Top 10 Tough Hombre Drill Sergeants

When you are in boot camp, for the Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force, you’d better be tough enough. Cause drill sergeants are the tough hombre’s to train you. As you better listen up and listen good. Some can be psychotic. Just like these here from many movies that I saw in my life. These top 10 drill sergeants in movies, that can be tough hombres.


10. Master Sgt. Ernest G. Bilko (Sgt. Bilko). Portrayed by Steve Martin, he can be serious on training you, but really funny when you’re in the army. Especially when he wakes up in the morning, wearing funny clothes. And gets woken up disturbed. But he always forgets on marrying a girlfriend that he promised many times. And he always leaves her at the chapel crying in tears. In the army, his job was to train recruits and mobilize new weapons that they would built. But in his spare time, for he and his recruits, like Robert Duvall in “Apocalypse Now”, they just try to have some fun before a colonel could come in, and catch them.

9. Sgt. Collins (Buck Privates and Buck Privates Come Home). Portrayed by Nat Pendleton, his job was to keep his entire regiments under control without any monkey business. Especially against some tie selling salesman, without having a license. And those were Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. He in fact, caught them taking a French orphan who has no home, no family and no friends. But what he was proud on before that, were Lee Bowman and Alan Curtis. As two friends fighting in the war together. Expert marksmen. All three were awarded as heroes including him. Except for Abbott and Costello. He was better in training recruits in boot camp, than being a cop against those two tie-selling salesman. Especially when they were uncles on adopting a young girl from France.

8. Sgt. 1st Class Merwin J. Toomey (Biloxi Blues). Portrayed by Christopher Walken, his job was to train many recruits in boot camp for the Second World War. Against Japan I believe. Matthew Broderick was one of them before he was in “Glory” in 1989. He was wacky, naive, and gave good humor really. Especially when he accidentally let a recruit fire a rifle at someones jeep’s tire. And that I believe, was his jeep.

7. Sgt. Kilgore (Delta Farce). Portrayed by Kieth David, stronger, serious and smarter than any instructor there is, he can be stronger than Biff and Griff from the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. During the war against Afghanistan, he had to train three misfits in boot camp before leaving. By making sure they shoot well, as well as handling a bazooka…. very carefully. However, stuff didn’t go as planned when they were dropped into Mexico by accident. Himself and the misfits. So in a new path, in a new war, he and those guys took on a Mexican criminal there. Portrayed by Danny Trejo.

6. Sgt. First Class Hulka (Stripes). Portrayed by Warren Oates, he was serious about training recruits as long as they aren’t very much like clowns. Cause Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy and Judge Reinhold were the ones doing jokes really. But he was humorous throughout training and into the mission that they were onto. And during training, he almost died when a mortar almost killed him. But he was pretty good on strangling John Candy. He was old, but you should’ve seen his face on doing it.

5. Sgt. Major Mulcahy (Glory). Portrayed by John Finn as an Irish-American drill sergeant, his job was to train African-Americans to become real soldiers of the Union Army, during the American Civil War. By being too harsh and too serious, he was ordered by Col. Robert Shaw on not to mess them badly by his brutality. So by training them on using rifles and bayonets, he tried not to mess them around since they were free from slavery. And by another order from Col. Robert Shaw, he did no more cruel tutelage to them when they were off to battle.

4. Gunnery Sgt. Emil Foley (An Officer and a Gentleman). Portrayed by Louis Gossett Jr., he is close to number 1# on the list as he can be so serious, he’ll ask you if you are a queer or a steer. And the way his training is, you’d better face it and face it hard. Cause members like Richard Gere, Tony Plana, and Lisa Eilbacher faced his training if they ever want to become members of the U.S. Navy. And they did when they were strong enough. In his obstacle courses, martial art fighting, as well as getting out of their seats when they are in the water. Louis Gossett Jr. was so good and so splendid, he won an Golden Globe award as well as an Oscar award.

3. Career Sgt. Zim (Starship Troopers). Portrayed by Clancy Brown, his job in the Mobile Infantry was to train recruits for the war against killer bugs. Across the stars in the galaxy, as Klendathu, must be terminated. He taught them knife throwing, learning how to use rifles before using the ones with live ammo, as he had the ability to break a guys arm, and almost choke someone to death. He was definitely such a hard ass. When he was in the war, he was back to being a private when he did something worse. But every trooper were proud of him, when they caught the smart bug. The one that can suck out your brains like a bendy straw.

2. Sgt. Howell (Hacksaw Ridge). Portrayed by Vince Vaughn, his job was to train U.S. Army recruits during the Second World War against Japan. He didn’t appreciate a bare naked man, or someone releasing a knife into somebody’s foot by accident, as well as insulting an Indian-American who joined the army. The way that some recruits are doing some monkey business really. But what he was more fond about, was that Desmond Doss would fight in the war without shooting a single gun at all as a combat medic. And during the Battle of Okinawa, Japan, he was luckily saved by him in Hacksaw Ridge. And how he made it back alive, thanks to Desmond.

1. Gunnery Sgt. Hartman (Full Metal Jacket). Portrayed by Vietnam War veteran and U.S. Marine drill sergeant R. Lee Ermy, that’s our 1# on the list. His job was to train U.S. Marine recruits into natural born killers. So that they can take on the Viet Cong in Húe City, in the Tet Offensive in 1968. The only problem that he had in his Platoon 3092, was not just Pvt. Joker, Pvt. Cowboy, Pvt. Toe Jam and Pvt. Snowball, but Pvt. Gomer Pyle. A fat overweight recruit who had no reason being there. He in fact, caught him stealing a jelly doughnut he hid in his foot locker. From the mess hall without finishing it. And in training, he didn’t appreciate for how Gomer Pyle was not following along. In his obstacle courses, not climbing and lifting himself well, and especially not running well. That was why Pvt. Joker had to drag him along when he was not doing very good. Hartman had to carry his rifle as he was yelling at his left ear.

Some of these drill sergeants can be psychotic. But they aren’t. They are hard as recruits may not like them. But the more that they might hate on, the more that they will learn in a corps.


And ever since these men and women fought hard in the military and boot camp first, we will be like them. As long as we have a drill instructor that we follow along to face.

And never end up like that fat ass from Stanley Kubrick’s anti-war, Oscar nominated masterpiece. Cause when he snapped, he killed Hartman and himself before he could be taken into military court martials.

The Secret Life of Pets

chloe wiener dog

Ever wonder what your pets do, when you’re gone for the day? When you leave your house or apartment for work or school? Until you return in the late afternoon or evening?

pet paradise target

wtf chug

From Illumination Entertainment that did the Dr. Seuss animated movie, “The Lorax”, comes this. With the voice talents of Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet, Jenny Slate, Lake Bell, Ellie Kemper, Dana Carvey, Steve Coogan, Hannibal Buress, Bobby Moynihan, and Albert Brooks, they are all the pets we know. Dogs, cats, pet birds, a hawk, and a killer cute rabbit that wants payback.

Against alley cats, into the sewers, and through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, they try to make sure they get back before their owners return in the evening.

So for a pass, 7 and 1/3 out of 10 stars. And I can tell you this. “Every ‘Dog’ has it’s Day”. Which is why this is a success for sure.

except for these guys...

Except for these guys when they were dogs, as they had their day a setup…

i know, right

I know, right?

keitel madsen buscemi

bunker tarantino roth

(“Little Green Bag” plays by George Baker Selection, ever since that was in ‘Sausage Party’)

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996)


Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes were together famous, in this modern day immortal love tragedy from William Shakespeare. Taken place in Verona Beach in a big city far away, the Montague’s and the Capulet’s have been arch rival families since they first met, and began this feud.

Armed with many handguns, some revolvers, machine guns and shotguns, they do a lot of fighting. This made the Chief of the Police, Captain Prince so angry, he warned them.

However, things took a twist when Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet were in love together. And had the best moments that they could cherish. But when things got out of hand and a lot worse, they had no choice but to commit suicide.

I can’t tell you for how they killed themselves. But I can tell you this: Romeo and Juliet are finally together all to themselves.

And when both are dead, taken away buried, both the parents of the Montague’s and the Capulet’s felt very ashamed, and very miserable to themselves. And Captain Prince; he condemned both families to be punished. This became so great and so good, by director Baz Luhrmann, this was nominated for an Oscar award. For Best Art Direction- Set Decoration. But lost when “The English Patient” took it.

It maybe harsh to watch this in high school, when you’re learning William Shakespeare at a young teen age. However at 20 years of age, it’s good to watch this. Recommended for young adults, 7/10 stars on this.

Except for “Reservoir Dogs”….cause many gunfighters can end up as dead as they were…

reservoir-dogs-11 601px-RDSW659SW639-2




…and as dead as he was!

Spartacus (1960)

From director Stanley Kubrick, this movie that he did with Kirk Douglas won four Academy Awards, as well as a Golden Globe award. Didn’t won Best Picture, as Stanley Kubrick didn’t get full credit. But was mentioned really before getting famous. 

During the Roman Empire, a gladiator slave was able to free other slaves as they made it to freedom. They fought many battles against the Roman Empire, as many Roman Empire soldiers were killed. They were to escape Italy and away from Rome, but got into a pickle when the Roman Empire outsmarted Spartacus and his entire gladiators. Caesar’s general wanted him so bad, he’d be crucified alive. 

So in a final conflict which made motion picture history, was the epic battle one last time. And how many gladiators called out his name. Then they were to be crucified alive. Not the way Jesus Christ died and tortured badly by the Roman Empire, but just tied to a crucifixion pole. 

So for a pass, 7/10 stars. Long movie as it can be 3 1/2 hours. 

Norio Shioyama (1940-2017)


Ever since Michiyo Yasuda and Makiko Futaki, from Studio Ghibli passed away, so did he unexpectedly. Norio Shioyama. An animator, illustrator, character designer, and animation director. For he did “InuYasha”, “Mobile Suit Victory Gundam” and more.

Born on March 28th, 1940, he survived the final days of WWII in Japan. In 1970, when he began to become a Japanese animator, he was becoming good. At the time when ‘Oh! Production’ was founded. By the time he did “Tiger Mask”, “Armored Trooper Votoms”, and many more on anime I’ve never heard about, but are interesting, he worked on key animation and design work for “InuYasha”. From 2001 to 2004. At the time when that was on YTV Canada in English. In Canada.

He didn’t do “InuYasha: The Final Act”, but he did worked on being a key animator for the three ‘InuYasha’ movies. Except for the ‘Fire on the Mystic Island’ movie. Before that, he worked on his first anime movie, for that was “Mobile Suit Gundam F91”.

And after that, especially writing a few more novels that he wrote, he then remained silent for a while. Until on April 13th, 2017, before Good Friday, a fire occurred at 1 am, destroying his eighth floor apartment. In the 14-floor Misato Danchi apartment complex in Misato, Saitama Prefecture. Both he and his wife were found dead. He was 77 years of age when he died unexpectedly.

He was old, but we, us anime fans were surprised for that has happened to him. But we sure do appreciate his anime artwork. For he did everything on anime, on some artwork that were astonishing. And more importantly, he showed me on how anime all is on “InuYasha”. A spectacular anime TV series, based on the manga books. As it was then made into an anime TV series, including “The Final Act”. It’s four movies too really. As YTV Canada, was the first to deal with before “Toonami”.

Rest in peace my friend. Your artwork was splendid. Especially “InuYasha”.

Mississippi Burning

Nominated for seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, this won only one Oscar award. For Best Cinematography. 

Gene Hackman, Willem Dafoe, R. Lee Ermy, Brad Dourif, Kevin Dunn, and Frances McDormand were in this. Filmed in 1988, a year after “Full Metal Jacket” was released in 1987, and a few months after that horrifying movie “Child’s Play” was released also. 

This took place on actual true events. In the state of Mississippi in 1964, three civil rights workers were missing and were found brutally murdered. An African American, a Christian and a Jewish worker. That set off a war between white people and coloured people. 

At day, everything’s okay. But at night, white hooded murderers burn everything and brutally attack African American people. That was when two FBI agents were sent from Washington to Mississippi to investigate. During this massive search, they ordered 150 men from FBI headquarters to search many areas. Rivers, swamps, burnt churches and destroyed farms. 

However, it turns out that many white men were the ones causing this war. I can’t tell you who they were. But I can tell you this: 

“Mississippi, 1964. When America was at war with itself”. 

So for a success than “The Quick and the Dead”, I give this 10/10 stars. 

The Bonnie and Clyde old poem

You’ve read the story of Jesse James of how he lived and died. If you’re still in need; of something to read, here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.

Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang. I’m sure you all have read. How they rob and steal; and those who squeal, are usually found dying or dead.

There’s lots of untruths to these write-ups; they’re not as ruthless as that. Their nature is raw; they hate all the law, the stool pigeons, spotters and rats.

They call them cold-blooded killers; they say they are heartless and mean. But I say this with pride, that I once knew Clyde, when he was honest and upright and clean.

But the law fooled around; kept taking him down, and locking him up in a cell. Till he said to me; “I’ll never be free, so I’ll meet a few of them in hell”

The road was so dimly lighted, there were no highway signs to guide. But they made up their minds; if all roads were blind, they wouldn’t give up till they died.

The road gets dimmer and dimmersometimes you can hardly see. But it’s fight man to man, and do all you can, for they know they can never be free.

From heart-break some people have suffered, from weariness some people have died. But take it all in all; our troubles are small, till we get like Bonnie and Clyde.

If a policeman is killed in Dallas, and they have no clue or guide. If they can’t find a fiend, they just wipe their slate clean and hang it on Bonnie and Clyde.

There’s two crimes committed in America, not accredited to the Barrow mob. They had no hand; in the kidnap demand, nor the Kansas City Depot job.

A newsboy once said to his buddy; “I wish old Clyde would get jumped. In these awfull hard times; we’d make a few dimes, if five or six cops would get bumped”

The police haven’t got the report yet, but Clyde called me up today. He said,”Don’t start any fights; we aren’t working nights, we’re joining the NRA.”

From Irving to West Dallas viaduct, is known as the Great Divide. Where the women are kin; and the men are men, and they won’t “stool” on Bonnie and Clyde.

If they try to act like citizens, and rent them a nice little flat. About the third night; they’re invited to fight, by a sub-gun’s rat-tat-tat.

They don’t think they’re too smart or desperate, they know that the law always wins. They’ve been shot at before; but they do not ignore, that death is the wages of sin.

Some day they’ll go down together, they’ll bury them side by side. To few it’ll be grief, to the law a relief, but it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

This is the old 1# Bonnie and Clyde poem that talks about them. Written by Bonnie Parker herself. Mentioned and written in that Oscar winning movie, this is very famous since “Flanders Fields”. This shows how they once were, and how they committed crimes during the Great Depression. By avoiding the police in the states of Oklahoma and Texas, they didn’t stop until that fateful day that they got into. The day when they were shot in sight. 
“Bonnie and Clyde” that movie, may have not won Best Picture, but it sure made motion picture history. Which was why that just only won two Oscar awards. 

Battle of Vimy Ridge- WWI 100th anniversary

Sunday, April 9th, 2017 shows a normal day for people. With the church bells ringing, as the sun is shining before the grey clouds roll in. But on that day, shows an 100th anniversary. For Canada’s history, on how they were in WWI. April 9th, 1917 was how Canada’s soldiers fought in the biggest battle that they ever were in. The Battle of Vimy Ridge. And now, comes it’s 100th anniversary on that event.

Vimy Ridge in 1917, was devestating. With the First World War going on for three years before 1918, it was chaos. America got into the war on April 6th, 1917 after the Lusitania sank a while ago. But while they were other battles, Canada was getting into the biggest battle. To take on Vimy Ridge. 

Both Canada and the UK worked together to face the German Empire in Vimy Ridge. At early dawn until victory, artillery cannons fired, as tanks came charging towards the battlefield. As for the men in the trenches, they charged forward towards No Man’s Land, avoiding barbed wire, as the Canadian machine gunners open fired. 

Fighting against the Germans, this battle went on for three days until April 12th, 1917. Some of the Canadian soldiers during this battle, had to dig tunnels from underneath the ground. They also wrote their names on the rocks and stones, so they won’t forget for what they had did. And who had fought and died. Some of that were seen on the History Channel a century later. 

On April 12th, 1917, the battle was won by the allies. 4,000 German soldiers were captured, as 7,004 Canadian and U.K. troops were were wounded. 3,598 were dead that they fought and died on. And not only that, four Canadian Corps members were awarded the Victoria Cross. The highest award medal in WWI that they did on Vimy Ridge. 

After that big battle, everything began to change. Cause after the war was over, the Canadians never forgot for what they did on Vimy Ridge. Which is why they built that big monument that we all know of. The Canadian National Vimy Memorial. 

And on April 9th, comes Vimy Ridge Day. A day to commemorate the deaths and casualties of members of the Canadian Corps. That has the names of the men who had fought and died in the battle of Vimy Ridge.

When that monument was revealed in 1936, everyone was there. U.K. King Edward VIII, and Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. Until as a surprise, came the new dictator to Germany. Adolf Hitler. Before he went out of his mind and declared the Second World War in late 1939. 

Canadians never forgot that monument at all. Even on Remembrance Day. So by celebrating its 100th anniversary, very old Canadian war veterans and Canada’s men and women in the military service, travelled from Canada to the Vimy Ridge memorial, wearing their military uniforms for celebrations. To honour the dead that they fought 100 years ago. In fact, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there along with Prince Charles and his two sons. 

Every Canadian came from Canada to the Vimy Ridge memorial to celebrate that anniversary event, as well as the Canadian Mounties, and its aboriginal people too. Some in the audience knew their grandfathers that were once in that battle. 

With artillery cannons firing on that Sunday afternoon, replica biplanes that look like the ones from WWI, flew over the monument to recreate the flypass on that day when the monument was revealed in 1936. 

With military boots filled with poppies, they mentioned about John McCrae’s poem of “Flander’s Fields”. 

During the celebration, Justin Trudeau and Prince Charles said very powerful speeches as they shall never forget for what happened 100 years ago. And back in Canada in all of its provinces, they were at their war memorials celebrating the dead. By giving wreaths and gunfire by Canada’s marines, they gave out salutes also. 

Canada never forgot for what happened in Vimy Ridge. For that was the biggest battle in WWI history. And as they celebrated it’s 100th anniversary on April 9th, 2017, they always remember for how Canada was in WWI, 100 years ago. 

Bonnie and Clyde

At the 89th Academy Awards ceremony, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty hosted the last part of the Oscars. For Best Picture as ‘Moonlight’ won. For the way they were, they were total legends long ago. Because this movie here, made them very famous for the most. They were the Bonnie and Clyde in this masterpiece from Warner Bros.  

During the Great Depression, everyone in the U.S. lost everything. But it came to the rise of Bonnie and Clyde, as they began robbing banks, stealing cars, food, gas and clothing as they had three companions to bring along. Armed with revolvers, grenades and Thompson submachine guns, they became famous outlaws. From Texas to Oklahoma, they robbed almost $3,000 in cash. 

Until finally, in just one booby trap, they were shot pretty hard in the end. For they were as dead as Dillinger. 

Along with Warren and Faye, are Gene Hackman, Gene Wilder, Estelle Parsons, and Michael J. Pollard. They were amazing and spectacular in this. Before Gene Hackman and Gene Wilder were seen again, in “Young Frankenstein”. And for the way they robbed banks and took a lot of cash, they were better than the guys in “A Perfect World”, “Reservoir Dogs”, and “Pulp Fiction”. For the way criminals can rob a lot and avoid the police. 

So for a spectacular masterpiece, thanks to Warner Bros, I give this 9 and a half out of 10 stars. Great criminal movie, and how the way Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty were amazing in this. In fact, this was nominated for 10 Oscar awards including Best Picture. However, this only won two Oscar awards which is plenty. For Best Cinematography and Best Actress. 

I would cherish this movie to be the best criminal movie ever, for as long as I live. In your face Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino!! For Bonnie and Clyde shall be remembered as very famous criminals, as this masterpiece beats your criminal movies. 

Probe 16 car- Clockwork Orange

Toyota, Ram, Missan, and all those car companies in the world. We get their TV commercials, we get their ads and flyers in our junk mail, as we get it already. On buying new cars that people might agree on. But there is one car that is legendary. The Probe 16.

IMG_1207 IMG_1208IMG_1209

A sports car that two people can ride in. And it’s just any sports car. It’s a legendary one. In May 2015, that came to Ottawa Comic Con. And everyone they knew that car. Besides the one from ‘Back to the Future’. Why?

Cause in 1971, that was in Stanley Kubrick’s ultra violent movie, “A Clockwork Orange”. Malcolm McDowell was at Ottawa ComicCon for sure, as every fan were glad to see him in person. They even did a movie premiere of that Kubrick classic. Every Ottawa Comic Con fan saw that movie on that very big Saturday night. And they both loved him and that car.

For what happened in 1971, when Kubrick did that movie, Malcolm McDowell and his actor friends really loved that car. As Kubrick appreciated their good acting. Cause in the movie, after beating up Billy boy and his five droogs, Alex, Georgie, Pete and Dim took a car rental, (which is this) as they drove very fast to the English country side.

During the driving of this automobile, Alex and his droogs would fit right in perfectly, they would scream and cheer very loud, while driving fast. Alex does the driving, as they love the riding.

They were the kings of the road on that very night, before everything changed in that movie. So if you are willing to buy a sports car, I would prefer this legendary car here. Only used in Europe like how lorries are. A hot rod like that can easily run over a cartoon character on purpose, by these drivers. Killing one character in just one swift.

The same for this car, that was the very first.