Top 10 Wallace & Gromit moments

Did someone say ‘cheese’? Out of those four stop motion animated shorts, and one movie that made these guys win Oscar awards thanks to Nick Park and Steve Box, these are the top 10 Wallace and Gromit moments that they ever did.

10. Stopping the Bomb in “A Matter of Loaf & Death”. Right at the climax where the baker murderer is revealed, they also found out that a bomb was used as an act of revenge. After references to “Ghost”, “Aliens” & some Bruce Lee movies, Wallace accidentally had the bomb at the back of his pants. Gromit & Fluffles had no choice but to have his pants stuffed up with dough. After that, you should’ve seen his butt!!

9. The Large Female Rabbit Dummy in “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”. By making sure to catch that were-rabbit, Wallace and Gromit used a large female rabbit dummy to lure it as a trap. Gromit was controlling it like a marionette at the bottom, as how it was at the top of their automobile. It was very cheeky on how the Gromit did the dances for that lady dummy just before they got to a small tunnel by accident.

8. Picnic on the Moon in “A Grand Day Out”. Can you imagine if you were eating actual moon cheese? Where there is actually air you can breathe on the moon? Wallace and Gromit had a lovely picnic that is out of this world as they were the first to taste moon cheese, and have a picnic too. Gromit didn’t like it, but Wallace sure did while avoiding that coin operations moon robot in which was interested in skiing.

7. The Diamond Heist in “The Wrong Trousers”. Tom Cruise would never accomplish on something like this. With the penguin thief hijacking the techno-trousers, and having a sleeping Wallace in it, his despicable plan was to steal a big diamond that a local museum had that is worth a lot of money. Like playing the arcade crane game, the only issues were those laser tripwires that he had to avoid on.

6. Saving the Sheep in “A Close Shave”. After Gromit was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he was then rescued by Wallace, Shaun, and the rest of the sheep that he set free. They worked together to bring Preston to justice. Gromit soars in the skies with his sidecar turned airplane, armed with porridge mix, as Wallace arranges the sheep to be in right formation on his motorcycle while driving down country roads.

5. Big Bread Baking Business in “A Matter of Loaf & Death”. Carlos from “Cake Boss” would laugh at this, if he is ever a fan. By having their house built as bread baking windmill, I love for how Gromit did the icing on the cake as he woke up Wallace by using a water balloon to drop on him. Especially on how he was getting dressed up hilariously, as how they delivered their baked goods in their neighborhood.

4. Say Hello to Shaun in “A Close Shave”. Before Wallace and Gromit got themselves deep in sheep in their home, Shaun was the very first in the very beginning after he escaped from Preston’s big green truck. By eating so much on what they have in their house, it was no wonder he chewed through the cords that made Wallace’s porridge breakfast to have him pinned to the walls. Hilarious than food fights in films.

3. Building the Rocket in “A Grand Day Out”. In desperate need of cheese, they decided to go someplace on vacation where there is cheese. Their destination? Same place for where Princess Kaguya was from before being set down in Japan. The Moon. So after Wallace did some blueprints, he decides to built the homemade rocket with the help of Gromit. Big enough for two, & orange all over, they actually did it.

2. The Bun-Vac 6000 in “The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”. If you have a multiple rabbit pest problem, this is your answer. By grabbing much of those rabbits at Tottington Hall, it also accidentally took Victor Quartermaine’s toupee by accident including Victor. It made me laugh when he was getting sucked in the ground like Bugs Bunny making his entrance. And how he accidentally took a black rabbit instead.

1. The Toy Train Chase in “The Wrong Trousers”. Taking the number 1# spot on the list is my very first train chase I ever saw as a infant. By trying to stop that penguin thief, before he would get away, they all get on-board a model toy train as Gromit used his super speedy spare track skills to catch that thief after separation. Luckily for our heroes, they made a big finish as that greedy fat penguin takes the bottle.

Do you agree with my picks? Which are your favourite Wallace and Gromit moments?

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