Top 8 Execution Scenes in Movies

Since there have been criminals, who have been guilty over what they did wrong, they would have to pay the price, by facing their executions. In this list, these are the top 8 execution scenes in movies that ever made cinema history. Not very much, but these here are very good ones. So IYF WatchMojo!!

8. Private Arthur James Gardener (The Dirty Dozen). Kicking off the start on the list, we look at a American war criminal that during the Second World War, he was angry and guilty of murder. In the opening scene, Arthur James Gardener was sentenced to be dropped and hung by the neck, until death. Prior to his execution, he felt terrified over what he had done wrong, as he didn’t mean it. Unfortunately he had to face his punishment, when he made the big drop.

7. Horace Pinker (Shocker). In this Wes Craven slasher horror film, mass murderer and serial killer Horace Pinker, after having himself captured by the police for good, was immediately sentenced to death row to face the electric chair. What they didn’t realize was that he made a deal with the devil to make him become electricity himself. So in his execution, after a ton on electricity went through him, that caused so many sparks, his body disintegrated for good.

6. Matthew Poncelet (Dead Man Walking). After killing a teenage couple six years ago, arrogant, sexist and racist Matthew Poncelet was sentenced to death row to face the new way of executions: lethal injection. By having a catholic, Helen PreJean by his side, he needed help with his final appeal on forgiveness, and peace. And after establishing a relationship with her, he really felt guilty and emotional on what he did wrong as he faced his moment.

5. Arlen Bitterbuck (The Green Mile). An Indian-American convict, who was the first to be executed on death row at the Cold Mountain Penitentiary. Guilty of killing a man in an extremely violent bar fight, over a pair of boots, he had to face the electric chair. He was scared when the real deal came, but tries to stay brave when he walked on the ‘green mile’. Therefore he did. And when he paid the price, it was the perfect scene. The other two later on, was too heartbreaking.

4. Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg (Valkyrie). After losing his left eye, his right hand, & two fingers in his left during the Second World War, this German colonel had enough mayhem. So by joining a resistance to assassinate Adolf Hitler, he was in charge of the July 20th, 1944 plot. Unfortunately, when they found out that Adolf Hitler was still alive, he and the rest had to pay the price. Death by firing squad. He never blinked after that. He sacrificed everything for freedom & honour.

3. Private Pierre Arnaud, Corporal Philippe Paris, & Private Maurice Ferol (Paths of Glory). In the early works of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, we look at three French soldiers, during the First World War, they acted like cowards when they failed to take in the ‘The Ant-Hill’ in a suicide mission. For their punishment, death by firing squad. They felt really emotional when it came their execution scene, while one of them was nearly knocked out cold. They had to pay the price.

2. General Hasegawa (The Last Samurai). A soldier for the Japanese Imperial Army, in the final years of the age of the samurai. He knew Katsumodo very well. In the aftermath of a foggy battle, instead of being taken away as his prisoner, like Nathan Algren, he asked Katsumodo to end his life. So by performing seppuku, he stabbed himself, but didn’t sliced his stomach open. He fought with honour, and made Katsumodo to ‘quit while he was a-head’ of himself.

1. Richard Eugene Hickok & Perry Edward Smith (In Cold Blood). Taking the number 1# spot on the list, is a twofer. Based on for what happened in history, as how Truman Capote did his novel, two ex-convicts thought there was a fortune at the McClutter farm. But there wasn’t. So by going berserk, Perry Edward Smith and Richard Eugene Hickok murdered the family with a shotgun, as well as stabbing them. And in the aftermath of what they did wrong, both were sentenced to death row. For they would be dropped and hung by the neck until death. The last scene, while their hearts were beating, was really worth it until their hearts slowly have stopped after their necks broke, by the noose.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite execution scenes in movies?

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