Why I dislike Disney? 

Why I dislike Disney, is that they are very bad and very awkward. Their animation is shitty, their acting is worse, as they gave me frightening nightmares when I was very little. Especially that goddam motherfucking Winnie bear. I hate that motherfucker. For Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, they are total idiotic jerks when they did some shit that I do not like on. 

They control everything too much, the actors who work them are worse in their acting career, as their work don’t make sense. 

Until finally…came the truth. Thanks to a South Park episode, where you know who told the truth in front of everyone, they all now hate him. And we all hate Disney now. 

I never like them at all. And I never I will. That’s why Studio Ghibli and anime are my life to what I love the most. 

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