Earth Girls Are Easy (1989)

Roger Ebert gave this 3/4 stars and concluded….”Earth Girls Are Easy is silly and predictable and as permanent as a feather in the wind, but I had fun watching it”. I was the same thing when I reviewed this.

Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans are the only stars I know in this musical science fiction romantic comedy movie. And not just that, I give this 9/10 stars.

J. Goldblum, D. Wayans, and the hilarious Jim Carrey are furry coloured aliens as they came to Earth to love human women. And they sure did after crash landing in a hair stylists pool. She met them right after her doctor boyfriend dumped her. They were furry first, until they shaved off their hair and became human looking. By having fun for nearly two days in the San Fernando Valley, they did that as well as repairing their spaceship so they can go home. And in the end, Geena Davis went with the aliens to their home world as she loved the blue one, portrayed by Jeff Goldblum.

I can tell you this fans. Once you see for what they can do, you’ll never trust anymore rainbow coloured alien people ever again. Not even the nasty ones in that god awful cinematic universe, based on those Marvel comic books. Cause these three can make you smile and giggle.

In fact, they even loved watching “The Nutty Professor” with Jerry Lewis, “Earth VS The Flying Saucers”, “Forbidden Planet”, and last but not least, “La Belle et la Bête” from 1946 on television while staying on Earth.

So to wrap this up, as of mid 2021, I thank Geena Davis very much for portraying Yoriko Sasaki, in “When Marnie Was There” from Studio Ghibli. And I surely can’t wait to see Jim Carrey as Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Eggman in “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” that will be released on April 8th, 2022. I sure hope Colleen O’Shaugnessey will reprise her role as Tails again, while Ben Schwartz and James Marsden reprise their roles again as Sonic and Sheriff Tom Wachowski.

No sign of a new movie with Damon Wayans unfortunately. But wait a tic. What about Jeff Goldblum? He sure will be reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm again, along with his friends Sam Neil as Dr. Alan Grant, and Laura Dern as his wife Dr. Ellie Sattler in “Jurassic World: Dominion”. Cause they’ll be joining Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Omar Sy, Justice Smith, BD Wong, and the son of George C. Scott himself, Campbell Scott. And I can tell you this. On June 10th, 2022, by working together, where they’re going, all cloned dinosaurs that are roaming the Earth, by air, land and sea from Isla Nublar & Isla Sorna….MUST BE TERMINATED. PERMANENTLY!! Nothing more, nothing else.

Oh, God! (1977)

I’m all shocked and surprised that this is the very first movie, that American country singer John Denver was ever in. Ever since he sang “Country Roads”, he spent most of his time as a singer, and spent less time on tv and movies. But did some travelling, as how some people were inspired by his songs.

For example, Olivia Newton-John, star of “Grease” did a 1973 version as while it was not as popular in the UK, it became totally popular and was number 6 in Japan. John Denver was very pleased to hear about this.

Another example, was that he was in his 40’s when he visited Japan in 1981 and 1983. He did all of his songs there, including my favourite. And that was when years later, long before his glider accident that killed him in near his mid-50’s, was this that John Denver was very impressed or pleased on also.

Aoii Hiiragi and Yoshifumi Kondō who loved “Take Me Home, Country Roads” so much, and were so inspired by him, did the manga book first, and then the 1995 anime masterpiece adaptation of “Whisper of the Heart”. From Studio Ghibli, as they had Toshio Suzuki as the producer, and Hayao Miyazaki who helped out on the screenplay. A coming of age romantic drama story about a 14 year old girl in junior high, who had been fascinated by stories, the John Denver song, and the statue of a cat baron, meets a violin maker as they began a relationship. It was the only directional debut movie that Yoshifumi Kondō had ever did, until in early January of 1998, he was 47 years old until he died of aortic dissection and aneurysm. And years after Yoshifumi Kondō, John Denver, and film critic Gene Siskel, were the only celebrities who passed away too soon in the late 90’s, when “Whisper of the Heart” came to North America to have it in English dub by GKIDS, they added in the Olivia Newton-John version of his song in the opening credits; and then the Japanese version of his song in the end credits. “Take Me Home, Country Roads”.

So before all this happened, this is where John Denver had to ‘expect the unexpected’, and this really made me smile.

In the Bible, God in heaven, dealt with these that we know of.

1. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden after eating the forbidden fruit.

2. Noah to build an ark to save animals and good people, as he created a flood. Lasted 40 days and 40 nights.

3. Moses to bring his people to freedom from the slavery of Egypt, after the ten plagues, crossing the Red Sea, and then he received the Ten Commandments, as well as the Ark of the Covenant.

4. Joshua, as he and Moses’s people fought in the Battle of Jericho. Right in front of a massive wall.

5. Daniel trapped in the lions den, after he was betrayed, but was gladly rescued.

6. Jonah, a messenger from him as he needed compassion and mercy, while doing an impossible task that he refused to do, after being almost eaten alive by a whale.

7. David, a little boy who confronted Goliath by using an early slingshot and killing him, by throwing a stone at his skull.

8. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, who were burned alive almost by a nasty king, who was such an a-hole.


9. His son, Jesus Christ, as Mary and Joseph watched over him. Born from early Christmas to the day he was betrayed by Judas and the Roman Empire, in his mid 30’s or 40s in early Easter, the passion of Christ was sad and horrible for the way that they killed him. However, it became a miracle that after taking him down, and placing him in a cave, he disappeared as he already went to the gates of heaven to be opened.

Thus, thousands of years passed by, until October of 1977. But what if he came down to the Earth in the form of a very old man? This was way before Morgan Freeman came along in “Evan Almighty”. George Burns is God himself. Not, I repeat NOT a king in the sky like in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Cause that one, made King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to go on that quest for the Holy Grail, all for nothing. When it came to how the French have already beaten them.

Directed by American actor Carl Reiner, based on a 1971 novel by Avery Corman, and from Warner Bros, John Denver portrayed an assistant supermarket manager until he was given a message from someone to be interviewed. He thought it was all a hoax, but it was all real to him. Such as a 27th floor with 17 floors, as it was never there in a building, including a room all painted white. It was God himself, who did all this. He can speak to him while he is invisible, in person visible, in a mirror, and on a radio with his voice.

People think he is all loony including his wife and two kids, but he isn’t.

It might be all too much on God in the Bible, before “Veggie Tales” have happened in near the mid 90’s, but everything came to a miracle when it came to that trial scene. They saw him in person, as he walked out invisible. In person, they talked to him, as he showed them tricks up his sleeve. On the voice recorder however, and on the prompter, nothing. It was all blank. So they did believed in what they had did.

Joining John Denver and George Burns, are Teri Garr as John Denver’s wife, Donald Pleasance as a reverend, and Carl Reiner, the director himself as a tv guest.

Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel were very pleased about this. Which was why this was one of the best movies in 1977. In fact, both Ebert and Siskel after watching the whole thing, each gave this 3.5 out of 4 stars and noting that this struck the right tone by avoiding both pious religious platitudes and “cheap shots” about faith. Which was why this was Oscar nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the 50th Academy Awards ceremony on April 3rd, 1978. Unfortunately, it lost due to the Holocaust period drama film “Julia” from 20th Century Fox, while it was also winning Best Supporting Actor & Best Supporting Actress.

So for an amazing success, 9.7 out of 10 stars is what I give. A straight ‘A’. Although I felt sorry for John Denver when he got into that glider accident that killed him. All I know is that this made me entertained very well. And this is my message to him if he can hear me….

“Thanks so much for the songs you did, including “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. If you’re still in heaven up there, tell Yoshifumi Kondō I also said, ‘Arigato goizamasu’ for ‘Whisper of the Heart’ “.

The Gorburger Show clip- Christian Bale or Christian Male?

Heads up HiHi Puffy AmiYumi!! There is a new character doing his Japanese style tv show now. A big furry blue alien named Gorburger portrayed by T.J Miller (who was in “Office Christmas Party” as well as “Underwater”), who has interviewed some famous celebrities like Rob Corddry from “Hot Tub Time Machine” and Tog Notaro who is new in Hollywood.

The series only lasted for one season with eight episodes, from April 9th, 2017 to June 4th, 2017 on the Comedy Central channel. R rated for adults only, with violence and course language, things can get funny in those episodes. And you will never go back to watching pre-schooler kids cartoons like “In the Night Garden” and “Teletubbies”.

In this video clip link from episode 3, with Tig Notaro as a guest, they do a friendly quiz contest on who said it. Christian Bale the Hollywood actor, or a Christian male. The first question is from one of my favourite biblical films, despite of how it didn’t turn out internationally and domestically. I still admired it.

Typhoon Noruda (2015 anime half hour movie)

While I was in the Kijiji business, I had been making some good progress on selling items, as well as getting into swap/trades. Until at some point, I accidentally got a Blu-Ray copy of this in a Kijiji swap/trade. Fortunately however, I traded that Blu-Ray copy of this for something else. Where I come from, we never use Blu-Ray a lot. So I got into watching that half hour anime movie on the internet instead.

From the anime studio who has brought you “Penguin Highway” and “A Whisker Away”, Sentai Filmworks has licensed this film. And I watched this in English dubbed instead of English subbed.

Set one day before the Tsujikita festival at a school in Japan, a typhoon was coming as they had to stay there for the night. While two male student friends got into some issues after a fight, they had to help out a mysterious female named Noruda who was in deep trouble.

What was surprising, was that at the very end, she is a visitor from another place. I can’t tell you what’s behind her, but I can tell you this. Once you see for what she really is, you’ll never get into those lousy ‘galactic guardian’ from Marvel Comics ever again. Not even those two idiotic live action movies, directed by James Gunn that take place in that cinematic universe.

Dramatic, very well done in anime, an ‘A-‘ is what I give on this. 9.9 out of 10 stars.