Elisabeth Moss on this ‘Invisible Man’ business

When I heard about the 2020 remake of “The Invisible Man”, I was curious at first, until I found out the truth as I vowed myself to never to watch that ever and do a review too. Cause for what happened, didn’t follow the story that we know by H.G. Wells. In that movie, after a woman dumped his boyfriend, what she didn’t know was that her boyfriend was a scientist as he created a suit to make him invisible. Which was why he was stalking her, and did those violent scenes until the truth was revealed. She became a madman after taking another suit and took off. That DID NOT follow the story that we know.

In the story by H.G. Wells, as well as there was the original movie with Claude Rains in 1933, a scientist named Dr. Griffin created a formula to make things transparent. After experimenting on animals to become transparent and back again, he experimented on himself until he realizes that there was no reagent to make him visible again. He wore gloves, a fake nose, some bandages to cover his head, goggles or glasses too, as well as clothes to cover his invisibility. He became a madman and did some terrorization in a small village for weeks until he was shot by the police. As he dies, his body became visible again.

They did the same thing in “Hollow Man” in 2000 only different. Kevin Bacon as a scientist in an underground laboratory, volunteered to be the first human to become invisible. After that painful transparent operation, he tried to become visible again after a week, but was no use. He slowly became a madman as he killed every scientist and experimented animal, one by one before he destroyed the laboratory. Himself too when two survivors made it out alive.

Instead of lousy technology transparent suits, that wouldn’t make you become a madman. Cause suits like that are dangerous.

With the invisibility agent, (such as one of these two), that would make you become totally transparent like for what happened in the story, as it happened to Claude Rains or Kevin Bacon, that would make you become an invisible madman. Especially when the agent does it’s work by going through your veins. Your circulatory system. The stuff will stop working if you were shot dead.

So there is that. But wait a tic. There’s something else on Elizabeth Moss on this invisible business.

This was her, in that 2020 remake.

And this was her, as the voice of Kimmy Ventrix. “Batman: The Animated Series”, episode 17 or 56, aired on February 24th, 1993. ‘See No Evil’ is the title. Her father, Lloyd Ventrix was a ex-con until he was released, and worked at a corporation in Gotham City as an errand boy. During his job, that was when he stole some plastic invisibility stuff and created a suit to make him invisible. He wanted to be closer to his daughter before she and his wife would move away.

He stole jewellery, gems, diamonds, as well as wrist watches. By the time he got to be with his daughter while his wife wasn’t around, he pretended to be his imaginary friend and gave her gifts from the jewellery shops he robbed. Every night before he does his business.

During his invisibility process, the plastic on his suit became toxic to him as he was becoming dangerous. That was when Batman came and investigated the whole thing. Elisabeth Moss as Kimberly was kidnapped by her father until he went on a wild goose chase after him.

For what happened in that 2020 remake movie, was exactly ripping off that “Batman: The Animated Series” tv episode. Never wear a transparent suit that’s toxic. But a formula agent will make you a invisible madman once it goes through your veins. Just as how Claude Rains and Kevin Bacon went through.

Johnny Depp tried to do it, but he never did before the movie was created. He would’ve been great as the original invisible man, Dr. Griffin after all. Even if Benedict Cumberbatch was with him, who is after him as the invisible madman that takes place in West Sussex, England.

So in conclusion, never wear transparent suits. Do not want to hear anymore of that stuff. Only the formula to make you invisible will do. And then make you be a madman. In addition, one last thing about Elisabeth Moss.

Love her animated character Kimberly in that Batman tv episode. Especially that nightgown dress she wears at bedtime.

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