Top 10 Worst Aliens in Movies


Is there a movie alien that you totally dislike on? And does that extraterrestrial still terrify you as of how you are now? Well, there can be some that are ridiculous as well as they can still freak you out. In this list, these are the top 10 worst aliens in movies. Some of them are lame, as what Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel have reviewed. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

10. The Blue Blooded Robots (The World’s End). Kicking off the start on the list, we look at an A.I. race that are like the pod people from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, only moronic and creepy. Created by the Network, with strong strength and blue paint as their blood, they killed many lives in a small town in the British countryside. And were after a 40 year old alcoholic slacker named Gary King and his four friends while doing a pub crawl. The way that light up their mouths and eyes, you might want to get out of that town AFAP.

9. The Coneheads (Coneheads). From those Saturday Night Live skits to their very own movie, these human like aliens who have their pointy heads, come from a screwball alien home-world as they do a lot of stupid things on Earth. Especially when their daughter was in love with a Chris Farley character, as well as how they revealed themselves to the public a lot. Eating toilet paper, dirt from a vacuum cleaner, as well as Windex which is disgusting, showing their ugly teeth, and screaming at eggplants which is really annoying.

8. The Zirkonian Freaks (Aliens in the Attic). No matter how big or small aliens are, or what else to they have like four arms, these ones are what I’m talking about. By searching for a device that they lost, that they can use for their invasion, underneath a very old house, their goal was to possess the minds of humans, as well as how they can be 30 stories tall, while conquering Earth and our universe. The way that they appear, are ridiculous. 61 cm high, butt ugly, as the female can be such a b**** with those long sharp fingernails.

7. The Guild Navigator (Dune). This is one of the reasons on why that 1984 sci-fi movie didn’t turn out so well, as how “Firestarter” with Drew Barrymore did. Trapped in a water tank, it can talk, yes. But it’s face and head can be bloody disgusting. Like a giant mutated newt or worm, two times the size of a Beluga. By making a deal with the humans and other aliens, this fleshy headed navigator of the spice production, wanted the son of Duke Leto, dead because of becoming a messiah. So hold onto your cookies once you see it.

6. The Talking Duck (Howard the Duck). This is before that new one, came along in that god awful Marvel Cinematic Universe. By looking a talking animated bird, it’s fine if it’s Toucan Sam or whatever is your favourite one. This one however, live action, is as idiotic as that other duck from the dark side. It can talk, but he is really irresponsible. By having himself zapped from his alien world to Earth in Cleveland, USA, for whatever reason, everyone became terrified of it. And never went back home. So get out your guns. And kill this one.

5. The Zorgons (Zathura). We shall never play board games from Chris Van Allsburg like ‘Jumanji’ and this one where these show up. While two boys, their older sister, are still stuck in their house while flying in outer space, the most terrifying alien species, besides a weird, cranky defective robot, are these Zorgons. Reptilian humanoids that hunt and eat mostly humans, while hunching over. And wouldn’t stop until the whole Zathura game is finished. The hissing can really hurt your ears, as long as you remain silent.

4. The Venusian Freak (20 Million Miles to Earth). Loud and annoying, there has to be a different type of alien from the planet Venus than this one. Created by Ray Harryhausen, it escaped from a small tube after crash landing on Earth on the coast of Italy. No thanks to a fisherman boy. After it rapidly grew bigger, it went on a rampage across Europe. Destroying many monuments, farmhouses, innocent elephants from a circus as well as the Coliseum in Rome. The screeching can hurt anyone’s ears. So do avoid this one kids.

3. The Sinister Children (Village of the Damned). From an wavy force to being themselves, do beware the children. Born with hypnotic powers, intensive mind power, and are too intelligent than gifted, they can easily hypnotize you than a 3D hypno ring. Worse than Hitler’s youth, their goal was to build their own odyssey on Earth. The military, the townspeople, the national guard, the police, Mark Hamill as a reverend, and every armed man have tried to kill them all, but can easily be hypnotized once they look into their creepy eyes.

2. Calvin (Life). We are totally better off alone in the universe than this one from Mars. And it’s definitely not Marvin the Martian’s cousin. Found in a soil sample from the red planet in our solar system, it grew rapidly inside the International Space Station. And after it got bigger, it grew tentacles, got black eyes, a small razor mouth, as well as having intense strength. This one can break the glass of a cryotube in a sleeping chamber. And loves doing one thing only. Killing astronauts no matter how outrageous this is.

1. Venom and Carnage (Marvel Comic Movies). Taking the number 1# spot on the list, are the worst ones, of the very worst. They are messy, obtuse as well as being so terrifying that they can frighten little kids very much than the boogeyman. As alien slime parasites called ‘symbiotes’, they can easily possess a human inside no matter what. Venom in 2007, possessed the first spider monkey portrayed by Tobey Maguire in NYC, until he was passed on to a failed photographer who wanted revenge on him. Both got terminated by a pumpkin bomb. These two are more terrifying than ever before, after they escaped from facilities as they caused havoc in the streets of San Francisco. By possessing a reporter (Tom Hardy) and a serial killer (Woody Harrelson), Tom Holland as that spider monkey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be torn in half by both of them for good riddance, before Samuel L. Jackson as that freaky one eyed man would know. And still, like T. Holland and S.L Jackson’s character, they are the worst of the worst.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are the worst aliens you totally dislike on?

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