Invasion of the Neptune Men (1961)

From Toei Company, I couldn’t believe that Sonny Chiba was very young in this sci-fi flick, filmed only in Japan, before he was hired by Quentin Tarantino several years later in “Kill Bill”.

Metallic aliens from Neptune, in this 75 minute film, by wearing those rocket like dome helmets, came to Japan to annihilate life on Earth….

…until Sonny Chiba, who was almost looked like the guy who transforms into Ultraman came in and stopped them. He did so, by taking on every single alien fighter ship, before a nuclear missile that Japan launched, finally destroyed the mothership. And just for working for the support of Japan, than North America, I can imagine if he whooped E.T.’s ass. The same thing for Kang and Kodos from “The Simpsons”, and those other alien dudes from “Futurama”. By doing that….

In your face on Matt Groening and Steven Spielberg!! 😠😠

Sonny Chiba is really grand as a Japanese actor for his home country since that and “Kill Bill”!! 😃😃

So I’ll give this 10/10 stars. Really unique.

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