Rambo: First Blood (Part I & Part II)

In 1972, Canadian-American author Dave Morrell wrote a novel, that showed about a Vietnam War veteran that went haywire, as he blew a gasket against a nasty sheriff, until he died of his wounds in the very end of his story. 10 years later, came the 1982 adaption, as it made Sylvester Stallone famous on.

His name is John Rambo. An expert in guerrilla warfare, as nothing will stop him. As he occurs to be the last member of his team as he and his pals killed many members of the Viet Cong. Some of his friends during the war were killed, as the other bit of his friends returned home after the war, died of old age, as well as cancer no thanks to Agent Orange. His commander is Col. Sam Trautman, as they were in the Special Forces. There was more to it on John Rambo, which made a franchise later on.

“They drew first blood…”.

“To survive a war, you gotta become war”.

Film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel were pleased about his character, as Weird Al Yankovic did a parody from one his movies in “UHF”.

In this movie review, it’s the first two adaptions I admire on. The sequels were not only too dramatic, but had too much violence, suspense as well as drugs in ‘Last Blood’. So the sequels are a no-no. This as Part I & Part II together, a yes indeed.

“First Blood” in 1982 showed that after a friend of Vietnam War veteran John Rambo died of cancer by Agent Orange, Rambo realized that he is the very last member of his team. While travelling on foot in a small town, he met the nasty sheriff named Will Teasle (portrayed by Brian Dennehy) as he blew a gasket after he and his police pals made fun out of him. He ran amok, he killed a few of his police friends, as the sheriff brought in the National Guard, police troopers, and the military to go after him. Col. Sam Trautman came to help, but the fighting continued until the climax. Will Teasle was given mercy indeed. However for Rambo, instead of having a death wish or dying from his wounds, he had a emotional breakdown, he was in soothing tears, as he finally surrendered.

“Rambo First Blood: Part II” in 1985, showed that the Vietnam War did came to an end. However, with P.O.W’s still in captivity by the very last members of the Viet Cong, deep in the jungles of Vietnam neat Thailand, Rambo was given a mission to rescue them. To get rid of his time in jail as they would set him free by the government, once he rescues those P.O.W’s. Armed with those explosive heads at the tip of his arrows in archery, his hunting knife and his skills in camouflage, he never gave up until the job was done. All the P.O.W’s we’re glad to be free thanks to Rambo. In fact, this was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing.

Recommended for adults only, over age 21, I give both 8/10 stars on ‘Rambo: First Blood Part I’ & ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II’.

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