Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie (Pyramid of Light)

This was on YTV Canada as I saw this anime movie with my own eyes!! Right on that TV channel, before that anime TV show to that card game was cancelled.

From the days of how the gods of Egypt were, to the birth of the duel monsters and masters for the pharaohs, and hence that the Millennium Puzzle was given to Yugi, there was another treasure.

The Pyramid of Light. A clear crystal pyramid monument as it possessed evil.

The dark god Anubis had this, before he became a mummy as a real human.

Along with him, are the Egyptian Dead. Real mummies. Yugi, Téa, Joey and Tristian faced the Egyptian dead with no weapons at all. This also possessed Yugi’s rival, Seto Kaiba as he and Yugi’s friend, the Pharaoh had a battle together. With dark magician girls, blue eyes white dragons, trap cards and more, Seta Kaiba really didn’t care. He wanted to beat him in a duel.

But after Anubis was finally destroyed, their lives didn’t get taken away. They remain to be alive, and nevermore, cause mayhem.

So for the glory days of how anime were on YTV Canada, and how I love that anime TV show and card game, 10/10 stars is what I give. A straight ‘A’.

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