Hokusai the artist, and Miss Hokusai

Hokusai. A brilliant Japanese artist as he is always very wise. Before he did his ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’. Sometimes her daughter Miss Hokusai, thinks he can be clumsy really. But I think, both he and Miss Hokusai, were brilliant artists that I ever saw to believe. 

Thanks to this anime masterpiece, “Miss Hokusai”, from Production I.G., I now trust Japanese art today.

And throughout that anime movie, while Hokusai believes in art, ghostly spirits that maybe real, and Japanese dragons, Miss Hokusai was like a true mother to her younger sister, when she was born blind.

Not only this anime movie was nominated at the Awards of the Japanese Academy for Best Animated Film, but like that anime movie “The Boy and the Beast”, this was a runner up to the Academy Awards in North America. But never made it in. Only “The Red Turtle” and “When Marnie Was There” made it in when they lost the award for Best Animated Feature. The same for “Kubo and the Two Strings”. 

While painting and drawing, they never clean up their art messes, and never cook for themselves. Not especially for people who come over. Cause in the summer of 1814, in Edo, Japan before that place was called Tokyo, everything was different. Centuries ago. And how art appreciates them. 

The same for Ming Miao, this character from a TV episode of “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat”. In which art in Asia, is beautiful. 

And whenever something ruins to their artwork, like Stanley Kubrick that famous film director before he lived, they would have to start over again. Until they get it right. 

These characters from “Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat” too when they paint for fun, and work for the Magistrate on scrolls. 

So Hokusai and her daughter Miss Hokusai, they are brilliant and extraordinary artists. For they made art history, as art in Japan, is beautiful. And I always dream of Miss Hokusai and her blind younger sister every night. 

Miss Hokusai


You probably recognize this as ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’. Popular in Japan, as this made art history. The artist who did that, is him.


Hokusai. Very wise and brilliant, he did artwork in his entire life. Such as painting on a big sheet of paper, painting small birds on a small grain of rice, the sand too, believing in spirits that can be real such as dragons, and just paint until he finds it well done.


Her daughter, Miss Hokusai keeps an eye on him, as they do a lot of painting. However, what was important the most for her, was her blind younger sister. Born blind, she was like a mother to her. Protecting her from what may come, she is always at her side.

And when I looked at their artwork, the dragons were extraordinary. Some of their artwork may have been worse at first, but then they find a different way.

When this extraordinary anime masterpiece ended, it has stated that Hokusai died at the age of 90. What about Miss Hokusai? She married a kind young man, until she remained with her mother at home. And for where they live, Edo, Japan, became now as Tokyo, Japan.

For a success, from Production I.G., on this extraordinary masterpiece, 10/10 stars. ‘A+’.

And every night, whenever I sleep in my own bed, I always dream of Miss Hokusai and her blind younger sister. Happy together. To be there with them, as their samurai warrior. Protecting them from any enemy that threatens them. On the ones I do not appreciate the most in Hollywood. And I always remember these words as a warning:

“Anime is the best as always such as these extraordinary characters. Leave here now, and live. Or stay, and face your destiny”.

La La Land

Ryan Goshling and Emma Stone became very famous in this Oscar winning movie, that ALMOST won Best Picture. This movie only won six Oscar awards, and seven Golden Globe Awards. In fact, I give this 8 out of 10 stars.

In Los Angeles, California, everyone has a taste in music as well as for how things were glory in the 1940’s. For what famous movies were back then, as they talk about it throughout the movie. They also, did some songs from the 1980’s.

By the time an actress and a piano player fell in love together, they went through changes. They never gave up their hopes, and followed their dreams. But when they met again, five years later, they knew that they had a romantic thrill of a lifetime.

This was amazing and better than any musical movie in the world. Especially some animated musicals that weren’t very splendid. This is number 1#. And when you are falling in love with someone, I’d be aware and take care if I were you.

Why? Well for one thing, that I know. That if a couple are affected by each other, like touching the tips of their hands and close to their lips, they don’t want that really. They just might not like it. Cause they don’t know each other. And for another, you don’t want to see a big smoochie, smoochie like really hard. Cause after watching that, and began watching a “Samurai Jack” episode in Season 5, it was a reference to that movie. With some love that I dislike, as well as some classical music like it’s from this movie. And for what happened in the end, I do not thank Genndy Tartakovsky for what he did that was not very pleasant. And I know what I’m talking about.

Life (1999)

Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Anthony Anderson, Bernie Mac, Don Harvey and R. Lee Ermy were all together in this prison camp comedy movie since “Cool Hand Luke”. 

In 1935, from New York to Mississippi, two African Americans were accidentally accused of murdering someone as they were sentenced to a full life in a prison camp. 

They tried escaping, but none of those plans worked. Eddie Murphy was funny when he tried escaping on an airplane. However, he had a funny crash landing that gave out a big boom explosion. 

Until by the time they were very old, they faked their deaths and returned home. Back to Harlem, New York. Dramatic and funny, I give this 7.9 out of 10 stars. 

But as for Anthony Anderson, you should’ve seen him hilarious in the first ‘Transformers’ movie when he yelled out….


Enemy at the Gates (2001)

Before Jude Law was Gigolo Joe in “A.I. Artificial Intellegence”, this was the movie he got into first in 2001. He, Ron Perlman, Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz, and Joseph Fiennes were in this. 

In the autumn of 1942, during Second World War, the battle of Stalingrad was massive as the actual city was in ruins. The Soviets never gave up when the German forces surrendered. And that was all thanks to a Soviet sharpshooter before Chris Kyle. But before that, he had to face a German sniper who’s an Nazi military officer first. 

Soviet sharpshooters did their best in fighting, as some were killed by the German forces including the Nazi sniper. Most of the ones who were killed by the Nazi sniper officer were his friends. 

But in the end, payback is what he wanted by shooting him in the head. At a local train yard in Stalingrad. And more importantly, Jude Law became the 1# top movie sniper of them all. In your face Bradley Cooper! Jude Law is legendary as that Soviet sharpshooter. 

For a pass, 8/10 stars on this sniper showdown in Stalingrad. 

Studio Ghibli AMV- Country Roads

Studio Ghibli. Best anime studio in the entire world. And thanks to a lucky YouTube subscriber, he/she made this AMV on the hit song we all know of. “Country Roads”. 

Not the John Denver version, but a new version. And as for those Studio Ghibli fans out there, you’ll love this on how Studio Ghibli is, how they deserve many Oscar awards, and how we should really thank them a lot. Anime is the best as I always say. 

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Time travel can sometimes be a mysterious power. In those movies we know, they have been invented by scientists. And to the way it is, time travel hasn’t been invented yet. But in a matter of years, it will be.

However, in this anime movie, it can happen to change one persons life. A young teenager in a Tokyo high school, was able to play baseball with her friends as she meets her aunt at the Tokyo National Museum. Who happens to be an art restorer.

By the time she hit her head on an object, that made her containing time power. By going backwards in time to the next day, she would make sure the day is correct as well as how people can end up in the future. Without causing some mayhem and accidents, for that may happen. Like getting run over by a train at a local crossing. Especially when you are having biking brake problems.

It all seemed okay to her, but she had to fix something between herself and the closest friends she had ever had in her life. And when everything was fixed again, she no more time leaping. She made a decision for her own future.

So for a success, better than “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Groundhog Day”, or any one of those time looping and time leaping movies, 10/10 stars here. ‘A++” here.

The Secret Life of Pets

chloe wiener dog

Ever wonder what your pets do, when you’re gone for the day? When you leave your house or apartment for work or school? Until you return in the late afternoon or evening?

pet paradise target

wtf chug

From Illumination Entertainment that did the Dr. Seuss animated movie, “The Lorax”, comes this. With the voice talents of Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Eric Stonestreet, Jenny Slate, Lake Bell, Ellie Kemper, Dana Carvey, Steve Coogan, Hannibal Buress, Bobby Moynihan, and Albert Brooks, they are all the pets we know. Dogs, cats, pet birds, a hawk, and a killer cute rabbit that wants payback.

Against alley cats, into the sewers, and through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, they try to make sure they get back before their owners return in the evening.

So for a pass, 7 and 1/3 out of 10 stars. And I can tell you this. “Every ‘Dog’ has it’s Day”. Which is why this is a success for sure.

except for these guys...

Except for these guys when they were dogs, as they had their day a setup…

i know, right

I know, right?

keitel madsen buscemi

bunker tarantino roth

(“Little Green Bag” plays by George Baker Selection, ever since that was in ‘Sausage Party’)

William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1996)


Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes were together famous, in this modern day immortal love tragedy from William Shakespeare. Taken place in Verona Beach in a big city far away, the Montague’s and the Capulet’s have been arch rival families since they first met, and began this feud.

Armed with many handguns, some revolvers, machine guns and shotguns, they do a lot of fighting. This made the Chief of the Police, Captain Prince so angry, he warned them.

However, things took a twist when Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet were in love together. And had the best moments that they could cherish. But when things got out of hand and a lot worse, they had no choice but to commit suicide.

I can’t tell you for how they killed themselves. But I can tell you this: Romeo and Juliet are finally together all to themselves.

And when both are dead, taken away buried, both the parents of the Montague’s and the Capulet’s felt very ashamed, and very miserable to themselves. And Captain Prince; he condemned both families to be punished. This became so splendid, by director Baz Luhrmann, this was nominated for an Oscar award. For Best Art Direction- Set Decoration. But lost when “The English Patient” took it.

It maybe harsh to watch this in high school, when you’re learning William Shakespeare at a young teen age. However at 24 years of age, it’s good to watch this. Recommended for young adults, 7/10 stars on this. Pretty dramatic, but you’ll get used to it.

Except for “Reservoir Dogs”….cause many gunfighters can end up as dead as they were…

reservoir-dogs-11 601px-RDSW659SW639-2




…and as dead as he was!

Spartacus (1960)

From director Stanley Kubrick, this movie that he did with Kirk Douglas won four Academy Awards, as well as a Golden Globe award. Didn’t won Best Picture, as Stanley Kubrick didn’t get full credit. But was mentioned really before getting famous. 

During the Roman Empire, a gladiator slave was able to free other slaves as they made it to freedom. They fought many battles against the Roman Empire, as many Roman Empire soldiers were killed. They were to escape Italy and away from Rome, but got into a pickle when the Roman Empire outsmarted Spartacus and his entire gladiators. Caesar’s general wanted him so bad, he’d be crucified alive. 

So in a final conflict which made motion picture history, was the epic battle one last time. And how many gladiators called out his name. Then they were to be crucified alive. Not the way Jesus Christ died and tortured badly by the Roman Empire, but just tied to a crucifixion pole. 

So for a pass, 7/10 stars. Long movie as it can be 3 1/2 hours.