Under Siege (1992)

Nominated for two Oscar awards, this will remind you of “Dr. Strangelove”. In this are Steven Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones, Gary Busey, Bernie Casey, Patrick O’Neal, and Dale Dye since “Platoon” and “Casualties of War”. The only actor I didn’t like in this was Colm Meaney from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. But he deserved a death wish in this. And by looking at how grand Dale Dye was, he was a real U.S. Navy admiral indeed. (Interesting fact: Like his friend R. Lee Ermy, he was a U.S. Marine like how he was, as he participated in the Vietnam War. And later, became a famous actor).

The battleship, U.S.S. Missouri was ready to be decommissioned until during a surprise birthday party with rock and roll dudes, they hijacked everything as a U.S. Navy officer went berserk. They killed a few sailors, took control, as they wanted payback on the United States government.

Only a former Navy SEAL, now a cook was the only person to stop all this, as he had a Playboy female as his sidekick to join him. One by one, those henchmen including that Colm Meaney slowly deserved a death wish, as they were as dead as Charles Whitman.

Film critics Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times & Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune were very pleased about this, as they loved Steven Seagal. They found it funny, hilarious and amazing as it was really their cup of coffee. Same thing to me, as it was my very first Steven Seagal movie I ever saw. In fact, I saw this twice on TV with my dad on TV channel AMC in early 2019.

So for a success, 9/10 stars is what I give. Thanks to Steven Seagal. In conclusion, there is this….

“USS Missouri BB63 was decommissioned March 31st, 1992 and is now moored at Bremerton Naval Shipyard, awaiting her next call to service”.

Thus, 20 years passed by until the U.S.S. Missouri returned in the 2012 film adaption, of the famous hit board game, “Battleship”. On man VS aliens, thanks to Peter Berg.

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