Black Panthers (1968 half hour documentary)

Note: This has absolutely nothing to do with that lousy Marvel super freak movie with Chadwick Boseman as that black panther monster. Before his death of colon cancer in late 2020. This is an historical half hour documentary that took place in real events.

“The panther was chosen as their symbol. It is a beautiful animal which never attacks, but defends itself ferociously”.

-Female narrator.

This half hour short film showed real footage on the Black Panther Party. Filmed in August of 1968, sometime after Dr. Martin Luther Kings assassination, Huey P. Newton was arrested and taken to jail. He remained there for seven months. Long before he was assassinated on August 27th, 1989. In fact, he was the actual leader of the Black Panther party as it was founded in 1966. Fred Hampton, long before he was killed in early December of 1969, was only the chairman of one of the Black Panther protest parties in Chicago.

This entire documentary was lost for years until this was restored in the 2010’s. TV channel Turner Classic Movies showed this on TV on May 25th, 2021. From 12:30 pm up 1pm.

Throughout the documentary, the Black Panther party in Oakland, California began to protest against the police for arresting Huey P. Newton. In front of the courthouse. Kathleen Cleaver was with all African American people who were members of the protest party. Regular Americans, and Mexican-Americans joined in too. Including Bill Brett, Captain of the Black Panther Party, located in Oakland, California.

Other Black Panther party members were mentioned such as Bobby Seale, Bobby Hutton, Warren Wells, and Eldridge Cleaver. Some of them have died too young as a revolutionary, while getting shot by the police.

They have mentioned the Korean War, as well as the Vietnam War that America was facing, but no footage was shown.

Ever since then, as how the Black Panther party was dissolved in 1982, I think that black lives DO matter, no matter what the cost. Besides, I still care for that animal as I know it’s an endangered species.

So for a success, 9.5 out of 10 stars is what I give. A straight ‘A’ on this half hour documentary. Thumbs up indeed.

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