The Sound of Music (1965)

At the 38th Academy Awards, on April 18th, 1966, two movies each won five Oscar awards. “Doctor Zhivago” won the first five, but never won Best Director and Best Picture. It also won five Golden Globe Awards including Best Motion Picture- Drama at the 23rd Golden Globe Awards ceremony on February 28th, 1966.

This one however won the other five including Best Picture and Best Director. Plus two Golden Globe Awards for Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy and Best Actress.

And Baz Luhrmann? When you did “Moulin Rouge”, did you asked 20th Century Fox’s permission to feature the opening song in your musical? Cause when I saw the first 10 minutes, I was all ‘what the-?!’ when Ewan McGregor was singing it. Only Julie Andrew is the best singer in this famous musical.

From Rodgers and Hammerstein, this totally deserved to make cinema history. In fact, this is based on a tree story. Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Charmian Carr, Nicholas Hammond, Duane Chase, Angela Cartwright, and Kym Karath are the only stars that I know of in this.

Set in Salzburg, Austria in 1938, a free spirited young Austrian woman named Maria was asked to babysit and look after the seven children of Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp. A retired naval captain who fought in the Boxer Rebellion in Peking, China for 55 days, and the First World War in Europe. Throughout the movie, she had really cared for the Von Trapp children. She especially taught them how to sing. So Maria married Georg Ludwig von Trapp in a glorious wedding and a honeymoon as they made it back for the Salzburg Festival.

Then things start to change differently when the Third Reich was established. German troops were in Austria, no shots fired. Captain Von Trapp (portrayed by Christopher Plummer) was the first person to ever tear a Nazi flag in half for good. So the Second World War was about to break out by September 1st, 1939, as German troops were massed at the border of Poland. The entire Von Trapp family did their last performance at a big coliseum theatre. After that, they didn’t had enough time to win the grand prize. Instead, they hurried to get out of Austria as they made it to Switzerland in very end of the movie. In epilogue, they made it out of Europe just in time. All the way to Vermont, USA.

Some people have also told that when the Trapp family made it to Vermont, USA near the border of Canada, they opened up a lodge business. Somewhere near Smugglers Notch Ski Resort and a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory. (I’ve been there, but didn’t see the lodge. I was recovering from a skating accident while I was in grade 3, as I didn’t ski. Had a cast on my left leg, as my dad took me to Ben & Jerry’s first, and then a spa where I had my first back massage).

What about Maria and Georg? Georg Ludwig Ritter von Trapp lived until he was 67 years old. Died of lung cancer on May 30th, 1947. Maria however, took great care of the entire Von Trapp family clan until she died of a heart failure at age 82 on March 28th, 1987. Their children lived on after the passing of those two. Before they really passed away, they must’ve thanked the people in Hollywood for making this movie, based on the early days of their lives, as well as for Rodgers & Hammerstein too for the musical.

So for a success, 9.5/10 stars is what I give. A straight ‘A’.

In conclusion, I look at the opening scene for where the story takes place, a country like Austria really is a land of peace and plenty. A land of harmony and hope. Where there is wipe open space, as you can see the mountains and lakes. All that instead of serious warfare like for what happened throughout our history. Not even the ones in fictional books that can be made into film adaptions like George Orwell’s “1984”.

And folks? The next time you plan on travelling, like going on vacation, you should probably check out the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont, USA; somewhere near Smugglers Notch Ski Resort and that Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory. You have kids that love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, do you?

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  1. My favorite Rodgers and Hammerstein musical- a love that began that with this incredible film

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it as how I did.


      • Love multiple R&H musicals- Sound of Music, Cinderella, South Pacific, and Oklahoma are the main ones.

        I can include other musical movies from that- after all, am a musical theatre nut


      • I don’t watch very much on theatre musical’s, where they do that on stage, but I do appreciate movie musicals like this one, and these top 8 I did a long time ago. Live action movie musicals. Not animated ones.

        Number 1# on my list is Yankee Doodle Dandy with James Cagney, thanks to Warner Brothers that did it.


      • I actually read an incredible book this year about movie musicals this year called “The Movie Musical”


      • Does it mention about my top 8 movie musicals? Anchors Aweigh? Kissin Cousins? The Greatest Showman? Yankee Doodle Dandy? In The Navy? The Wizard of Oz? Rock Around The Clock? Rocky Horror Picture Show? And btw, I have scheduled three more movie musicals to be published coming soon. Two animated, and one live action that has Elvis. “Gay Purr-ee” that features the voice of Judy Garland, and “Cat’s Don’t Dance” that was dedicated to her friend Gene Kelly. “Frankie and Johnny” is the one with Elvis if you still love the king of rock and roll.


      • “Gay Purr-ee” and “Cats Don’t Dance” are from Warner Bros animation btw.


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