The Tomorrow War (2021)

Time travel has not yet been invented. But thirty years from now, it will have been.

-Joseph Gordon Levitt as young Joe in the opening scene of “Looper”, 2012.

Like how I reviewed on time travel movies like “Tenet”, I wrote this: ‘It’s F*** YOU BIG TIME on that stupid “Power Rangers: Time Force” tv show from Saban Entertainment and the dark side when it comes to time bending’. Not to people in public, but to the companies that made that tv show. The rest too on new adventures. In this one, this totally kicks their large asses and testicles. Had a nightmare of this once before I would get ready to watch it.

Set in 2051 AD, mankind was faced with a massive alien invasion. All life on Earth have been nearly wiped out. The extraterrestrials called ‘White Spikes’ are like the ones in “Edge of Tomorrow” only different. Albino white, with long tentacles, the ability to fly, and teeth that are sharp as swords. In addition, they come together in a flood, as they wash away all that are against them. Galactic soldiers by building supercomputers have ‘Jumplink’. For they would send soldiers back in time, 30 years in the past. Their mission, to recruit more soldiers from our past, and bring them to fight in the future. During the FIFA World Cup in December of 2022, that was when they arrived. They warned them about what was going on in the future. Many people have joined in while the rest back on Earth began protesting against the government. While fighting, they each have a device that takes them to the future, and back again. Many have died, while the rest came home in one piece, as how a few members who have survived have lost limbs or arms, and being shell shocked. Anything like this were to ever happen again, soldiers who have volunteered to fight would be erased from existence. 

A former Green Beret, and his Vietnam War veteran father were with them, as they actually saved the world together. Only that former Green Beret time travelled from 2022 to 2051. And then he was brought back to his own time to find out about the source of the aliens, and give them the toxin so they can rot to the bone. 

Roger Ebert’s film critic friend Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times gave this movie, 2 out of 4 stars and wrote, “The Tomorrow War is an earnest effort to bring something new to the time-travel action genre, but this movie is a 2021 vehicle made of parts from the 2010s, the 1990s and 1980s”. However I give it a thumbs up indeed. 

So for a success, 10/10 stars is what I give. A straight ‘A’. In conclusion, cast members, Chris McKay, fans and Richard Roeper? Guess who else have imagined on what 2051 AD would look like? Canadian actor/comedians Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas. Cause they did this fictional movie in “Strange Brew” called ‘The Mutants of 2051 AD’. It got damaged before it can go any further. 

So if you were ever in an adventure to fight for your future in 2051 AD, would you face deadly albino extraterrestrials or fleshy headed mutants? 

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