Another Top 10 Deadliest Aliens in film history

Since I did my ‘Top 10 Deadly Aliens in film history’ blog post review, I have looked at more deadly aliens that have ever made cinema history. Despite the worst ones that I reviewed on my ‘Top 10 Worst Aliens in Movies’, these ones are new, deadly and different, no matter how small or big they are. Especially when they are in disguises as humans. Not to mention buggy ones like that tempered six legged cockroach freak from “Men In Black”. Or those freaky ones from “They Live” from director John Carpenter. Those are real no-no’s.

10. The White Spikes (The Tomorrow War). Born in an egg chamber inside an alien spacecraft, they expanded after they crashed landed, and hatched one by one. With two long tentacles like a squid, sharp teeth, and can run or swim fast on four legs and two arms, these aggressive albino white carnivores can shoot spikes from their tentacles. Oh, and they can have the ability to fly. Like a plague, no matter how many, they can wash away all humans that are against them. However, like a hive, they are in command by a deadly queen.

9. The Pod People (Invasion of the Body Snatchers). Stay awake, or else! For this deadly extraterrestrial species, we’re looking at the ones from 1956. Not the ones from the 1975 remake. Since there was nothing left of their home-world, they flew off in the solar wind as spores in order to discover and consume the resources of other planets, including Earth. With the end goal of causing the extinction of the human race, they spawn emotionless replicas of their prey, which horrifically involves dissolving their victims into dust.

8. Ursa’s (After Earth). Abomination aliens that are born blind, but can get you by smelling your fear. With spitting black acid, razor claws, big teeth, and the ability to swim and climb, these six legged freaks, that are three times the size of a grizzly bear, can rip any angry baboon on Earth in half, eat it’s guts, and ask for seconds. Even after they hatch from those massive rocky coral like eggs. If you have the ability to do this ‘ghosting’ technique, with no fear, then you would be invisible to them. Jaden Smith learned to do that like his dad, Will.

7. Aquoids (Battle Los Angeles). Never let this butt ugly caste-based species steal away your water supply. These robotic like war machines that came from a chaotic, possibly war-torn planet, are highly developed, taller and thinner than humans, as they care nothing but cause total annihilation in Los Angeles, USA and steal away your resources including your water. No matter how many there are, what weaponry they have, as they would end all life on Earth, and bring the human race to extinction. Creepy, aren’t they?

6. Moon Bulls (First Men in the Moon). Despite those dastardly alien bugs that are born underneath the moon, in this adaption based on the novel by H.G. Wells, these ginormous caterpillars are like baby Mothra. Made by special effects expert Ray Harryhausen, these big boys do not like humans as how the alien bugs do. And no, they didn’t have a chance turn into butterflies or moths. They do roar louder than man eating lions, but can eat three or four cows in seconds. Their only weakness: electric shocks.

5. Genus Dragon (Evolution). Since that meteorite crash landed on Earth in the Arizona desert, it contained a ton of alien DNA. And created any type of vicious alien species within days including this massive winged reptilian one. Born immediately from an embryo after an elderly one barfs it out and dies, this will smell anyone and then get you. Especially if you’re shoplifting at a local shopping mall. And no, it doesn’t breathe fire like what regular dragons did. So get out your Ithaca 37 stakeout shotguns ready for this one.

4. The Martians (Mars Attacks!). In ‘The War of the Worlds’, while invading Earth, Martians began to couldn’t resist the bacteria in our atmosphere. So at the climax, while they inhaled so much, the bacteria killed them one by one. These guys however, thanks to Tim Burton are hilarious, deadly, and fully prepared. Especially for what they can do next. Armed with death rays, gadgets, flying saucers, shrink rays and a 50 ft robot, you’ll be zapped to the bone all the way. Or else have you abducted and decapitated.

3. Starro Face-huggers (The Suicide Squad). Created by Starro the Conqueror who came from deep space, they will kill you first, and then you’ll be brainwashed you under his power. These alien starfish parasites are like face-huggers from the ‘Alien’ franchise, only different. Instead of laying an embryo down your throat, once attached, they remain alive and will not come off a victim’s face at all. So it’s best to wear a mask that covers your entire face, and aim for the eyeball on each starfish parasite on a brainwashed victim.

2. Regents (Battleship). Watch out for these bad boys! These tall mammalian humanoids who lives beneath the surface of their planet like moles, are highly advanced with their deadly technology. Since they dislike sunlight a lot, they wear these armoured suits to protect themselves while invading Earth. Almost invulnerable, they will tear you apart. Even when they shook spiky charges and flaming missiles that makes your battleship sink. So if you’re up for game against them, just give them a cannon and say “Mahalo mother-f***er!!”.

1. Super Sonic Hearing Behemoths (A Quiet Place). Taking the number 1# spot on the list, do not make a sound. Remember, if they hear you, they hunt you. From the inspiration behind American actor/director John Krasinski, these blind aliens are fully armoured, fireproof, invulnerable to firearms, with sharp teeth, razor claws, and have super sonic hearing. They came from a far away alien home-world in deep space, where there is no light, and no humans. When their planet was destroyed, all of them survived by taking refuge on meteorites. By arriving on Earth after crash landing, like a flood, they washed away every human that are against them. They can rip a human to guts, and ask for seconds. Their weakness: loud eerie noises from hearing aids as it makes their brains and muscles twitch, and they cannot swim in water. Not even ocean water.

Do you agree with my picks? Anymore deadliest aliens in movies that make you want to have an underwear change?

Or just freak you out like these cartoon characters….

….who ran into this one….

….as he reveals his true nature?

{These two cats turn pale white}
Mr. Blik (voiced by Wayne Knight): IT’S THE MONSTER!!
{These three kids scream and panic, as they run off. The two cats follow them}
Mr. Blik (voiced by Wayne Knight): He’s coming after us!! Run!!
“Run for the hills folks! Or you’ll be up to your armpits in Martians!”

-Bugs Bunny, ‘Hare Way To The Stars’
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