John Denver- Country Roads (LIVE in Japan of 1981)

Ever since I have reviewed his hit famous song, and the only feature film John Denver was ever in, this is where he does his song again…LIVE this time. In his tour in the Far East, he was in Japan of 1981, where he performed 17 of his songs there in Tokyo, Nagano, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagasaki maybe, and probably Kobe. I don’t think he and his band went to Hokkaido as well as Okinawa. Cause that’s too far.

For what he did in this video scene here, this is probably where Aoi Hiiragi and Yoshifumi Kondō got the inspiration for “Whisper of the Heart”. Aoi Hiiragi did the manga book first, and then Yoshifumi Kondō did the anime masterpiece from Studio Ghibli, based on Aoi Hiiragi’s book. With the help of Toshio Suzuki as the producer and Hayao Miyazaki on the screenplay. After all, who totally agrees with me, that anime is the best as always?

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