Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

Note: I saw this in a Cineplex movie theatre with my own eyes, along with a trusted friend. 

I give this 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’ as this was almost like “Naruto Shippuden: The Movie”. 

“Fairy Tail”, based on the manga books by Shōnen, tells about these dragons slayers and wizards, as they protect their fictional world from one thing that they are on. Dragons. 

And in this movie that I ever saw, since “InuYasha The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler”, this tells about them, in a search for a staff called, the ‘Dragon Cry’. From explosions, sexy scenes, funny scenes, fighting against an army of darkness, and all the way to fight against a massive diamond dragon in the climax, this became an amazing success!! 😊😊

And to the ‘Fairy Tail’ series, I deeply thank you for everything for what you did. Especially in this movie, that me and my friend Jamie are surprised. So for a success, 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’.


Enemy at the Gates (2001)

Before Jude Law was Gigolo Joe in “A.I. Artificial Intellegence”, this was the movie he got into first in 2001. He, Ron Perlman, Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz, and Joseph Fiennes were in this. 

In the autumn of 1942, during Second World War, the battle of Stalingrad was massive as the actual city was in ruins. The Soviets never gave up when the German forces surrendered. And that was all thanks to a Soviet sharpshooter before Chris Kyle. But before that, he had to face a German sniper who’s an Nazi military officer first. 

Soviet sharpshooters did their best in fighting, as some were killed by the German forces including the Nazi sniper. Most of the ones who were killed by the Nazi sniper officer were his friends. 

But in the end, payback is what he wanted by shooting him in the head. At a local train yard in Stalingrad. And more importantly, Jude Law became the 1# top movie sniper of them all. In your face Bradley Cooper! Jude Law is legendary as that Soviet sharpshooter. 

For a pass, 8/10 stars on this sniper showdown in Stalingrad. 

The two islands in the ‘Jurassic Park’ movies

jurassic-park-map 91d3ec1c160bb3014fb86a65c2b3eb37

These are the two islands that appeared in the “Jurassic Park” movies, including The new one “Jurassic World”. 250 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, those are Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. The first one was where “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” took place, as they had the two major incidents. The second was a hellhole when “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic Park III” took place there.

Between both islands, many men and women perished there. Including the stars we know. Attacked and eaten alive by mostly, T-Rexes, Velociraptors, and a Mosasaurus. Stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight, Bob Peck, many gunmen armed with machine guns, shotguns and more, and Arliss Howard along with Vincent D’Onofrio since they were in “Full Metal Jacket” together. They all perished there.

Ever since those four major incidents happened on both islands, it would be a good idea to use nuclear capabilities to wipe out all dinosaur life on those two islands. Like bomb both islands so that they’ll be gone for good. However, that would be a very bad idea. By the American government, it is their proud authority never to strike nuclear capabilities on those Costa Rican islands. Even by the Costa Rican government not to do that too, on their fair islands. Cause if they actually do wipe out those two islands, it could be a bad sign to the hemisphere. And not only that, radiation from nuclear capabilities could mutate those cloned dinosaurs or so. Like make them bigger, devastating, stronger, and more toxic.

And ever since those movies became a smash hit on cloned dinosaurs, this are the two fictional islands that took place there. Today, they aren’t real. Cause they were just based on that famous 1990 novel that was made into these motion pictures.

Michiyo Yasuda (1939-2016)


Born in 1939, and passed away on October 5th, 2016, she was a full time Studio Ghibli animator. Ever since Makiko Futaki passed away on May 13th, 2016, she is now with her at the gates of heaven.

Michiyo Yasuda as a full time Studio Ghibli animator, she loved working for those two great Studio Ghibli directors. Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki. She did all the artwork on those masterpieces, as she was in charge of the color. So when Hayao Miyazaki for example, does his hand drawn artwork, she makes the color for that. And make sure they get the film right. With those colors.

In her artwork she did, they were in most of Studio Ghibli’s masterpieces. And those shorts in the Ghibli museum. With the help from Makiko Futaki.

After “Ponyo” in 2008, she helped Hayao Miyazaki on his farewell masterpiece. “The Wind Rises” in 2013. Later on, after Makiko passed away, so did she a few months later.

She was 77 years of age when she passed away. But her artwork is still with Studio Ghibli.

Finally as she will rest in peace, along with Makiko, we’ll never let Studio Ghibli down at all. Like Makiko, she must also be remembered in the Oscars for sure.

Ouran High School Host Club

From it’s music videos on YouTube, to some episodes, including a Halloween episode, I got really interested in this, as I watched this entire anime series.

Between boys and girls at a high school, they can be whatever they want. Especially when they wear uniforms, as they are different from each other. But can care very much for one or another. Which was why I watched this anime TV series, which was very interesting. Based on the manga books I read, this can be very good, but can have dumb parts that are crazy.

When a young girl got into a boys club by accident, she also accidentally broke a $250,000 vase by accident. In order to pay for everything, she has to be in the boys club as a secret. However, it all went well when it was over in the end.

Throughout this anime TV series, these boys are really cool. One is a genius, the two are twins, the third is a little one, the fourth is his older brother, and the leader can sometimes can really spy on the female student. But sometimes, he can be funny. The schoolgirls there found them really attractive, as they do lots of costumes they put on.

From that to ballroom dances, fighting, loving, caring, and more, they became really great friends to that schoolgirl. And friends are always there for each other. Another one came from France, wearing her schoolgirl uniform, as she became a great friend too. And for the record, she had a crush on the genius.

In the end finally, whenever anyone needs to see them, the host club will always be opened. And they will be waiting. To this spectacular anime TV series, I give this a ‘B+’. 8/10 stars.

On Your Mark (Studio Ghibli)- The Angel Girl

What was remarkable on that Studio Ghibli music video is this character. The angel girl. With big wings and no halo on her head, she had to be set free before scientists could catch her, and experiment on her.

With no shoes and socks, and wearing white clothing, she was just like this. She did get hurt a bit when that firefight happened. Luckily for those two heroes, they helped her. Before the rescue can happen.

And when the rescue did happened, she was glad to be set free. When they were driving her. And as she flew high in the air, she was homecoming right now.

Thanks to Hayao Miyazaki who did this character, I will dream of this angel every night in my dreams while sleeping. And thanking him a lot for creating on such an angel to this here.

Si Robertson, then and now


This was Si Robertson when he served in the Vietnam War, as a soldier. And that picture beside that, is him retired. Before he went onto “Duck Dynasty”.

When he was a student long ago, he dropped out of of a university in Louisiana after three quarters,  as he went onto the United States Army. At the time when the Vietnam War begun. Like Charlie Sheen in “Platoon”, dropping out of college, and serving in the Vietnam War, that’s what he did I presume.

During his time in the war, his mom would sent him two boots, a set of Tupperware cups, two jars of jalapeno peppers in each boot, beans and rice by U.S. Mail. He loved jalapeno peppers as he would eat that. One time while fighting in the war, he was rarely seen drinking ice tea without drinking from a plastic cup. It treated him in his importance.

Although it was tough long ago, fighting in the jungles in Vietnam, as he would have the right stuff he needs to survive. But he was lucky when his mom would do that. In case on giving him needs and wants.

The horrors of Vietnam may have frightened him, but he fought very hard and made it out in one piece.

If I’d given him a wish at that time, I would’ve saved his butt, as he would see the jungles of Vietnam go up in flames, firebombed as explosions would boom everywhere. Like the 4th of July fireworks he would see at home. Like destroying every jungle in the world, especially that jungle we all know from Rudyard Kipling’s story we all know. “The Jungle Book” as those jungles like Vietnam in Africa, would be firebombed for good. That way, we don’t want to see anymore versions of that story; especially Disney that we all hate on. For what they did that’s not very good. Except for the 1942 version with Sabu.

As Si served in the Vietnam War, and after it was over for him, he stayed in the U.S. Army until his retirement in 1991. He was Sergeant First Class when he retired. Finally, he was recognized for his military career as an exhibit was for him. At the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum in Monroe, Louisiana, USA.

He may have seen Dale Dye, R. Lee Ermy, Gustav Hasford, Ron Kovic, or Oliver Stone, but he sure was pretty lucky to be serving his time in the war. With the help of his mom.

Makiko Futaki (1958-2016)


Born in 1958, and passed away on Friday, May 13th in 2016, the most unluckiest day of the year, she was a Studio Ghibli animator. And the best to Hayao Miyazaki the most. Even as to be remained a legend.

Makiko Futaki, as a Studio Ghibli animator, she helped Hayao Miyazaki create his Studio Ghibli movies long ago and now. Her job she worked on, was to make sure the animation was good I think. And give it good quality and color. So that when we see its movies on the big screen, we’ll know it’s remarkable.

On that day she passed away, she was 58 years old.

She may have saw “Only Yesterday” in English dubbed, with the voice talents of Daisy Ridley, Dev Patel, and etc by GKids, but we should thank her and Studio Ghibli to their movies. Hayao Miyazaki too for the most as a director.

As she will rest in peace, we’ll never let Studio Ghibli down at all. She must be remembered in the Oscars for sure.

Sonny Chiba, legendary actor and martial artist


He was mentioned in “True Romance” on three of his movies, as he was Hanzo Hattori in the two volumes of “Kill Bill”. He is a legend in his time. He is a martial artist, actor, director, singer and producer.

Born in 1939, he and his family went to a better place in Japan to avoid the warfare in WWII. As he went onto sports and gymnastics, he went onto martial arts. That is when he became good, as he became an actor.

In his movies, he was famous in ‘The Street Fighter’ movies. Not like the video game, but more likely different. A different street fighter but different.

“The Street Fighter”, “Return of the Street Fighter”, “Sister Street Fighter” and “The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge”, four in 1974 in Japan. They made their movies and media fast.

By the time he was in “The Executioner”, “The Bullet Train”, and etc., he was okay and good. However later on in 2003, violent director Quentin Tarantino loved him so much, he had him in his next movie. An epic bloody revenge. “Kill Bill” in volumes 1 and 2.

In “Kill Bill”, he took the role of Hattori Hanzo. A sushi restaurant owner in Okinawa, Japan, and a retired sword craftsman who never made another samurai sword again. However, when Beatrix Kiddo came, and knew about his first student, Bill, he agreed to make her a samurai sword. One month later, the samurai sword he did, was magnificent. As his very last. As they played ‘The Lonely Shepard’ from Gheorghe Zamfir, the way he was dressed, held the sword, and had it in his hut, it was terrific.

He told the truth on his oath, as he agreed, this was his finest sword he ever created. After giving it to Kiddo, she was ready to use it. In the two volumes of that movie, he said that ‘revenge is a never a straight line. It’s like a forest as its easy to lose your way. To get lost. To forget where you came in’.

He is still alive today. And will be remained a legend still on. He is still Quentin’s favorite, but he is still my favorite.

Cyborg 009 VS Devilman

Between two manga series, there was not only a fight between a boy devil and a robotic humanoid team, but they had to stop a mad scientist on creating robots and demons who was pulling the strings. 

Like Batman VS Superman, this was way even better than the fights we see. Better than Thor VS Hulk, Capt. America VS Iron Man, and all those other battles we see in common. Especially Kid VS Kat from YTV. 

Cyborg 009 on that manga series is an intergalactic team on humanoids that protect our world from any danger there is. Especially monsters and aliens. Even better than Buck Rogers and Star Wars. 

Devilman on this manga series is how a boy got powers to become a demon flying devil. He becomes a monster whenever he gets fierce in him. And he fights demons also. Way stronger than the Hulk and the Thing from Marvel comic books. 

In just three acts like .hack//Quantum, they were able to take this on in just two single nights. In order to stop the demons, robots and the mad scientist. And when I looked at everything here, I must say!! 10/10 stars and a ‘A++’.