The Theory of Everything

10/10 stars, as this was a smash motion picture hit. British actor Eddie Redmayne won a Golden Globe and an Oscar award for being the Best Actor for playing as the most famous man in astronomy and cosmology. Stephen Hawking.

Based on a book somehow by his wife, Jane Wilde Hawking, but mostly true events, this was how Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde Hawking were together when they met in university in 1963.

Stephen and Jane first met at a bar, as they talked about everything in science. Even when Stephen had her over for dinner, as they danced at a ball. Even had love there, when they rode on the carousel and watched the fireworks.

The days have went by, as Stephen was acting a little strange these days, as he was losing his ability to walking and on his muscles. Even his fingers. Which was why when he fell, went to the hospital, the docs examined him as he’s got motor neuron disease. The doc told him he’s got two years to live. Which was terrible for him. He even had to tell this to Jane.

After they got married, and had three children, Stephen grew weaker these days as he wasn’t able to walk, never eat, drink slowly, have a wheelchair, another one motorized, as I felt like if he getting paralyzed. At a theater, when he grew ill, he lost his talking as he wasn’t able to talk again.

Technicians and helpers gave him a computer on him and his wheelchair. He became the man he is today. After writing a book about time in space, things have changed later on. He went on discovering what is the theory of everything as Jane Wilde Hawking broke up with him later. But she can see him again. That was before Stephen Hawking died on March 14th, 2018.

One part in the movie is that when his friend was helping him on his wheelchair, he placed him on the statue of Queen Victoria as he is sitting on her. Although he had a happy life, but he is a brilliant cosmologist on the universe, for what lies in space and in the stars.

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