Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

At the 78th Academy Awards, there were three animated movies going for Best Animated Feature Film. This by Nick Park and Steve Box, Hayao Miyazaki on “Howl’s Moving Castle”, and Tim Burton on “Corpse Bride”.

Both this and “Howl’s Moving Castle” showed a moral on what we need to know about. While we are facing a spell or a curse, there would have to be a certain way to break it. Otherwise, you’d be stuck like that forever. Which was why “Howl’s Moving Castle” was in 2nd place that I didn’t mind, as this won the Oscar award for Best Animated Feature Film. Nick Park and Steve Box totally deserved it, as they were so happy.

Wallace, the cheese loving inventor, and Gromit, his doggy companion had amazing adventures. Going to the moon and back to Earth because of cheese to taste, stopping bad guys such as a robotic dog and a penguin criminal, and saving sheep before they can become dog food. In their first full length animated movie, it was worth the adventure. Besides, I remember watching this with my family in theatres for the first time.

In their full length adventure, the whole neighbourhood for where Wallace and Gromit live, were getting ready for a giant vegetable competition. Being held at a rich lady’s place, the grand prize was a 24 carat golden carrot trophy. The only problem was, while getting ready for that event, were the rabbits as pests. So Wallace and Gromit provided a humane pest control business, protecting the townspeople’s vegetables. They capture them alive.

During their business, while Gromit was getting ready for that event also, Wallace needed to eat healthy as he was on a diet. So instead of working out, he built a mind control machine to brainwash the rabbits. To make them eat cheese instead of veggies, as he would eat veggies to loose weight on his diet. Unfortunately, they caused a big mistake to bring a big curse.

A garden guzzling beast was on the loose. And that garden guzzling beast….is a were-rabbit. So like a werewolf, instead of turning into a wolf, that person would turn into a giant furry rabbit whenever the moon is full. As it would eat nothing but a lot of vegetables. While transforming, there can be the bucktooth teeth, furry hands, powder puff tail, a ton of fur, large feet, and the long ears. The were-rabbit can be half the size of those small houses in London, UK. And can dig a lot while it eats your veggies from below the ground like those four monster worms from “Tremors”.

During the whole story, what made this movie famous are two stars. Besides Peter Sallis and Geraldine McEwan, Ralph Fiennes was the bad guy who wanted to kill the monster, as the rich lady was portrayed by Tim Burton’s wife, Helena Bonham Carter.

I can’t tell you how they broke the curse, like for what happened in “Howl’s Moving Castle”, cause well, that would be telling now, wouldn’t it? Besides, 2005 was the big year for Helena when she took on three roles. This as the rich lady, the voice of portraying the corpse bride, and the mother of the poor but lucky boy in the 2005 film adaption, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

So I give this 9.5 out of 10 stars as how I did with “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

Will Smith: Off The Deep End (a documentary TV special)

Everyone can have a phobia or a fear of something. A person can have that since their childhood days. I myself, had a phobia of live action Dr. Seuss characters, sharks, heights, god awful animated movies and cartoons from the past, as well as those sport mascots by wearing those outfits. Which is why I found this that relates to what I faced on one of them.

I was very young when I first saw Will Smith in such amazing flicks like “Men in Black”, “I, Robot”, and “Shark Tale” before he was Robert Neville in “I Am Legend”. On tv channel YTV that they had, he was indeed hilarious in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. But I always wondered, ‘Did he had a good childhood in West Philadelphia?’. By watching this, he did had an okay childhood as a youngster. He just didn’t like going to the beach cause he had one phobia. Ocean water because of drowning as well as the top predators. Sharks.

He had blamed Steven Spielberg as a youngster, for scaring him because of the 1975 film, by winning three Oscar awards, “Jaws”. He watched that movie while he was taking a tub and after that horror movie, he never got into tub water again but took showers instead. Since then as how he became a Hollywood actor, he never told about his fears until now.

In his 50’s by 2020, Will Smith, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, their son Jaden and daughter Willow did an amazing trip to confront his fears, as they showed this during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. By swimming in shark infested waters!!

In the Bahamas, off the coast of Australia, and maybe Italy, they taught them how to scuba dive until they definitely got into shark infested waters. By watching out for tiger sharks and bull sharks, they didn’t faced the great whites and makos unfortunately. Just the deadly ones that will see you, smell you, and tear you to bits in their territorial waters; and maybe ask for seconds. (If they do want seconds, it’ll be that Tom Holland guy who has bad acting that they can feast on).

Throughout the whole documentary on TV, he explained the truth about his fears as his doctors tell us on how our fears react in our bodies. Even if you are to face your fears on dealing with the professor of fear himself from DC comics. Dr. Jonathan Crane, a.k.a- The Scarecrow.

What about for what happened in the end of this documentary? He definitely faced his fear of sharks, and so did his children. Which is why this is a success. A straight ‘A’ is what I give. And I cannot wait to see him again in “King Richard” when he is Richard Williams. The father of tennis players Serena and her older sister Venus Williams.

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna (2020)

I watched the English dub version online, three days ago just before celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Digimon: The Movie” on October 6th, 2020. And this is like that movie when it’s all on war games, saving the world, and the people who care for Digimon too. This is the last evolution adventure.

In 1995, when Tai and Kari were infants, a Digi-egg came out of their fathers computer, as it hatches into Koromon. When it evolved into Agumon the next night, it was speechless and very big until Parrotmon showed up. Both caused mayhem in the Highton View Terrance of Tokyo, until the big Agumon evolved into Greymon. Godzilla size until both were disintegrated back to the Digital World.

August 1st, 1999 was when Tai, Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, Matt, and his younger T.K were kids at summer camp, that was when they were sucked into the Digital World, met their Digimon friends, and had their adventure before going back to their own world after snow cancelled summer camp. They returned to Tokyo for the rest of their final days of summer in August of 1999, until more evil Digimon came and caused mayhem. Kari joined in as a new member, as they saved the city. Then they went back to the Digital World to stop the last bit of darkness as they returned to the real world before the portal doors closed.

March 4th, 2000 was when Tai, Izzy, Matt and T.K were into war-games (like the movie with Matthew Broderick, and maybe “Superman III”) to stop a parasite Digimon on affecting the entire internet all over the Earth. Kari wasn’t in, cause she was at a friends birthday party; Mimi was taking a vacation in Hawaii, Joe was taking a big school test, and Sora didn’t feel like talking to the guys. Matt and Tai, with Agumon and Gabumon by a miracle, had them evolved into Omnimon. A guardian Digimon. Armed with a big cannon and a long sword, they finished it just before the countdown was at zero.

Mid summer of 2000 was when Ken was brought to the Digital World, met Wormmon, and became the Digimon Emperor. Possessed by dark evil, as he wanted to rid the Digital World by his own hands.

Autumn of 2002 was when the doors to the Digital World were opened as Kari and T.K brought in new Digidestined members. Davis as he owned Veemon, Yolei on Hawkmon, and Cody on Armadillomon. By fighting against the darkness, with the help of the Tai, Matt, Izzy, Sora, Joe, and Mimi as pre-teens, they were able to bring Ken and Wormmon to their side, and defeat the darkness no matter what the cost may be. And later, when Kari, Yolei, Cody, TK, and Davis were in the USA, they met Willis and Terriermon as they went all the way to Colorado, USA as they battled a rogue Digimon who became infected by the darkness.

2005 was when Tai, Matt, TK, Sora, Mimi, Kari, and Joe in their senior year, met Meiko as a new Digidestined member as she owned a kitty cat Digimon named Meicoomon. By facing the infection, a reboot, as how some psychotic people were going after other Digimon, they had to fix this as the world was threatened by more infected Digimon. And save Cody, Ken, Yolei and Davis with their Digimon.

2010 was the last evolution.

Sora had to lay low on Biyomon, while she was following in her mom’s footsteps on ikebana, which is flower arranging, as how Joe is by becoming a doctor. Gomamon didn’t mind. Mimi and Palmon however were going around the world on becoming sensations. In this final evolution to Tai and Matt, it’s one last war game to play, and the morale is to never trust artificial intelligence. After stopping Parrotmon once more, someone created an artificial Digimon, as it took the souls of many Digidestined around the world, giving them comas while they lose their Digimon.

This movie took in two places. Somewhere the United States for where Yolei, Hawkmon, Cody, Armadillomon, Ken, Wormmon, Veemon and Davis are, and in Tokyo as Izzy, Tai, Matt, TK, and their Digimon had to stop this. Izzy, TK, Mimi and Kari were knocked out cold in their comas, as their Digimon were taken. Only Tai, Matt ant their only two Digimon were to stop this, while it was the final countdown of their devices.

Which meant that after this, they were the first to say goodbye to their Digimon forever. After a furious battle, everyone came alive out of their comas, and the Digimon too. Willis, Meiko, Meicoomon, Terriermon, and Lopman made their cameo appearances at the end I’d this.

Tai and Matt have already said goodbye to their Digimon as how Sora did quietly. Same thing to Mimi and Joe. Gatomon stayed with Kari a little while longer, as well as our heroes from season two. Matt and Tai decided what they would do when they are adults, as they’ll know that they’ll meet their Digimon later. And they did 17 years later.

2027. Kari became a kindergarten teacher and gave birth to a son. Yolei and Ken were married as she became a housewife while Ken became a famous detective. They had three children. Joe became a doctor for Digimon, as he had a son. Cody became a high class criminal defense attorney as after marriage, he had a daughter. Mimi became a chef for a cooking show as she had a son. Same thing to Davis, as he became a popular one in America. He had his face in every magazine on Earth, as he got married and had a son. Izzy by working with Joe, became a computer genius as he had a daughter. Tai became a diplomat for the United Nations, as he had a son. T.K became an author as he wrote various stories, based on the adventures he did with the Digimon, as he had a son. Matt and Sora were married, as while Matt became an astronaut for NASA, Sora became a famous fashion designer specializing in Japanese kimonos. They had two children at the very end.

And at the very end of season two in the TV show, after the events of what happened at this last evolution, they gave their Digimon to their children as they played with them in the very end. As they want to be like how they were, when they dealt with Digimon.

So in this last evolution adventure, 10/10 stars is what I give. An ‘A++’ too. And I’ll never forget for how they really are, and the voice actors that they are portrayed by. For “Digimon: Digital Monsters” was the very first anime tv show I had ever saw in all of my life. The second was “Pokémon” before it went too far.

Digimon: The Movie- 20th anniversary

Note: 20th Century Fox had the rights to own Digimon, rather than the dark side of movies and TV shows before the acquisition occurred on March 19th, 2019. Just 20th Century Fox and nothing else. It was a good thing I saw this a long time ago, as how I saw this on tv channel YTV before everything changed nearly 20 years later. And this has nothing to deal with the 2020 reboot that I heard.

October 6th, 2000 was the release of the directional debut from Mamoru Hosoda. 18 years before his Oscar nominated anime film, “Mirai”. He saw the hit anime TV show on its first two seasons as an animator first, and then made this with the help of Shigeyasu Yamauchi. Roger Ebert didn’t do a movie review of this unfortunately, but he did dealt with “Pokémon: The First Movie”, “Thomas and the Magic Railroad”, and “Chicken Run” in the early 2000’s. And I saw this in theatres with my own eyes with my brothers when we were fans once. For I give this an ‘A++’ and 10/10 stars. Thumbs up.

With the voice talents of Lara Jill Miller as Kari, Joshua Seth as Tai, Colleen O’Shaugnessey, and the rest reprising their roles as the Digidestined and the Digimon including the ones from season two, it’s all on war-games on the computers before there is an actual crisis in Japan, the very origin before their adventure nearly began, as how they were to stop a Digimon gone haywire in the USA. From Manhattan, New York to Denver, Colorado.

I’ve seen this movie 20 times since I was a youngster on a videotape. Still a great anime film in my early days as an anime fan. They in fact, showed this on tv channel YTV a long time ago. Only showed this twice, not a lot. But the promo that they did was amazing.

Lara Jill Miller did a remarkable and spectacular job in voice acting as Kari who narrated on their adventures with their Digimon as how they dealt with situations like stopping that hideous Digimon who went haywire. And I surely wish she’d be in more movies and TV shows that are critically amazing as how this, Pokémon and Thomas the Tank Engine were. The same goes for the rest of the cast members in the English version of this anime film.

Although I do feel very sorry for them when their voice actor friend, Michael Lindsay who played Joe Kido, was found dead at the age of 56 on August 31st, 2019. Not sure on what caused him to end up like Peter Fonda, Doris Day, and Tim Conway, but they didn’t say.


Today as of Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, marks the 20th anniversary of this anime masterpiece, as how this came to every single movie theatre in North America.


They had less merchandise when this came out. Such as the CD film soundtrack, the movie on DVD and VHS, a CD-ROM too with games, profiles, & music videos, trading cards that that show the ones from the movie, Taco Bell cards that show scenes from the movie, greeting cards also, and last but not least, movie cards that kids would get while leaving the theatres. Toys too like the Digimon figures. I’m not keen on collecting, but they surely are very rare and valuable. I may find a few, but not all of them. And I did see this movie several times, so I think I’ll pass.

I still do miss the cast members such as Lara Jill Miller, Colleen O’Shaugnessey, Joshua Seth, and the rest. And I hope that they get themselves popular once more into major movie/tv roles than the ones we see today. Otherwise, we’d be like the revolting protesters as we appreciated Joaquin Phoenix as Joker.

Also, how can I forget my best moments of what I saw?

  • The battle with Halsemon, Flamedramon, Digmon and Gargomon between Antylamon in the outskirts of Colorado, USA.

  • How Kari was too cute as an young infant from that, to a young girl and then mid teenager. Same thing to Gatomon and Terriermon.

  • Willis kissing the cheeks of Kari and Yolei at the end of the movie.

  • Gatomon transforming into Magnadramon for the first time. She didn’t go back to being Magnadramon until Digimon Adventure tri: Future.

Mamoru Hosoda may be critically acclaimed as how he did 20 years ago, but we do hope that he and Makoto Shinkai will be Golden Globe Award winners & Oscar winners for their masterpieces coming up on going for Best Animated Feature Film.

In conclusion, I sure hope that the original cast members like Lara Jill Miller, will get into major roles in movies and TV shows besides lousy cartoons in North America. Anime TV shows too. And I sure hope I get to meet Lara Jill Miller in person someday.

Do You Believe In Life After Love AMV (by Cher)

I’ve heard about this song, as how they mentioned this in “Land of the Lost” with Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, and Anna Friel. Will (Danny McBride) and Dr. Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) had their hands on a giant clear crystal as it vibrates. Then they sang a lyric of that Cher song. Holly (Anna Friel) didn’t touch it when Chaka, the Pakuni warned them about the lizard people, Sleestak.

I’m not a fan of Cher, but I did hear she got into voice acting. Last time I heard her, she was the voice of Janet the lioness in that “Zookeeper” movie with Kevin James, Adam Sandler, Rosario Dawson, and Sylvester Stallone as the voice of the lioness’s husband.

Not to deal with talking animals, or a movie that is connected to a 1970’s tv show by Sid & Marty Krofft, but this song is a good one for romantic moments. So I found this anime music video that is worth of listening and watching. As how it relates to what I’ve watched in anime on romance moments.

Harley and Ivy (a DC Comics poem)

This poem blog post is dedicated to Margot Robbie, Uma Thurman and Kristin Wiig as DC Comics supervillain’s Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and the Cheetah. If there is ever a movie about them together in the DC Extended Universe, WAY, WAY much better than those lousy “Birds of Prey” and “Suicide Squad” movies, that would be a great movie idea for sure.

I’m sure you have heard about Bonnie & Clyde, as well as the Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie, of how they were both mean & nasty. Besides those two duo’s, here’s one that you might like, that are lean and feisty; for they are Harley and Ivy.

Now Harley and Ivy; were once doctors. Pamela Lilly Isley & Harleen Quinzel. But when they both went insane, than going to an asylum in Maine, they escaped together into the rain.

By becoming the new queens of crime, they would have no time, on eating limes; For they robbed cash from banks, diamonds, and also big rare plants for a botanist too. As Harley & Ivy will be both in Gotham & Metropolis.

They came into rivalry on two ultra men not long ago, for one was like a god, than having a sidekick dog; and the other, was dressed in black as a bat. But they have ways. That one day in May, they will both make Batman & Superman pay.

If a Joker hears about this, he’ll scream louder than a piggy’s squeal, as he might steal, for what they have in bliss. A treasure in friendship, as he wouldn’t be a dealership. So they never trust him, for he can be a big bad bust.

Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva or Cheetah, did joined them, for they once were a trio; But in a city than Rio, the poor cat girl was caught. By a woman of wonder, as the brat blundered, For she was brought to Arkham Asylum.

Lex Luthor and a cell mate once told me, “I wish we were free, as they would be. Since I finally killed that Amanda Waller at last. By giving her a shotgun blast, for being a crazy brat. As that mean fat rat was as dead as Malcolm X”.

Harley & Ivy together, have their secret weapons. For pretty poison has her plants with venom, on killing lots of lemons; while the jester woman, owns two hyenas as pets named Bud & Lou. So watch out for what they can do to you.

They did loved once, on a identical gangster pair. For not only they were fair, and had grace; the boss occurs to be their friendly man, Mr. Two Face. By showing their sister act tricks, out from their sleeves, they’ll outsmart the police, especially when they leave.

Some time ago, they went to go see Central City; on stealing carnivorous plants, that are massive to believe. Just before they were about to leave, came that Bumblebee, as she was tiny to fit in a cup of tea. But by using plant toxins, and without caution, that buggy girl was finally dead in doggy pee.

‘Nothing can stop us now!’, as they say, for Harley & Ivy can plan their special days. Never delay, as these two are never ever gay, do not betray each other, and will stay together. Forever & ever, and nothing more to adore.

But when they ever end up back in jail, they won’t have enough money for bail. As their empire will fail, & lose to what they had. After being bad and swifty, this has ended. For both the two queens of crime, Harley & Ivy.