she’s beautiful with those braids, and how she doesn’t have those braid’s when she’s in bed. She’s played by Sarah Bolger and she happened to be the big sister in the movie, “The Spiderwick Chronicles”. Then there is the voice talents of Anton Yelchin, Gillian Anderson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jeff Dunham and Ron Howard!!

This is before Hayao Miyazaki’s very final masterpiece coming up, “The Wind Rises”. After that, his retirement. In fact, Hayao Miyazaki did get some help when some of the Studio Ghibli animators did “The Secret World of Arrietty”. Hayao Miyazaki is retired, but we all still love him.

As I saw this movie, what was attracting was her, her sister and her mother. Although she lost her father in the Korean War, but she still loves raising those flags. Throughout the movie, she never did until the end. After her mom returned. As I give a good rate on this, 10/10 stars.