Killer’s Kiss (1955)

Way, way before there was “Pulp Fiction” and “Taxi Driver” on prizefighters in crime/drama stories, there was this that started it all. Turner Classic Movies host Eddie Muller who does “Noir Alley” nights showed this in early March of 2021.

This one isn’t just any crime/drama noir movie. This is the 2nd film that 26 year old filmmaker Stanley Kubrick had ever did. He was starting his career as a filmmaker as he shot this in his hometown, Bronx, New York City. He made $75,000.00 at the box office on this 67 minute film.

In Manhattan of 1955, a prizefighter was in love with a dancer. The only trouble was her boss as a gangster and his two pals. By harassing on her, the prizefighter took a Luger P08 pistol and went after the three that took her. From the streets and rooftops of Manhattan to a mannequin factory, the suspense, the chase, cinematography and sound turns out to be magnificent.

So for a success, 7.7 out of 10 stars is what I give.

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