A Quiet Place (2018)

If they hear you, they hunt you.

Nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score, and the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing, this happens to be John Krasinski’s first directional debut film. And a really good one as both he and his wife actress Emily Blunt learn a valuable lesson in this post-apocalyptic horror movie.

Filmed from May 2017 until November 2017, this movie only has both English and the sign language. So when someone cannot talk, or if someone is deaf in hard hearing, they do that as it works. Thanks to that actor in his directional debut. And it may look like a silent film, but once you see for what occurs, it’ll f$&@ you up for life.

Set in the future, a massive meteor shower struck Earth. Like the opening scene of “Edge of Tomorrow”, it had deadly extraterrestrials. So deadly, that they are sightless. They only attack when someone or something makes a loud noise. Fully armoured, with intense strength, razor claws, sharp teeth, and super sonic hearing. So after they came to Earth, within the last three months, almost every animal population and human population have been wiped out. Most of the military had tried to stop them, but was no use. Slowly, the world became silent.

A father with his wife and four children (one in which is a newborn), have been avoiding those creatures for 476 days. With absolute NO SOUND. 🚫🚫🚫🚫 No talking, no playing with a battery powered rocket that makes a large sound, or any of that. Out in the forest, in town, or on their farm. They can only communicate by using the sign language.

However if you’re behind water that is rapidly flowing, they won’t find you. And the best way to kill them is to aim for the muscles on their heads. Especially with special hearing aids that make that pinching noise. Cause that happens to be their weakness.

So for a success, 8/10 stars is what I give. Besides, as what they say, a shepard does need to protect a flock. Which is why John Krasinski did an amazing job.

In conclusion, just to ask, rather than for what Steven Spielberg did, have you ever seen an extraterrestrial so deadly?

But wait! There’s something else! Coming Soon: “A Quiet Place: Part II”. See for how the alien invasion began, as Cillian Murphy with Djimon Hounsou will join them together. And it will be directed by actor John Krasinski once more, as we thank him for something like so.

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