A Star is Born (2018)

This blows post is dedicated to Emma Lee (or Emily) Denny, Hailee, and Katya too.

We would never sink into alcoholism too much, and have our minds spinning out of control too much. Cause if we continue with this, we’ll end ourselves in a mess. A big mess that you will never be unforgiven.

For example, after my auntie Barbara Houle divorced my uncle Jeff Lammore, she got into a lot of wine drinks, and had her mind spinning out of control so much, she’d be insanely annoying. And she breaks some promises that we were suppose to do, but we never did cause she always forgets and changes something. Irresponsible for a woman like so.

Another example, would be that my dad, and my two older brothers get into a lot of alcohol drinks, and talk too much. With themselves together or with anyone that they knew on. They can be loud also, as I don’t think I find their jokes are funny. They tell a lot of bad jokes. So bad, that they need to knock it off. No more of that.

Last example, would be that we knew a neighbor who lived in our neighborhood in the Gatineau. He was so drunk, so addicted to alcoholism, and violent, he assaulted his wife and disappeared in the woods. A search was conducted for him by the police, including two more in a helicopter as they caught him in a shed near a home down the road. They arrested him, his wife moved on, as a new family moved in for where they used to live.

Alcoholism is very bad indeed. Cause author Truman Capote had that stuff when he retired until his death at age 59 on August 25th, 1984.

Which is why this movie is related to this info, as how this made cinema history. Instead of the versions with Frederic March, Judy Garland, and Kris Kristofferson, this deserved on winning the Golden Globe Award and Oscar award for Best Original Song. For a moment, I thought Clint Eastwood was directing this romantic musical drama film, but it was Bradley Cooper himself who was the director. He and actress/singer Lady Gaga from “Poker Face” were in this with Sam Elliott, and Eddie Griffin too. (No one had seen Eddie Griffin since “Undercover Brother”).

Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga in “A Star is Born”.

A rock and roll singer was addicted to drugs and was sinking into alcoholism until he met a female singer/songwriter who didn’t liked being a waitress. So they madly got into a relationship as together, they sang the songs that she wrote that made them both famous. And later, from a proposal to becoming his wife, she was America’s new singer.

She was on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Alec Baldwin, and was nominated for three Grammy’s but won only one. The big trouble started to occur when Bradley Cooper’s character, actually peed himself while he was on stage with her. So after that disgusting moment, he went to a sanatorium for two months, but was still aware of himself. With his life ending up like the celebrities that died of too much on drugs, being violent, and his mind spinning out of control, he did the same thing that Robin Williams did when he couldn’t take it anymore on Parkinson’s disease. Hung himself in the garage.

Lady Gaga’s character followed her dreams to become on what she was meant to be, as she never forgot him. She was beyond thunder-dome than ever before, since Judy Garland in the 1950’s version. So for a success, 7.6 out of 10 stars is what I give.

In conclusion, stuff like drugs, alcohol drinks, & smoking, along with your mind spinning out of control can lead you to disastrous results like for what happened to Bradley Cooper’s character at that Grammy’s scene. Just as I thought as I mentioned him in one of my blog posts, earlier ago. Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Running Man”. So….

What would these two monkeys say, when their girlfriends dumped them, after slapping their butt’s while sobering drunk?

Audience: Uh-Oh!!!!

(Check out my next blog post, on their award winning song, “Shallow”)

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