Black Heroes: Patriots of the Revolution (a 1 hour tv special)

This was a 1 hour documentary special with NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Since we and him, looked at history bits such as Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay, the Vietnam War, the Black Panther Party, the American Civil War, and so forth, black lives do matter as of today.

For what happened on the History Channel was something we never learned in history class. There were African-Americans that participated and fought for freedom as well as independence in the American Revolution.

Since the British were putting up high taxes, some racism as how they cared nothing but money, the colonists became fed up with them including the slaves. So after the Boston Tea Party, and the Boston Massacre, the American Revolution broke out.

George Washington during that time, when he became a general did cared for them as they took major roles in this. From the Battle of Lexington, the Battle of Bunker Hill, Battle of Red Bank, Battle of Rhode Island, to the Siege of Yorktown, African American people who fought in the American Revolution were real patriots indeed.

They mentioned Benedict Arnold, but never told on what he did as a madman. However, since this is interesting, they mentioned that not only African-Americans fought for the colonies, but there were some that fought for Britain also. After that, came the 1st Rhode Island Regiment. The very first African-American regiment in the Revolutionary War. In the American Civil War, it was only the 54th Massachusetts. This documentary special even mentioned these famous African-American people in the American Revolution.

Peter Salem, a U.S. soldier for the patriots as he was an excellent sharpshooter. He survived the Battle of Lexington and the Battle of Bunker Hill, and lived until he was 66 on August 16th, 1816.

Colonel Tye, a African-British soldier as he volunteered while he was in the colonies as a slave. After various battles, he suffered tetanus and lockjaw from a gunshot wound in 1780.

One more thing that they did showed. Valley Forge. They didn’t mentioned on how many African-American patriots died there, but in the winter of 1777 was tragic. 8 to 11 ft of snow, as there were patriots suffering from diseases, freezing to death, and probably leprosy as they remained there for 5-6 months throughout the entire winter. However they still remained strong until the Revolution came to a close.

Since the Revolution came to an end, William Weberforce also putting an end to slavery, and throughout the events involving African-American people, black lives do matter as we do not want to cause so much racism. Especially for what happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. This NBA player is really excellent as the host for this documentary special. So I’m giving this 9.8 out of 10 stars.

In future, the next time ‘Black History Month’ occurs in February, we should talk about how African-American people fought in the First World War.

That there, would be an idea for a new movie. Only if it’s either from Warner Bros, or Universal Pictures, or Paramount Pictures, or Miramax, or Revolution Studios. Not the god awful dark side, Dimension Films and 20th Century Fox/Studios since they are a part of that. For what I mentioned here, are real NO-NO’s.

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