2001- A Space Odyssey

In a movie I first saw a bit, there was this ape, a bone, the music, and the future on space! It was to talk about space travel. Before I know the title, there was all this as we know about time and space. The ‘2001’ version of “Planet of the Apes”, we all know not to mess up the space time continuum. That’s for what Mark Wahlberg did when he came home and there were apes.

But this movie talks about in space, you can get spirited away. And that’s what it is. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, and made by the novel, Arthur C. Clarke, this is a future about space that has happened in 1999 and 2001. But this is all make believe and never happened in 1999 and 2001. The actual years. It showed what was true in the movie. In the dawn of man, and in the movie, there was a monolith. A black rectangle. That makes a big difference on alien life. It made an loud noise when it was on the moon, as it was lead in a Jupiter mission.

When two crew members are awake, and three in cryogenics, they head for Jupiter as they have a talking computer. HAL-9000. They are played by Gary Lockwood and Keir Dullea. They are the two astronauts. A Canadian actor named Douglas Rain plays as HAL 9000! But when the computer malfunctioned, it killed all four. The one played by Keir Dullea disconnected him as he left the ship to investigate when it reached Jupiter.

The monolith in which made a portal, lead him spirited away as he’s transformed into a space baby. It was suppose to show the life for space and evolution. I wonder if you whack at it, the baby will cry? Correct? That was when a sequel was made in 1984. You’ll see!