Sahara (1943)

Related to “Fury”, on tanks in WWII and killing Germans in Africa, this was how Americans and the British had to face the Sahara desert during WWII. Humphrey Bogart was in this.

When massive casualties were happening, and a general retreat was called out, a 3 man tank crew in an odd looking tank were all what’s left after some have died in battle. There were survivors they picked up along the way. A medic and four infantry men. Five British, one French.

Then came an African soldier, keeping an Italian PoW as they joined them along the way. When a German Nazi pilot came in the skies, he attacked as they shot him down.

He was killed later, along with the Italian prisoner as they made it to camp. They needed water at a well there, as there were 500 Nazi infantry men coming who are in need of water.

With only 9 men, they took on the Nazi’s as they got killed, one by one. One of them had to go get help, while the rest hold them off. With of need on water, a well was filled up as dehydrated Germans were drinking all the water they needed from the well. That was a miracle when they found out. After taking on battles with their tank, weapons and ammo, they captured some Germans as British soldiers came to the rescue.

With men on reinforcements, working together to survive in the Sahara desert, three survived including Bogart and two trusted boys, while the rest died while fighting. 6 1/2 out of 10 stars!

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