Princess Mononoke- 20th anniversary limited edition

This masterpiece did had its 20th anniversary, and how it was premiered by Fathom Events and GKIDS. However, in honor of its 20th anniversary, they did this limited edition set. With the DVD movie, an art book and some photos or postcards.

From an amazement on massive white wolves, to a war against the forest god, two warriors clash together to stop this fighting. With the voice talents of Billy Crudup, Claire Danes, Billy Bob Thornton, Gillian Anderson and Jada Pinkett Smith, they were amazing!!

Especially for how magnificent the white wolves are, and how beautiful San is. And as for both San and Claire Danes, their eyes today can be as silver as the full moon itself.

For the Studio Ghibli Fest 2018, they have premiered it again. For a 3-day event like last year. Only on July 22nd, July 23rd and July 25th in the summer of 2018.

So by getting this limited edition wherever videos are sold, or by going to that 3-day event in July for anime fans that wish to see, it’s their option of choice.

So I wish that Studio Ghibli masterpiece a happy 20th anniversary, and to Porco Rosso that’s coming up next.

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