Your Name (2016)

This was as popular as how “Princess Mononoke” was, thanks to Makoto Shinkai. The anime director who did “5 Centimetres Per Second”, “The Garden of Words”, and “Children Who Chase Lost Voices”. It tried to make it into the Oscar awards, but if it weren’t for the people in Los Angeles on movies in Hollywood, none of this would’ve never happened.

In this anime masterpiece, it’s all about magic and time. A high school male student in the city, and a high school female student who lives in the country, were under a magic spell by swapping their souls in different bodies. But as a dazzling comet was coming to Earth, all this was affecting the events in time. So they had to make sure disaster won’t strike, and the future won’t be foretold.

All this broke the spell, as they remained in their original places, with a bright future that they’ll have on. Especially for how much they are in love together, with the right names that they are given.

10/10 stars and a ‘A++’ is what I give to this remarkable anime masterpiece.

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