Cutthroat Island (1995)

Way, way before there was “One Piece”, and three years before “The Man in the Iron Mask”, Geena Davis, Matthew Modine and Chris Masterson before he was Francis in the tv show, “Malcolm in the Middle”. (Shown on TV channel YTV, that I saw with my own eyes). They made a great team in this adventure swashbuckler film. Filmed in Thailand, Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave this 3 out of 4 stars as he wrote….

This is, in short, a satisfactory movie – but it doesn’t transcend its genre, and it’s not surprising or astonishing. I saw it because that was my job and, having seen it, I grant its skill, and award it three stars on that basis. But unless you’re really into pirate movies, it’s not a necessary film”.

I do like this, as I give this a thumbs up. Matthew Modine is hilarious in this. U.S. Marine Private/Sergeant Joker himself from “Full Metal Jacket”. And Christopher Kennedy Masterson? He looked splendid at a young age, as how he loaded muskets with the help of Geena Davis’s pet monkey.

Jamaica in 1668. Two ships with rivalry pirates set sail for an island that no one has ever been. Northeast of Cuba, as a huge stash of gold is there. A lady pirate with her crew, and a con man/thief try to beat the other pirates to catch that treasure. The adventure, the sword fighting, and avoiding cannonballs and quicksand were splendid. My dad and I enjoyed this for how Matthew Modine was a master of disguise. Geena Davis’s pet monkey too. After that, and defeating the bad guys, their next destination? Madagascar. Oh, and they got the treasure out in one piece. So IYF Straw Hat Pirates from “One Piece”!! (Except for Nami).

Which is why I’m giving this 9.2 out of 10 stars.

I don’t like for what Trey Parker and Matt Stone did on a “South Park” tv episode on Somali pirates. Cause for what they did, was a complete train wreck. Even so, Somali pirates are still vicious as of today. But when it comes to this for what happened in the 17th century, this was worth it. Besides, like how Matthew Modine did in that movie, he would do great if he was in an animated movie like how he did in a supporting role in “A Cat in Paris”. Would you fans agree?

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