The Great Train Robbery (1978)

From the author that did “Westworld”, and “Jurassic Park”, Michael Crichton, he wrote the novel first in 1975, and then as a film director, he made it into a movie in 1978.

In the year 1855, during the Crimean War, lots of 24 carat gold was transported on a moving steam train. From London to a small town called Folkstone. Located at the last railcar at the end of the train, with no caboose or brake van, it had to be in these hard core safes. The only way to get them out, was by getting four keys to open these safes.

And never, I repeat never, had there ever been a robbery on a moving train. But thanks to what happened, they finally got the 24 carat gold out of it.

Way before there was George Clooney as Danny Ocean, in “Ocean’s Eleven” and a year before Lupin III and his partners almost stole cash, but rescued a princess bride in distress in “The Castle of Cagliostro” in 1979, thanks to Hayao Miyazaki, our masterminds on stealing gold from that steam train, were Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland.

They together, portrayed as the clever aristocratic masterminds. The first phase was by making replicas of those four keys, to unlock those hard core safes. The second phase was to know on which day, that the train will be transporting the gold, and how they are gonna get it off it. The final phase, was to get away from the police after that train stops at Folkstone.

They almost got arrested, but they finally made it to freedom. Everyone from the courthouse cheered for them. The very first great train robbery in 1855, a success. And how they outsmarted the British police very well. So for an outstanding movie, 8/10 stars. Really good.

This movie I recommend, happens to be for only adults. Especially if you’re a fan of Michael Crichton, the author/film director himself.

So if you’re planning to take more than $1,000 like this for example, you gotta be a mastermind like those two, Lupin III along with his friends, and Danny Ocean portrayed by George Clooney too.

Just as long, as you do not want to cause a train crash. And end up like how they did….

(crashing into old railcars)

(He stops the train)

Henry the Green Engine: “Oh boy…”

Duck the Great Western Engine: “Oh man!”

More than $1,000 is what one mastermind must do. Otherwise, you do not want to end up like these smelly boxes of fish that can give a strong smell that can spring in the air.

I know, right?

Lik-Lik: “Ha! Don’t worry. We already ate”

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