The Fog (2005)

The 1980 version directed by John Carpenter wasn’t well entertaining, and didn’t have enough horror at all. Like Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune and Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times, in a TV episode of ‘Sneak Previews’, thumbs down indeed. (You can see for yourself below)

However this remake came along 25 years later. And it has my favourite actor, Tom Welling from ‘Smallville’ in it. Besides, they mentioned about this at Ottawa Comic Con in early summer of 2019 when I went to go see him; as how I told him how much I loved his tv show on tv channel YTV late at nights, before they transferred it to a different tv channel and ended the series. The horror in this movie remake is worth it.

In the year 1871, during an outbreak of leprosy, a sailing ship called Elizabeth Dane was heading to Antonio Island, Oregon until the ship was double crossed by four people, as it got caught on fire, and everyone died on board while it disappeared in killer fog. 134 years later, during the anniversary of that tragic event, after finding a few items near the coast, killer fog came on the approach. As thick as the one that brought the Empress of Ireland and the Storstad collided together as the Empress of Ireland sank on May 29th, 1914 in 14 minutes of terror.

So when killer fog came on the approach 🌫🌫🌫🌫, the answer behind the fog is a ghost ship. Out for revenge against the people on Antonio Island. A real ghost ship. Tom Welling, Selma Blair and a cast of others such as fishing captain, a lady radio DJ, and more were the heroes to survive it. The rest however got killed the members of the ghost ship. This version has more horror than how the John Carpenter version was, as this one takes the kick. For this version has real ‘SEA EVIL’. ☠️☠️☠️☠️ Amazing to watch over Halloween. 🎃🎃🎃🎃

So for a success, 7.7 out of 10 stars is what I give.

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