20th anniversary of Digimon

Since the 15th anniversary of Digimon was first, now comes the 20th anniversary to the entire franchise. From its TV shows to the movies of “Digimon Adventure tri”, this new illustration has paid a tribute to the Digimon franchise.

You see that boy with the green hair, right beside the younger version of Tai? Only in Japan that they aired, they did a new Digimon TV show called “Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters”. In which new Digimon are born and different than the last ones that we had met on.

However, they never made a deal with North American distributors. Such as the ones that made the English versions of the Digimon movies and TV shows. The last one that they ever did was “Digimon Fusion”. They did only worked on two seasons, to be in English, and never worked on the third season. Besides, it’s better for Japan to not have “Digimon Fusion” season 3 to be in English anyway.

The same goes for this that Japan had been mostly concerned on.

By celebrating this event, merchandise only in Japanese have been sold in Japan. Not in North America. However, North American fans have dressed up in their favourite Digimon anime characters at local conventions and ComicCon. Oh, and have been watching all six movies of “Digimon Adventure tri” on DVD or the Internet before Christmas of 2018.

I may have missed these guys, including new characters such as Meiko and Meicoomon, but they were remarkable and beautiful.

So here’s to 20 years of the Digimon franchise on their anniversary. I admire these guys very much.

Oh and here’s a special TV promo that YTV did…

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