Digimon: Digital Monsters, YES. 👍🏻 A 2020 Reboot, NO. 👎🏻

I don’t like for how reboots are, as one can affect the franchise. Especially on messing up the whole story, on how the characters are meant to be and why. Besides, there have been too much as well as spin offs.

For example, in the ‘Terminator’ franchise, after the release of “Terminator Genisys” & “Terminator: Dark Fate”, they rebooted the whole story and affected the timeline, no thanks to James Cameron who started it. Those were thumbs down indeed, as I’m all done with this Terminator business. Besides, they ruined it and weren’t very well entertaining.

And like the ‘Terminator’ franchise, too much reboots indeed that were a failure. ‘Friday the 13th’ in 2009, ‘Fantastic Four’ in 2015, ‘Ghostbusters’ with females in 2016, and ‘The Mummy’ with Tom Cruise & Russell Crowe in 2017. The only ones that were good were ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ in 2010, & ‘Robocop’ in 2014 as remakes.

First these, now this. After the release of ‘Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution’ in Japan, during the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the creators who made the ‘Digimon’ TV shows including the original adventure, or ‘Digimon: Digital Monsters’, had no choice but to accept a reboot in early 2020.

In the original anime tv show on its first season, set in the mid summer of 1999, eight children (four boys & four girls) from a summer camp north of Tokyo, Japan, found the devices, and then were transport to the Digital World. An old man named Gennai was the one who chose them, as they were partnered with the digital monsters. In order to defeat the darkness and make sure that they don’t get into our world to cause chaos. Then return to the real world rather than being stuck there.

In this 2020 reboot, they are wearing different clothes. And the digital world is odd and different that I’m not so sure of. Set in the summer of 2020, there are these cyber attacks in Tokyo, Japan mostly, as the humans came in contact with the Digimon. Just before summer camp, the eight children were already transported to the Digital World, got the devices, and then the Digimon.

So the 2020 reboot is a real no-no, depending on what gives, as I prefer to stick to the original anime TV show. In addition, the ‘Last Evolution’ movie looks interesting, as I gotta see it. It’s a sequel to the ‘Digimon Adventure tri’ movies, as the very final chapter, just before our heroes became adults and have children later on.

Remember, instead of a reboot, a whole story must have an ending to bring the entire franchise to a successful conclusion. Just like for what happened with ‘Samurai Jack’. That is what the creators of Digimon are doing. The ones on Pokémon including Satoshi Tajiri, have been going too far indeed.

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