Kirby Morrow (1973-2020)

Kirby Morrow (1973-2020)

I didn’t like him at first in other cartoon roles or whatsoever in North America, but he was the best in all of anime. He was Goku in the Ocean Dub version of “Dragon Ball Z”, Trowa Barton in “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing”, Noel in “Hamtaro”, ElecMan in “MegaMan NT Warrior”, Captain Dave Kleinman in “Stargate” both ‘Atlantis’ & ‘Universe’, Tom Halsey in “A Ring by Spring” and most of all, Miroku in “InuYasha”, along with ‘The Final Act”, as he got into only the first episode of the spin-off, “Yashahime: Half Demon Princess” before his death that shocked us.

He did get into some of the popular tv shows, such as ‘The Good Doctor’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Olympus’, & ‘Arrow’. Only one episode each. Nothing else.

I was glad that the original cast including him were gonna be in this InuYasha spin-off, but then was shocked like Rambo in the opening scene of “First Blood” that he passed away at age 47. 😱😱😱😱 Internet doesn’t say about how he kicked the bucket. Just went to bed normally, died in his sleep, and then the news spread. Same thing for what happened to American voice actor Michael Lindsay earlier ago, ever since he was Joe Kido in the first two “Digimon” tv shows. Season one & season two.

I must feel very sorry for the Canadian voice actors who knew him very well. Richard Ian Cox, Kelly Sheridan, Moneca Stori (retired), Scott McNeill, Brian Dobson, Carly McKillip, Samuel Vincent, Matt Hill, Maggie Blue O’Hara, Brian Dobson, Kira Tozer, David Kaye, Nicole Oliver, Chantal Strand, Tabitha St. Germain, Brittney Wilson, Jillian Michaels, Terry Klassen, Don Brown, Cathy Weseluck, maybe Matt Frewer, and the rest of the Canadian voice actors/actresses.

So anyway, Kirby Morrow was born in Jasper, Alberta on August 28th, 1973 as he studied theatre at the Mount Royal University in Calgary, and worked in Vancouver, British Columbia until his death on November 18th, 2020. It would’ve been great if he got into more roles of his career. Some that could’ve make him very famous on.

His brother Casey wrote this in Facebook. “Kirby was a blessed and talented individual who brought joy to so many but also thrived off all your love and friendship”. His co-star Kelly Sheridan wrote this on the day of his death. “It seems at every important stage in my career, he was there at the mic right next to mine. My good luck charm. He’ll be so very missed by myself & our entire community”.

I will miss him very much, as how he did back in the glory days of his anime tv shows. He was my childhood voice actor at first, as I really got to know him, and his other roles in anime that he did. Since I was emotional for what happened to Isao Takahata, now this. R.I.P. Kirby Morrow. I and us anime fans will miss you very much indeed. 😭😭😭

And Kelly Sheridan? You and Kirby Morrow did made a great team in anime after all. I’m sure your character Sango can look after the kids in this new “InuYasha” spinoff.

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  1. I first heard of him from Inuyasha. He was great as Miruko. I might have to watch Arrow and Flash to see him.

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  1. Kirby Morrow (1973-2020) – Dre Luniz An Art Blog 🎥🎮📺🦸🏾‍♂️🔞

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