Stay Tuned (1992)

Have you or someone else you know of, ever been television obsessed? I sure was when I watched every single anime tv show and cartoon on tv channels YTV and Teletoon back in the glory days. Only on the good ones. Not the ones that can give you nightmares, make you sick, and so on and so forth. When I got into too much tv, it spun my mind out of control as I would get in trouble sometimes at elementary school. But not too much. On sick days, or when I have a broken leg, or a PD Day, or early dismissal, I would watch tv nearly all day.

When I got older, as how my favourites got cancelled one by one, the rest that kept ongoing got dumb and dumber. Reruns and of course, new seasons. Since then, I had been aware of what can happen on tv. Which was why I gave up YTV & Teletoon, as I got into some comedy tv shows, some old fashioned movies, and etc as how I became a movie expert and film critic like Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert.

When both the movie and the original TV show “Bewitched” was on Netflix, I was like Malcolm McDowell in “A Clockwork Orange” on the brainwashing torture scene, when I was forced to watch them with my mom, having my eyes open.

Later on, before and after COVID-19 struck the world, my dad became totally obsessed on television. My mom too when they bought Videotron and replaced Bell Canada. They became totally television obsessed. Not like how I was, but really, really obsessed. Like that Mike T.V kid who shrank in both movie adaptations of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. While tv obsessed, computer addicted, IPhone & IPad addicted, they can rot their minds out pretty bad like Tom Hardy in “Capone”. Even when they get a new tv screen, new sound stereos while his hearing gets a lot worse, as my dad can eat a whole bag of chips in a matter of seconds. Instead of running away from home because of those two, I have escaped from my cottage towards back home, to the city numerous times, but they get really on me as I do not, repeat NOT want to rot my mind like them, and make me be their Norman Bates from “Psycho”.

But when you’re watching television, what would happen if you got inside a TV show? Or cartoon?

I was 8 years old when I saw that Simpsons episode; for how Bart and Lisa in a “Treehouse of Horror” segment, faced an animated mouse and cat. ‘Terror of Tiny Toon’. In a tv remote with plutonium as a battery, they got inside the show as their favorite cartoon characters tried to kill them. Especially when they came to our world. However, Itchy became a pet mouse, and so did Scratchy the Cat who was in love with Snowball in the end. Unfortunately for him, he was forced to be neutered.

The same thing happened again, only in the three time, Oscar nominated movie, “Pleasantville”. Toby Maguire and Reese Witherspoon, after buying a universal remote from Don Knotts as a funny tv repair man, they got inside a black and white 1950’s tv show, as they made it become colonized.

In reverse, how can we forget Kenan Thompson as Fat Albert with the Cosby Kids in the 2004 comedy movie, “Fat Albert”? After a lonely girl shed a teardrop on her tv remote, it opened a portal. From their cartoon tv show on a tv screen to our world, and back again, they became real people. And how can we forget Bill Cosby’s reaction to Fat Albert in person when he nearly fainted?

Which was why before these came along, was this. And it really made me smile while my dad and mom are still addicted and obsessed on tv, IPads, IPhones, TV screens, and computers. Eugene Levy and Jeffery Jones are the only stars I know of in this. Thanks to Warner Bros and Morgan Creek Productions.

In fact, Jeffery Jones who is the bad guy in this, really reminds me of my tv obsessed dad who is really, really bad. And on me too.

A former fencing athlete, but now plumbing salesman and couch potato became really obsessed on television. When a mysterious salesman gives him a new tv screen, system and satellite dish, both he and his wife were zapped to be in the tv system, as they appeared on every single tv show. They only had 24 hours to go through every single tv show on each channel, and make it out alive. In addition, you should’ve seen them!! They even made parodies of the ones we’ve seen.

And these are for examples of what they did.

Duane’s Underworld on Saturday Nite Dead. As a parody of Wayne’s World from SNL, many undead people were in it as they love to mess a-holes around.

Driving Over Miss Daisy. As a parody of the Oscar winning movie we know, Jeffery Jones drove over old woman Miss Daisy as he loves it.

Death Trek: The Next Generation. It’s holy Shatner once you see Jeffery Jones (again) as some alien dudes trying to kill Trekkies.


Rooney Tunes. Animated thanks to Chuck Jones who did B.B, D.D, E.F, Y.S, Sylvester the Cat, and Wile E. Coyote, this parody shows that mice avoid a robotic cat that is programmed to kill them.

Other references included “Dr. Strangelove: OR How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb”, “The Exorcist”, “Silence of the Lambs”, and more. They no longer got into television again after that, as the father became a fencing teacher instead which is cool.

Which is why this is totally thumbs up. 9.1 out of 10 stars is what I give. Just like the two famous film critics and these reliable friends here. The next time that happens again, about someone getting zapped into a tv, it has to be Tom Holland or these guys…

J.M: This is Jesse McCarthy…
E.H: I’m Emile Hirsch…
T.F: I’m Tom Felton, and I’m in The Zone!
Carlos from The Zone on YTV: And don’t forget me!! Carlos!!
Davy Stone: BOO!!!
Nelson Muntz: YTV & Teletoon SUCKS!! Bring out “Digimon: Digital Monsters”!!
Carlos from The Zone on YTV: We can’t. We had it cancelled a long time ago.

In conclusion, we do not want to deal with too much tv cause that’s not good for you. Otherwise you’d wind up rotting your mind like how my tv addicted parents would be. They never stop complaining and beg on what they want to watch. And my dad would be super duper pissed if I overspent by accident, as well as being ripped off on something on Kijiji by some dickhead who refuses a money back guarantee. Not only he would angrily stare at me, cause for how stupid I am, but he would be okay to have everything he needs on television, computers, Apple technology and a entire fortune to himself, if I was never even born……..

Right now, this is my final message to them: “You can have your silly tv time, as well as being glued to your IPhones, IPads, more on Apple technology, and the internet too. Especially when you two are pyromaniacs and woodchuck chucky’s too much. I’m marching back home, to the city. On March 26th. Not taking any chances. PERIOD”.

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  1. I never seen this movie before. But I do remember The Simpsons.



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