Tales of the Tooth Fairies song lyrics

When you’re sleeping, they’ll come ringing, with a call and clamper on your bed. Find a tooth beneath your pillow, leave a present there instead.

Those are the song lyrics to “Tales of the Tooth Fairies” when I watched it on VHS several times as a youngster. The one about tooth mice that collect kids tooth’s, and leave gifts for them instead. Not tooth dwarves. And it’s the North American version. Not the UK version.

I don’t like for how a YouTuber a long time ago, did the episodes with his odd material on dark side shit, but this is Hallmark Entertainment property. Not the dark side property.

Luckily one more, does support the real deal for sure on YouTube. The actual version thanks to Hallmark Entertainment. In addition, like “Shining Time Station”, the 1991 adaption of “The Little Engine That Could” & “Journey Home: The Animals of Farthing Wood” with Ralph Macchio, this version definitely need be on DVD right away. PRONTO. And it’s other episodes too.

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