To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar (1995)

Since “Some Like It Hot”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Nuns on the Run”, and “Private School”, I’ve seen guys been dressing up like women. Much better than Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie”. But when I saw for what Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo did, this kicked Dustin Hoffman’s ass for sure. In fact, this was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

Joining those three are Robin Williams, Julie Newmar as herself, Chris Penn since “Reservoir Dogs”, and Arliss Howard since he was Sgt. Cowboy from “Full Metal Jacket”. In fact, this has the moment that Arliss Howard actually met Chris Penn in person. In which a Kubrick actor had finally met a Tarantino actor.

Three drag queens in Manhattan, New York won a road trip to Hollywood, California. For the championship final to see on whoever wins the big prize. The presenter of the crown would appear to be Julie Newmar herself.

Their names were Vida Boheme (Patrick Swayze), Noxeema Jackson (Wesley Snipes), and Chi-Chi Rodriguez (John Leguizamo). During the voyage, they picked up an autographed photo as it says…

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar

After that, their car broke down at a small town much like Athens, Ontario. They had to spend the weekend, while their car was getting fixed as all three together, dealt with the townspeople who did needed to get fashioned up again.

Arliss Howard as the tow truck driver, and Chris Penn as the sheriff were the only two characters who were looking for trouble. By relating to movies such as “Spartacus” and “The Ten Commandments”, most of the townspeople covered them as they made their way to Hollywood. But the three drag queens left the autographed photo as a gift, just when they took off.

Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel did a movie review about this on TV. Gene loved it, and so did Roger Ebert. For the way their performances were, except for Chris Penn unfortunately.

So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give. And the next time some guys dress up as women, it’s best if they are hilarious as how Jack Lemmon, Eric Idle, Matthew Modine, Robin Williams, and these three guys would be. Not Tony Curtis. He had bad acting.

I may not be a fan of drag queens, but these two sure did….

Cilan: I don’t think this is really my style…..

(Everyone gasps)

(Everyone starts laughing and teasing them)

Reindeer 1#: Get a look at redhead!

Reindeer 2#: That one should have bees for a beehive look!

Reindeer 3#: I know, right? Especially for ketchup kid!

Reindeer 4#: Pokémon snobs!

Ash Ketchum: Come on! What’s the point of doing all this in the first place?!

Mia (portrayed by Chantal Strand): That’s because your father, Satoshi Tajiri never really cares, as he definitely needs to end this whole phenomenon!!

Reindeer teacher (portrayed by Debbie Reynolds): She does make a good point, you know. I’m with you Miss Mia.

Pansage: Pansage?

Reindeer teacher (portrayed by Debbie Reynolds): And next time, get rid of your pet monkey!

(Laughing and teasing continues)

Mr. Brent: What a bunch of freaks! They want to be amazing, but these guys are lame!

Dirty kid: Hey Ketchup Kid, you need bigger boobs!

Orange-haired girl: Yeah, and your friend here needs a bigger butt!

Blond boy: Ha ha! What a sissy look, man!

Daisy the dog: Uh, are they trying to be like Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo?

Chloe the cat: Not in any way. No.

(Mimi from Digimon takes a photo on her laptop)

Mimi: I can’t wait to Instagram this! The both of you defiantly look like those three clowns from that movie, as I’ll be getting a ton of likes on this post!

Kari: Good luck with that Mimi.

(More laughing and teasing continues, along with three transfer students until Henry the Green Engine rolls in)

Slyly the Fox: Whoa! You scared the living daylights out of us!

Henry the Green Engine: What are you Italian-American immigrants and cross dressers doing here?! This studio is for animated cartoons from the UK, USA, Canada, and some of Japans best than Pokémon dweebs! Get out of here!! Spoiled brats!

White haired schoolgirl: Oh well. His dad still needs to bring that tv show to a successful conclusion.

Nurse Joy: Now wait just a sec! Before you characters do anything else, I’m not impressed for what occurred today. For how you are laughing and teasing at both these boys and Pokémon, as how my daughters and I saw the mess you did at our Pokémon center earlier this afternoon. With that SPLAT stuff, as some of you have damaged our equipment! And FYI, Pokémon and us characters are not dweebs.

(Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer smiles with a grin, nervously)

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: We had an Espeon, a Eevee, a Growlithe, and a Luxio that almost suffocated when their sleeping chambers were interrupted while taking intensive care! Lucario however, was woken up disturbed by your slime that you threw.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: We reindeer never really did it, but I know who after witnessing it. You see, it was Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, Buttercup from “Powerpuff Girls”, and that boy Benjamin from “Ben 10”.

(Buttercup shows that she’s found guilty on doing it, as Spongebob faints after being accused)

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: Oh, so it’s you guys, huh?

Buttercup from “The Powerpuff Girls”: It was an accident! Honest! We thought that this stuff were to stick on the walls and windows!

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: But doing something like so, can make you pay for what you did wrong! Besides, you cartoon characters are troublesome!

Henry the Green Engine: They are troublesome! Especially when they are spoiled brats like that stupid Timmy Turner and his fairly odd parents. Hmph!

Mia (portrayed by Chantal Strand): Say Nurse Joy, do you take care of real animals like kittens for example? Cause my pet kitten could use some grooming and treatment if that’s okay.

Nurse Joy: I sure do. And I love kittens. Why not head to our place by the end of the day? You can invite some friends too if you would like.

Mia (portrayed by Chantal Strand): Oh thanks Nurse Joy! We will be pleased!

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: Wow! Is that really your kitten?

Mia (portrayed by Chantal Strand): She sure is.

(Her kitten starts licking her, as Paige is impressed. Just then, her older sister Marnie comes in, very impressed)

Nurse Joy’s young daughter Marnie: I must say! She is cute. And Rudolph, I must say. Paige and I occur to be fans of your movie when we saw you over Christmas. We love your movie when we saw you on YTV four times. And it’s always important to tell the truth after all really.

(Spongebob looks at his friends, feeling nervous until his friends decide to leave him)

Fishy student: Sorry buddy. We’ll tell everyone else about what happened.

(Everyone leaves, as Mia’s kitten happily meows)

Later on, Mia and her friends are at Nurse Joy’s place having dinner….

Slyly the Fox: Hey Dawn. What do you think?

Dawn: This is great! I love it!

Pikachu: Pikachu!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Basically, I just told them the truth. I heard that they not only care for Pokémon and were popular, as how we were on YTV, but they own a Suicune.

(Slyly gets a worried look, as he looks out the window. He thought if he’s lying, but he isn’t)

Nurse Joy’s youngest daughter, Paige: Just help yourself at home fellas.

(Rudolph’s girlfriend Zoey kisses him on his cheek as he blushes)

Zoey: I’m glad for what you did to those crazy cartoon characters.

Rudolph: Gosh. Thanks Zoey.

Sagwa’s mom, Mama Miao: He deserves it for telling the truth. We won’t tell anyone.

Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat: Wow. Congratulations Rudolph. You deserve it.

Nurse Joy’s young daughter Marnie: I’ll wash the dishes. Mom will be working late tonight.

Meanwhile, back at the Pokémon center, Nurse Joy is doing her business while Jimmy Neutron, Benjamin and Buttercup are doing the work.

Jimmy Neutron: Normally, I would never do this unless I’m in summer school for doing something really stupid. By the way guys, we’ve received word from our creators. Not only we are to do this for a year, but we got summer jobs to wash the engines on the island of Sodor every day. Make them look spic and span.

Benjamin from “Ben 10”: Oh man!!

Buttercup: Don’t say a word Benjamin! Who cares about your cartoon for sure?! Cause when I get my hands on my father/creator Gennedy Tartakovsky, he’s gonna pay for what he did really. Especially with his lousy cartoons that he did besides Samurai Jack.

(Henry the Green Engine hears their conversation as their pet Suicune comes in)

Henry the Green Engine: Think of it this way old friend. Nobody has ever forgotten the time of how YTV and Teletoon went too far, as how their cartoons did. But they cannot for the glorious ones that they cancelled, before we advanced also.

Suicune: Hmm….


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