Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Roger Ebert didn’t review this unfortunately, cause he was having his lower jaw removed. After he died, they did mentioned this on And once you see this thriller, you’ll never go on a longest flight ever on a massive plane.

Yakuza’s in Japan, are super duper serious. You can tell when they have tattoo’s all over their bodies, as how they be missing some fingers. Some can be psychotic. So psychotic, that once they are brought to justice, they need to be executed immediately to pay the price. Death by lethal injection. Nothing more, nothing else. Which is why this movie explains everything. If you have a phobia of snakes, then this is the one.

After an American biker witnessed a murder by a serious and psychopathic yakuza, he was targeted for termination until an FBI agent came in to protect him. By taking a long red eye flight from Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, USA, they were to bring that yakuza to justice.

Just before takeoff, the yakuza’s henchmen gave the plane some pheromones and a serious cargo that went the plane go haywire three hours after takeoff. Everything went all mayhem when the secret cargo were venomous snakes. All kinds. King cobras, black mambas, cottonmouths, copperheads, sidewinders, spitting venom vipers, rattlesnakes, a massive anaconda and more. They almost killed all of the passengers as how they took two of the pilots and one of flight attendants. Some scenes nearly made me cry, as how they would scare you. All slithering mayhem from dusk til dawn. In fact, this definitely beats that vampire horror movie that took place near the border of Mexico from director Robert Rodriguez.

This can be so horrifying, that once you see this, you’ll never watch horror movies like ‘Cujo’, or ‘Psycho’, or whatever shows in front of you. What made me smile were Samuel L. Jackson as the FBI agent and Kenan Thompson as one of the passengers. They were the real heroes who saved the day. Especially when they made it by daylight when they landed in LA. And they made a great team after all.

So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give.

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