Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (Cats Don’t Dance) OR Nothing Can Stop Us Now? (The Little Engine That Could)

Despite that 1980’s song from Starship, there’s been different song versions by the title ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ or ‘Nothing Can Stop Us Now’.

There’s this one called ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ from “Cats Don’t Dance”.

And this one called ‘Nothing Can Stop Us Now’ from “The Little Engine That Could” .

The one from “Cat’s Don’t Dance” can show on how well you can actually perform, while the one from the 1991 version of “The Little Engine That Could” can show you on how you can make it to your destination. The difference would be, that no matter how hard you try, you want to make it through. All the way. But not too hard. And nothing that can stop you now.

Band of Brothers Music Video- Wake Me Up When September Ends (Green Day)

I don’t like American actor Damian Lewis who was in those very dramatic tv shows such as “Homeland” and “Billions”. Especially when he’s a bad guy messing around Paul Giamatti. He was superb in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” as Steve McQueen. However, he was grand in this 2001 drama miniseries. Created by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg who did “Saving Private Ryan”, he was Major Richard D. Winters in “Band of Brothers”.

Joining him are Ron Livingston (from “Office Space”) as Captain Lewis Nixon, Colin Hanks as First Lieutenant Henry S. Jones, Tom Hardy as Private John Janovec, Dale Dye as Colonel Robert Sink, Michael Fassbender as Technical Sergeant Burton Christensen, Jimmy Fallon as Lt. George C. Rice, Corey Johnson as Major Louis Kent, James McAvoy as Pvt. James W. Miller, and Simon Pegg as First Sergeant William S. Evans.

So in this miniseries, before “The Pacific” came out, this talks about the Airborne division as they survive the Second World War while they’re in enemy territory. This won Emmy awards, and a Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television.

This song thanks to Green Day really suits this music video very well. And not just that. This song before this music video on YouTube was created, was dedicated to those who perished on September 11th, 2001. The day that the World Trade Center in NYC had been destroyed, no thanks to those two hijacked passenger planes that ran into them. All the way from the Middle East. Immediately, the USA declared war in the Middle East, mostly Afghanistan as many soldiers were deployed to avenge the death of the World Trade Center, including the ‘12 Strong’ as the very first.

Kids or young adults may find this song interesting, while summer ends as autumn begins; before they go back to school in early September after Labour Day.

However, in any music video, Green Day made an excellent choice to do this song, and dedicate to those who perished on that day in late 2001. Remember, war can be terrible. Like for what you see here, the First World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, or any Civil War in whatever country.

Fortunately, the good news is, after a serious campaign which lasted nearly 20 years, the USA have decided to withdraw by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. They are evacuating people out of the Middle East, dozen by dozen, before things can go out of hand. And once that’s fully accomplished, then they can plan their final move to wipe out the Taliban. One path that the guerrillas have to choose. And that is the path of surrender. Nothing more, nothing else. In conclusion, when that’s also accomplished, war shall be no more. Big time.

Tune in next time on Saturday, September 11th, 2021 at 8:48 am for a 2006 movie review that depicts the 9/11 attack. Starring Nicholas Cage, and directed by Oliver Stone. And maybe a celebrity’s birthday who’s turning 50 years old on Wednesday, September 15th, 2021. Then movie reviews will resume in October of 2021.

In the meantime, wake me up when September ends. 😴😴😴😴

John Denver- Country Roads (LIVE in Japan of 1981)

Ever since I have reviewed his hit famous song, and the only feature film John Denver was ever in, this is where he does his song again…LIVE this time. In his tour in the Far East, he was in Japan of 1981, where he performed 17 of his songs there in Tokyo, Nagano, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagasaki maybe, and probably Kobe. I don’t think he and his band went to Hokkaido as well as Okinawa. Cause that’s too far.

For what he did in this video scene here, this is probably where Aoi Hiiragi and Yoshifumi Kondō got the inspiration for “Whisper of the Heart”. Aoi Hiiragi did the manga book first, and then Yoshifumi Kondō did the anime masterpiece from Studio Ghibli, based on Aoi Hiiragi’s book. With the help of Toshio Suzuki as the producer and Hayao Miyazaki on the screenplay. After all, who totally agrees with me, that anime is the best as always?

Cardcaptors- Ordinary Girl

They had this in the hit anime tv show on tv channel Teletoon. Popular as how the rest of the songs did, like Froggy Mix who did “No Nagging Anymore” and “Razzmatazz”. The theme song and the rest too.

Whenever Sakura Avalon (portrayed by Carly McKillip) is trying to recapture the cards with the help of her friends at school, including that Kero and take on the forces of evil by Eli, she is really an ordinary girl. As she keeps her business a complete secret.

Sweet Victory (by David Glen Eisley)

This was Stephen Hillenburg’s favourite song, as he would listen to this every Super Bowl Sunday. Then he did that BobPants SpongeSquare episode “Band Geeks”, as one of the very last good episodes of that cartoon before it went too far. Since his death in late 2018, the cartoon was supposed to end after season 12, but just kept going onto season 13 which isn’t fair. What was amazing that at Super Bowl LIII, during the halftime show, they were meant to do a tribute to him with that song, after he died, but they declined it. They never showed the song at all during the halftime show at Super Bowl LIII.

When I listen to this, it’s all about the accomplishment of a long journey or a battle, as you want to have your freedom. I used listen to this in middle school, on my last day before school is out for the summer. First the “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven, then this, the ‘Flying Kipper’ theme from season one of “Thomas the Tank Engine”, and then the season 1 theme of one of my favourite train engines in that stop motion tv show, before CGI animation, Henry the Green Engine.

All about the effort to get away, as you don’t stop and don’t think until you’ll be free. Even if you were to hitch a ride on a long freight train, lead by a steam locomotive at night. And by morning, the freedom is yours. Three of the ones I mentioned including this, have inspired me well. Victory can be real sweet, no matter what. As long as you don’t give up until it’s over.

So this is for NFL football fans who love to listen to this on Super Bowl Sunday’s. And your kids will love it. Just like how “Digimon: Digital Monsters” on Fox Kids was, as they showed us ‘Digi-Bowl’ in 2001 & 2002.

Running With The Wolves (Wolfwalkers version)

This animated movie was close to winning both that Golden Globe Award and Oscar award for Best Animated Feature Film, but if it writing for the voters of the Academy, for how they rigged it, and gave to the dark side on a bullshitty animated movie that is ripping off that ‘Billy the Cat’ cartoon as well as “A Whisker Away”.

The animation in this is really remarkably beautiful. Especially the ‘Running With The Wolves’ scene when Robyn is a white wolf and her friend Mebh as a brown wolf as they go for a run through the forests at night. The rest of the wolves followed them, as they later howl at the full moon together.

The magic, the adventure, and everything else for those two girls to save those wolves is worth it, in this animated movie. Not, repeat NOT the god awful dark side on their rip-off animated movies like ‘Nine Lives’ or ‘Osmosis Jones’.

Jimmy Durante- Make Someone Happy (song)

This blog post is dedicated for all you both Jimmy Durante and “Thomas the Tank Engine” fans who want to ‘Make Someone Happy’. Especially over Christmas.

Hollywood British actor Bill Nighy sang this in the ending epilogue scene of “Arthur Christmas”, before the end credits. And this brought me memories. All the way back when I was both an anime fan and a “Thomas the Tank Engine” fan.

American actor Jimmy Durante, who was the narrator in the “Frosty the Snowman” cartoon, and the man who ‘kicked the bucket’ in “It‘s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”, was the number 1# singer who sang this. And this is superb to listen to over the Christmas holidays.

In addition to this, Jimmy Durante’s song has inspired many artists over the years, besides singers like Aretha Franklin, Doris Day, Sammy Davis Jr, Barbara Striesand, and Jeff Goldblum who sang this song. For example, Britt Alcrofft and Dave Mitton who produced and directed that “Thomas the Tank Engine” tv show for the kids. They loved that song so much, did an episode named after that title in the 5th season where American actor Alec Baldwin was the narrator. (Before he became that nasty fat pig Trump on SNL).

I remember having a videotape of this in a steel box case for a rare blue videotape, as I wonder it was ever connected or related to that song until I found out now. And it is related.

So it’s always important to ‘make someone happy’. Just like how this song did along with that “Thomas the Tank Engine” episode, including a few more adventures in this. And here they are.

Thanks to Foolish FireBox on YouTube, it is my great pleasure to show you these episodes from season 5 of “Thomas the Tank Engine. Contains these episodes and a song in order. All were aired in early 1999 before film critic Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune died of a brain tumour and complications of surgery at age 53.

0:37 “Make Someone Happy” (Season 5, episode 22. Aired in early February of 1999

5:38 “A Big Surprise for Percy” (Season 5, episode 21. Aired in early February of 1999).

10:38 “Happy Ever After” (Season 5, episode 19. Aired in early February of 1999)

15:38 “Thomas and the Rumours” (Season 5, episode 17. Aired in early February of 1999).

20:38 “James and the Trouble with Trees” (Season 5, episode 5. Aired in mid-January of 1999).

25:38 “Baa!” (Season 5, episode 8. Aired in late January of 1999).

30:39 “It’s Great to be an Engine” song. (Aired on July 25th, 2000).

And as I would agree with him and Conan O’Brien, one of the train engines happens to be a gay one.

South Park- Kyle’s Mom is a B****

Everyone can have trouble with their parents before they die of very old age. Will Smith faced his as he did his ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ song, as how it was the same to Eminem on how he did ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’. Ben Stiller however never did any of that, but did care for his dad Jerry Stiller, on how great they were in films and TV shows before Jerry Stiller died at age 92 on May 11th, 2020. And like Ben Stiller on Jerry, Canadian actress Nicole Evangeline Lilly was the same on her dad when he died of stage 4 leukaemia.

Like those guys, I can be the same when I had trouble with my folks. My dad obsessed on too much Apple technology, computers, mobile phones, being a guru too much of everything, and mostly television like that TV obsessed kid who shrank in “Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, as my mom thinks that I’m her precious and she is like Gollum from “Lord of the Rings”. Both can forget too much as I sometimes call them “clumsy old crackpots”. Or ‘C.O.C’s’ for short.

I even get nightmares of them when my dad becomes too much of a guru, and my mom (or my dad) coming after me, as I have been making my effort to escape. But end up awake back in bed at their place once more.

One time for example, I was close to getting signed autographs to buy online from Digimon voice actors Joshua Seth and Colleen O’Shaugnessey. Besides EBay or Amazon. I wanted to ask my permission with my parents, to get them. Unfortunately, when they wanted me to watch TV with them, and after too much TV time later, I missed the whole thing, no thanks to them. Now I would have to re-find the Digimon autographs I saw, and start all over again. And I would do anything for those two stars than dealing with two C.O.C’s.

Related to me and this info, Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The creators of ‘South Park’ were definitely the same thing on how they had trouble with their parents while growing up. Which was why two characters in ‘South Park’ were named after their folks, as how one of them went to far on doing two things that ended up as disasters. That fat big red haired woman, portrayed by Mona Marshall. The same voice actress that portrayed Izzy from “Digimon” franchise, Sho Yamato’s brother in “Idaten Jump”, Fujin in “Ponyo”, Taeko’s grandmother in “Only Yesterday” and a boy genius in “Chobits” that I did not know about, but was surprised.

One, was cancelling Christmas cause she and her entire family are Jewish, as how she really wouldn’t care. And two, was starting a war against Canada, no thanks to two irresponsible comedians named Terrence and Phillip in the movie, “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut”. One of the boys sang a song about her, twice. In the Christmas special, and in the movie version that were indeed hilarious. In the meantime, that’s what she gets for starting a war against Canada from the United States like what Michael Moore was aware on.

(short version in d minor)

(movie version)

So in these two videos, there are four boys. Stan, Kyle, Cartman & Kenny. Stan and Kenny were a-okay, as they didn’t want their moms to go to far. The woman who has the big red hair and wouldn’t care is the mom of Kyle, as Cartman was the only boy who sang the song. One in d minor, the other big time in the movie.

Calling someone a b**** can be hilarious like what you see here, but not in real life today; UNLESS you really, really mean it. Otherwise, you would get absolutely busted. So busted, it’s way worse than getting fired from a job or getting expelled from school or college. Out in public, that would happen if you do call someone a b****. At home, your dad would throw a big fit a you, as he would go right down your throat. Especially when he would have you grounded for months or a year. Even if he takes away your mobile devices or computers. No matter how pissed he would be. And I know what I’m talking about.

White Christmas- Sisters

The Clooney sisters, Rosemary and Betty sang this song first, and then was used in the 1954 musical film, “White Christmas”. Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen sang this in that movie, but Betty Clooney never joined in. What was interesting was that both Rosemary and Betty had a very close sister act. Before they got into Hollywood movies, as they broke up later on.

What was hilarious in that movie was a reprise, that Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye lip synced this song, as they were dancing to this song. Not dressed as women like for what happened in “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Some Like It Hot”.

By looking at the actresses on their outfits, they are like real blue peacocks because of how they were waving that big feathery fan. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye were just hitting each other with them, while doing their reprise.

I can imagine if those two clowns were dressed up like real women, but hey, like what they say, nobody’s perfect. But this is definitely a good song for a sister act like the the McKillip sisters, the Clooney sisters, and of course, the Fanning sisters. Especially over the holidays.

Tune in my next Christmas blog post! All the way from ‘South Park’, the hilarious one. “Kyle’s Mom’s is a B****”.

In Living Colour- Jim Carrey as Fire Marshall Bill


At the time when Jim Carrey was becoming famous, this is one of his characters on “In Living Colour” that made him hilarious on. Fire Marshall Bill. A firefighter who teaches people on how they need to be safe and keep away from hazardous stuff.

He does his demonstrations as he goes up in a explosion that makes us laugh out loud until we cry. He did that to people during Christmas, at a Japanese restaurant, during a magic show, Super Bowl Game time, in outer space, at a hospital, in school, on a cruise ship, at a supermarket, and at a honeymoon hotel. No matter how he does it, he is totally hilarious than those stand up comedians like that Rachel Brosnahan who became herself, “Marvellous Mrs. Maisel”.

Last time he portrayed Fire Marshall Bill was a quick cameo appearance in the 1997 comedy movie, “Liar Liar”. It was after Jim Carrey stopped an airplane, as he caused a bit of a mess with the luggage after his vehicle he borrowed, crashed. He was behind people while Jim Carrey as Fletcher Reede was on a stretcher, ready to head to the hospital.

So kids, if you want something hilarious about safety and avoiding dangerous stuff, related to what you learned in school, this is your guy. In conclusion, this and for how he did over Christmas (see my previous blog post), are examples of how he really did it. If he was to end something with a hilarious bang once more, he would completely wipe out all on Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, or Halifax, Nova Scotia in a single explosion since 1917 and 1941; off the face of the Earth.